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Context-oriented Knowledge Management in Production Networks

. Bravo and J. Fontecha, “A Context Model based on Ontological Languages: a Proposal for Information Visualization,” Journal of Universal Computer Science , vol. 16, no. 12, pp. 1539–1555, 2010. [24] E. Serral, P. Valderas and V. Pelechano, “Context-Adaptive Coordination of Pervasive Services by Interpreting Models during Runtime,” The Computer Journal, vol. 56, no. 1, pp. 87–114, 2013. [25] S. Bērziša, G. Bravos, T. Gonzalez, U. Czubayko, S. España, J. Grabis, M. Henkel, L. Jokste, J. Kampars, H. Koç, J. Kuhr, C

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Cross-Cultural Privacy Prediction

Systems, 1994 , pages 357–361, Nov. 1994. [23] M. H. Hoppe. A comparative study of country elites: International differences in work-related values and learning and their implications for management training and development . PhD thesis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1990. [24] R. J. House, P. J. Hanges, M. Javidan, P. W. Dorfman, and V. Gupta. Culture, Leadership, and Organizations: The GLOBE Study of 62 Societies . SAGE Publications, Apr. 2004. [25] L. K. John, A. Acquisti, and G. Loewenstein. Strangers on a Plane: Context

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DataLair: Efficient Block Storage with Plausible Deniability against Multi-Snapshot Adversaries

. Hiding information in flash memory. In Security and Privacy (SP), 2013 IEEE Symposium on , pages 271–285, May 2013. [24] “How a Syrian refugee risked his life to bear witness to atrocities” . “ ”. [25] “Former Press Writer Mike Giglio Detained, Beaten and Released During Egypt Protests” . “ ”. [26] Anrin

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System Modeling in UML with Two-Hemisphere Model Driven Approach

-Baltic Summer School on Applications of AI to Production Engineering , Kaunas, Lithuania, 9-14 June 1997, K. Wang and H. Pranevicius, Eds. Kaunas: Kaunas University of Technology Press, 1997. O. Nikiforova and N. Pavlova, "Foundations on generation of relationships between classes based on initial business knowledge," in 17th International Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD2008) , Paphos, Cyprus, August 25-27, 2008, Information Systems Development, G. A. Papadopoulos, W. Wojtkowski, W. G. Wojtkowski, S. Wrycza, and J. Zupancic, Eds

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Finding a Needle in a Haystack: The Traffic Analysis Version

. Shrimpton, “Peek-a-boo, i still see you: Why efficient traffic analysis countermeasures fail,” in Security and Privacy (SP), 2012 IEEE Symposium on . IEEE, 2012, pp. 332–346. [25] C. Livadas, R. Walsh, D. Lapsley, and W. T. Strayer, “Using machine learning techniques to identify botnet traffic,” in In 2nd IEEE LCN Workshop on Network Security , 2006, pp. 967–974. [26] F. Tegeler, X. Fu, G. Vigna, and C. Kruegel, “Botfinder: Finding bots in network traffic without deep packet inspection,” in Proceedings of the 8th international conference on Emerging

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Cross-Device Tracking: Measurement and Disclosures

:// , Dec. 2012. [5] Fed. Trade Comm’n, “Online Advertiser Settles FTC Charges ScanScout Deceptively Used Flash Cookies to Track Consumers Online,” , Nov. 2011. [6] Fed. Trade Comm’n, “FTC Puts an End to Tactics of Online Advertising Company That Deceived Consumers Who Wanted to ’Opt Out’ from Targeted Ads,”

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Access Denied! Contrasting Data Access in the United States and Ireland

-ordered-to-stoptracking-non-users-in-Belgium-or-face-fines.html [Accessed 22-Feb-2016]. [25] P. Dixon. Testimony of Pam Dixon executive director, World Privacy Forum before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, “what information do data brokers have on consumers, and how do they use it?”, 2013. [Accessed: 15- Jul- 2015]. [26] Equifax. Equifax 2014 annual report, 2014. [Accessed: 03- Aug- 2015

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Mesh: A Supply Chain Solution with Locally Private Blockchain Transactions

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Private Set Intersection for Unequal Set Sizes with Mobile Applications

Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS’11) . The Internet Society, 2011. [50] R. Nojima and Y. Kadobayashi, “Cryptographically secure Bloom-filters,” Trans. Data Privacy , vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 131–139, 2009. [51] A. Pagh, R. Pagh, and S. S. Rao, “An optimal Bloom filter replacement,” in ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA’05) . SIAM, 2005, pp. 823–829. [52] A. Partow, “Bloom filter implementation,” , 2017, accessed: 2017-03-10. [53] B. Pinkas, T. Schneider, G. Segev, and M. Zohner, “Phasing

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PIR-PSI: Scaling Private Contact Discovery

. Function Secret Sharing. In: EUROCRYPT 2015, Part II . Vol. 9057. LNCS. Springer, Heidelberg, 2015, pp. 337–367. [5] E. Boyle, N. Gilboa, and Y. Ishai. Function Secret Sharing: Improvements and Extensions. In: ACM CCS 16 . ACM Press, 2016, pp. 1292–1303. [6] C. Cachin, S. Micali, and M. Stadler. Computationally Private Information Retrieval with Polylogarithmic Communication. In: EUROCRYPT’99 . Vol. 1592. LNCS. Springer, Heidelberg, 1999, pp. 402–414. [7] G. S. Cetin et al. Private Queries on Encrypted Genomic Data. In: IACR Cryptology ePrint

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