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Influence of Total Inertia Effects in a Thrust Curvilinear Bearing Lubricated with Newtonian Lubricants

Góra: University Press. [13] Walicka A., Wojnarowski J. (2010): Inertia effects in a curvilinear thrust hydrostatic bearing. - Int. J. Appl. Mech. Engng, vol.15, No.3, pp.909-920.

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Numerical Study Of The Heat Transfer Phenomenon Of A Rectangular Plate Including Void, Notch Using Finite Difference Technique

thermocouple measurements using correction Kernels . – Nucl. Eng. Design, vol.7, pp.9-12. Beck J.V. (1970): Nonlinear estimation applied to non-linear inverse heat conduction problem . – Intl. J. Heat Mass Transfer, vol.13, pp.703-716. Beck J.V., Blackwell B. and Clair C.R.S. (1985): Inverse Heat Conduction . – New York: Wiley. Blackwell B.F. (1990): Temperature profile in semi-infinite body with exponential source and convective boundary condition . – J. Heat Transfer, vol.112, pp.567-571. Blomberg T. (1990): HEAT2- A heat transfer PC- program

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Radiation Effects on MHD Boundary Layer Flow and Heat Transfer Over a Nonlinear Stretching Surface with Variable Wall Temperature in the Presence of Non-Uniform Heat Source/Sink

Mathematics and Computation, vol.124, pp.281-288. [12] Cortell R. (2007): Viscous flow and heat transfer over a nonlinearly stretching sheet . - Applied Mathematics and Computation, vol.184, No.2, pp.864–873. [13] Akyildiz F.T., Siginer D.A., Vajravelu K., Cannon J.R. and Van Gorder R.A. (2010): Similarity solutions of the boundary layer equations for a nonlinearly stretching sheet . - Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, vol.33, No.5, pp.601-606. [14] Chakrabarti A. and Gupta A.S. (1979): Hydromagnetic flow and heat transfer over a stretching

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Effect of Viscous Dissipation and Thermoporesis on the Flow Over an Exponentially Stretching Sheet

transfer past an exponentially stretching permeable vertical sheet with viscous dissipation, Joulean and viscous heating effects. – ANNALS of Faculty Engineering Hunedoara - International Journal of Engineering, pp.113-120. [13] Naiver C.L.M. (1827): Sur les lois du mouvement des uides. – Memoires delAcademie Royale des Sciences, vol.6, pp.389-440. [14] Merkin J.H. (1994): Natural-convection boundary-layer flow on a vertical surface with Newtonian heating . – International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, vol.15, No.5, pp.392-398. [15] Gideon O

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Radiation and chemical reaction effects on MHD flow along a moving vertical porous plate

References [1] Merkin J.H. (1969): The effects of buoyancy forces on the boundary layer flow over semi-infinite vertical flat plate in a uniform free stream . – J. Fluid Mech., vol.35, pp.439–450. [2] Lloyd J.R. and Sparrow E.M. (1970): Combined forced and free convection flow on vertical surfaces . – Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, vol.13, pp.434–438. [3] Wilks G. (1973): Combined forced and free convection flow on vertical surfaces . – Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, vol.16, pp.1958–1964. [4] Raju M.S., Liu X.R. and Law C.K. (1984): A

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Reynolds Number Effects in the Flow of a Vočadlo Electrorheological Fluid in a Curved Gap

] Walicki E. and Walicka A. (1998): Reynolds number effects in the flow of an electrorheological fluid between fixed surfaces of revolution . – J. Intelligent Mater. System Structures, vol.9, No.8, pp.662-666. [12] Basavaraja J.S., Sharma S.C. and Jain S.C. (2010): a study of misaligned electrorheological fluid lubricated holeentry hybrid journal bearing . – Tribology International, vol.43, No.5-6, pp.1059-1064. [13] El Wahed A.K. (2011): The influence of solid-phase concentration on the performance of electrorheological fluids in dynamic squeeze flow

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Effects of Chemical Reaction on MHD Flow Past an Impulsively Started Infinite Vertical Plate with Uniform Heat and Mass Flux

References Bourne D.E. and Dixon H. (1971): The cooling of fibres in the formation process . - Int. J. Heat and Mass Transfer, vol.24, pp.1323-1332. Carnahan B., Luther H.A. and Wilkes J.O. (1969): Applied Numerical Methods . - New York: John Wiley and Sons. Chambre P.L and Young J.D. (1958): On the diffusion of a chemically reactive species in a laminar boundary layer flow . - The Physics of Fluids, vol.1, pp.48-54. Das U.N., Deka R.K. and Soundalgekar V.M. (1994): Effects of mass

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Identification of Heredity Kernels and Their Influence on the Life Time of Glass/Polyester Composites

References Augl J.M. (1987): Non linear creep effects of physical ageing, temperature and moisture of an epoxy resin. - J. Rheo., vol.31, pp.1-36. Brinson H.F. and Tuttle M.E. (1986): Prediction of the long term creep compliance of general composite laminates. - Exp. Mech., vol.26, pp.89-102. Dimitrienko Yu. and Dimitrienko I. (1989): Long term strength of reinforced composites. - Mech. Comp. Mat., vol.25, pp.13-18. Olodo E.T., Niang F., Adjovi E.C. and. Kopnov V.A. (2013): Long term behavior of

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Axisymmetric mixed convective MHD flow over a slender cylinder in the presence of chemically reaction

, No.4, pp.693-701. [12] Chambre P.L. and Young J.D. (1958): On diffusion of a chemically reactive species in a laminar boundary layer flow . – Phys. Fluids, vol.1, pp.48-54. [13] Das U.N., Deka R. and Soundalgekar V.M. (1994): Effect of mass transfer on flow past an impulsively started infinite vertical plate with constant heat flux and chemical reaction . – Forsch. Ingenieurwes., vol.60, pp.284-287. [14] Prasad K.V., Abel S. and Datti P.S. (2003): Diffusion of electrically reactive species of a non-Newtonian fluid immersed in a porous medium

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Propagation of SH waves in an regular non homogeneous monoclinic crustal layer lying over a non-homogeneous semi-infinite medium

-homogeneous stratum of finite depth sandwiched between two semi-infinite isotropic media . – Pure Applied Geophysics, vol.67. pp.65-70. [11] Roy P.P. (1984): Wave propagation in a thin two layered medium with stress couples under initial stresses . – Acta Mechanics, vol.54, pp.1-21. [12] Datta B.K. (1986): Some observation on interactions of Rayleigh waves in an elastic solid medium with the gravity field . – Rev. Roumaine Sci. Tech. Ser. Mec. Appl., vol.31. pp.369-374. [13] Chattopadhyay A., Chakraborty M. and Pal A.K. (1983): Effects of irregularity on the

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