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Insights on Consumer Online Purchase Decisions of Women’s Footwear

) Social network sites: Definition, history, and scholarship. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 13(1), 210-230. Chang, M. K., Cheung, W., Lai, V. S. (2005) Literature derived reference models for the adoption of online shopping. Information and Management, 42(4), 543–559. Chen, N. H., Hung, Y. W. (2015) Online shopping orientation and purchase behavior for high-touch products. International Journal of Electronic Commerce Studies, 6(2), 187–202. Chen, S. J., Chang, T. Z. (2003) A descriptive model of online shopping process: some empirical

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Leveraging Process Data from BPM Cloud-Based Workflows

:// Carroll, M., van der Merwe, A., & Kotzé, P. (2011). Secure Cloud Computing: Benefits, Risks and Controls . Retrieved June 05, 2016, from . doi: Chen, J., & Ranjan, R. (2010). Special issue: Practice and experience, Second international workshop on workflow management in service and cloud computing. Concurrency and Computation , 25(13), 1813-1815. doi:10.1002/cpe.2994 Dimensional Research. (2015). Collaboration trends and technology: A survey of knowledge

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Determinants of Profitability: Evidence from Power and Energy Sector

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Is Russia Rationally Developing its Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises? An Analysis of Regional Production Functions

risk factor. Regional economy: theory and practice; 32 (359): 2-13. Muro, K. (2013). A note on the three-sector Cobb-Douglas GDP function. Economic Modeling: 31: 18-21. Pindyck, R. and Rubinfeld, D. (2013). Microeconomics, Pearson, New York, USA. Pinkovetskaya, Y.S. (2014). Some simulation results of production volumes of business structures. Phase: economic theory, analysis, practice; 2: 107-126. Ruzanov, A.I. and Ruzanov, P.A. (2015). On new opportunities of economic-mathematical modeling using

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Culture and Stock Price Reaction to Private Information

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Nominal and Real Stochastic Convergence of the BRICS Economies

R eferences 1. Apergis, N. 2015. Convergence in public expenditure across a sample of emerging countries: Evidence from club convergence. Emerging Markets Finance & Trade, 51, 448–462. 2. Barro, R. J., & X. Sala-i-Martin. 1992. Convergence. Journal of Political Economy, 100, 223-251. 3. Barro, R. J..2016. Economic Growth and Convergence, Applied Especially to China, NBER Working Paper No. 21872. 4. Bernard, A.B., & S.N. Durlauf. 1995. Convergence in international output. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 10, 97-108. 5. Brada, J.C., A

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Analysis of the Determinants of Corporate Cash Holdings: Examples from Companies in Serbia

practice. Portuguese Economic Journal, 1(2), 141-162. doi: 10.1007/ s10258-002-0009-9 Brennan, M. J., & Hughes, P. J. (1991). Stock prices and the supply of information. The Journal of Finance, 46(5), 1665-1691. Collins, D., Rozeff, M., & Dhaliwal, D. (1981). The economic determinants of the market reaction to proposed mandatory accounting changes in the oil and gas industry. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 3(1), 37-71. Dittmar, A. (2004). Capital structure in corporate spinoffs. Journal of Business, 77, 9

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Risks in the Investment Activity of Polish Regions

Bibliography Aczel A.D., 2006, Statystyka w zarządzaniu , Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa. Ali G., 2015, Factors affecting public investment in manufacturing sector of Pakistan , European Journal of Economic Studies, vol. 13, Iss. 3, pp. 122-130. Bock K., Trück S., 2011, Assessing uncertainty and risk in public sector investment projects , Technology and Investment, no. 2 pp. 105-123. Czempas J., 2010, Ryzyko w działalności inwestycyjnej gmin. Niezgodność planów z wykonaniem inwestycji w gminach i powiatach województwa śląskiego

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Modeling Real Private Consumption Expenditure in Bulgaria after the Currency Board Implementation (1997-2005)

., Schmidt, P., Shin, Y. (1992). “Testing the null hypothesis of stationarity against the alternative of a unit root”. Journal of Econometrics 54 (13): 159-178. Lucas, Rober E., Jr (1976) “Econometric Policy Evaluation: A Critique. Studies in Business- Cycle Theory”. The MIT Press: Cambridge, MA. Modigliani, F. and R. Brumberg (1954). “Utility Analysis and the Consumption Function: An Interpretation of Cross-Section Data,” In Post-Keynesian Economics, ed. K. Kurhira. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutger University Press. Muellbauer, J

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Long and Short-Term Dynamic Relationship between Macedonian and Croatian Stock Markets

. (2006). Integration of Croatian, CEE and EU Equity Markets: Cointegration Approach. Ekonomski pregled, 57(9-10), 631-646. Voronkova, S. (2004). Equity Market Integration in Central European Equity Markets: A Cointegration Analysis with Shifting Regimes. International Review of Financial Analysis, 13, 633-647.

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