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Nominal and Real Stochastic Convergence of the BRICS Economies

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Culture and Stock Price Reaction to Private Information

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Long and Short-Term Dynamic Relationship between Macedonian and Croatian Stock Markets

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Risks in the Investment Activity of Polish Regions

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University Research Ecosystem: A Conceptual Understanding

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Modeling Real Private Consumption Expenditure in Bulgaria after the Currency Board Implementation (1997-2005)

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Effect of Monetary Incentives on the Demand for Electricity of Domestic Consumers – Case of Israel

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Law, Coercion and Socioeconomic Equilibrium

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The Effect of Exchange Rate Movements and Economic Growth on Job Creation

on employment in Nigeria. International Business and Management, 6(1):113-119. Gill, M. (2013). Employment and the economics of job creation. . Date of access: 09 September 2016. Gourinchas, P. O. (1999). Exchange rates and jobs: What do we learn from job flows? In NBER Macroeconomics Annual, 13(1):153-222. Guisinger, A. Y., Hernandez-Murillo, R., Owyang, M. & Sinclair, T. M. (2015). A state-level analysis of Okun's Law. FEDL Working Paper no. 2015-029A. St

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Determinants of Firm Performance: Evidence from Romanian Listed Companies

Firm Performance: The Romanian Case”, Managerial Challenges of the Contemporary Society Conference Proceedings, Issue 3:179 - 185. 9. Geroski, P. A. and R.T. Mason (1987), “Dynamic Market Models in Industrial Organizations”, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 5: 1-13. 10. Glancey, K. (1998) - Determinants of Growth and Profitability in Small Entrepreneurial Firms, International Journal of Behaviour and Research, Vol.4, No. 1: 18-27 11. Goddard, J., Tavakoli, M. and Wilson, J. (2005), “Determinants of Profitability in European

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