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Cinzia Meraviglia and Maarten L. Buis

comparison of working women and men. American Sociological Review, 40(2), 174-200 van Doorn, M., Pop, I., & Wolbers, M. H. J. (2011). Intergenerational transmission of education across European countries and cohorts. European Societies, 13(1), 93-117 Watson, W. B., & Barth, E. A. (1964). Questionable assumptions in the theory of social stratification. Pacific Sociological Review, 7(1), 10-16. Weber, M. (1978), Economy and society, Los Angeles, UCLA Press (Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft. Grundriss der verstehenden Soziologie, Tübingen, Mohr, 1922) Whitt, H.P (1986), The

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Paul Reinbacher

References Adler, Paul S. und Seok-Woo Kwon. 2002. Social capital. Prospects for a new concept. Academy of Management Review 27(1): 17-40. Andrews, Rhys. 2010. Organizational social capital, structure and performance. Human Relations 63(5): 583-608. Badura, Jens, Selma Dubach, Anke Haarmann, Dieter Mersch, Anton Rey, Christoph Schenker und Germán Toro Pérez (Hrsg.). 2015. Künstlerische Forschung. Ein Handbuch. Zürich: diaphanes. Baecker, Dirk. 2004. Einleitung: Wozu Gefühle? Soziale Systeme 10

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Simone Villiger

bis 2008. Neuenburg: BFS. BFS (Bundesamt für Statistik). 2015a. Sprachen, Religionen - Daten, Indikatoren. Neuenburg: BFS, (13.05.2015). BFS (Bundesamt für Statistik). 2015b. Vereinbarkeit von Erwerbsarbeit und Familie. Neuenburg: BFS, (13.05.2015). BFS (Bundesamt für Statistik

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Marian-Gabriel Hâncean, José Luis Molina and Miranda Jessica Lubbers

Place, 21, 3, 227 – 243. doi: 10.1002/psp.1906. [11] Borgatti, S.P., 2006. E-Network Software for ego-network analysis. Analytic Technologies, Lexington, KY. [12] Borgatti, S.P., Everett, M.G., Freeman, L.C., 2002. Ucinet for Windows: Software for social network analysis. Analytic Technologies, Harvard, MA., Analytic Technologies. [13] Borgatti, S. P., Everett, M. G., Johnson, J., 2013. Analyzing social networks. Sage Publishing. [14] Borgatti, S.P., Foster, P.C., 2003. The Network paradigm in organizational research: a review and typology

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Matei Gheboianu and Bogdan Murgescu

(1): 30-59. Murgescu B. and Bozgan O. (2014) (eds.) Universitatea din București 1964-2014 , București, Editura Universității din București. Ory, J. C. (2000) Teaching Evaluation: Past, Present, and Future in New Directions for Teaching and Learning , (83) p 13–18. Ory, J. C. (2001) Faculty Thoughts and Concerns About Student Ratings in New Directions for Teaching and Learning , (87) p: 4. Pop I. A. (2002) Istoria, adevărul și miturile (note de lectură) . București: Editura Enciclopedică. Rotaru M. (2014) ‘Job Assignment of

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Jamie Coates

. New York, Columbia University Press. Pieke, F. (2007). ‘Editorial Introduction: Community and Identity in the New Chinese Migration Order.’ Population, Space and place 13. Roth, J. H. (2002). Brokered Homeland: Japanese Brazilian Migrants in Japan . New York, Cornell University Press. Salazar, N. (2011). ‘The Power of Imagination in Transnational Mobilities.’ Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power 18(6). Salazar, N. and A. Smart (2011). ‘Anthropological Takes on (Im)Mobility.’ Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power 18

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The Opera Experience: Performing a Vibrato with the Audience

Pre-conditions, strategies and the experience

Macarena Cuenca, Jordi López-Sintas and Ercilia García-Álvarez

References ABAO-OLBE. (2011) Análisis Socios 2010-11. Unpublished material. Agid, P. and Tarondeau, J. (2011) Le Management des Opéras. Comparaisons Internationales. Paris: Descartes & Cie. Alier, R. (2004) ¿Qué es Esto de la Ópera?: Introducción al Mundo de la Lírica. Barcelona: Ma Non Troppo. Belk, R. W. (1989) ‘The sacred and the profane in consumer behavior: theodicy on the Odyssey’, Journal of Consumer Research , 16 (June), 1–38. Benzecry, C. (2009) ‘Becoming a fan: on the seductions of opera’, Qualitative Sociology, 32

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Yaojun Li, Shun Zhang and Jianxun Kong

Britain’. Sociological Research Online, 13:1. Kerckhoff, A., R. Campbell and I. Winfield-Laird (1985) ‘Social Mobility in Great Britain and the United States’. American Journal of Sociology, 90(2): 281-308. Li, Y. (2013) ‘Social Class and Social Capital in China and Britain: A Comparative Study’, Social Inclusion, 1(1): 59-71. Li, Y. and F, Devine (2011) ‘Is Social Mobility really declining?’ Sociological Research Online, 12: 1-24. Li, Y. and F. Devine (2014) ‘Social Mobility in Britain, 1991-2011’. In L. Archer, A. Mann and J. Stanley (eds) Understanding Employer

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Ionuţ Földes

REFERENCES Anghel, R. G. (2008). Changing Statuses: Freedom of Movement, Locality and Transnationality of Irregular Romanian Migrants in Milan. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies , 34(5): 787-802. Baldassar, L. (2007a). Transnational families and aged care: The mobility of care and the migracy of ageing. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 33(2): 275-297. Baldassar, L. (2007b). Transnational families and the provision of moral and emotional support: the relationship between truth and distance. Identities: Global Studies in Culture

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Anda Becuţ

» ou la Mise en Valeur des Territoires par les Productions Locales. Ruralia 12/13:1-9, retrievd from , February 10, 2010. Black, R. E. (2005) The Porta Palazzo farmers’ market: local food, regulations and changing traditions. Anthropology of food , 4:1-33, retrievd from , February 10, 2010. Bonnain-Dulon, R. & A. Brochot. (2004) De l’Authenticité des Produits Alimentaires. Ruralia , 14: 1-20, retrievd from , February 10, 2010. Douglas, M. (2008