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Studies on the recrystalization of nanocrystalline metals

Chemical Technology , 2005, 7. 8. Lendzion-Bieluń, Z., Podsiadły M., Narkiewicz U., Arabczyk W. Rev. Adv. Mater. Sci. , 2006, 12, 145. Arabczyk W., Narkiewicz U., Moszyński D. Langmuir, 1999, 15(12), 5785.

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Production of suspension fertilizers as a potential way of managing industrial waste

References Hoffmann J., Górecki H.: Suspension fertilizers - new ecological generation of agricultural and garden fertilizers (in Polish), Przemysł Chemiczny 1995 , 74, pp. 87 - 91. Kępiński J.: Inorganic chemical technology (in Polish), PWN, Warsaw, 1974 . Šebek V., Malechowă V.: Zpŭsob aktivacejilových materiálu, Pat. CSR, no. CS231830 (B1), 1986 . Vetjugov A. V., Voevodin L. I., Mal'tseva V. E.: Sposob aktivacii bentonitowoj gliny, Pat RUS, no. RU

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Application of flotation in the decontamination of sediments from the Cerny prikop stream

. Mulleneers, H. et al.: Remediation of fine fractions of dredged sediments by flotation. Environmental technology ISSN 0959-3330 2002, vol. 23, no 8, pp. 877 - 887.

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Optimization of chemical aids in the process of deinking sludge thickening

, vol. 3 - Process Technology, Doshi and Associates Inc. 1998. Czechowski J., Olejnik K.: "Ocena odpadów z linii technologicznej przerobu makulatury z uwzględnieniem zawartości metali ciężkich" Przemysł Chemiczny 2003, 82 1121.

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Investigation of aerosol dispersion in fibrous filters

References Podgórski, A. (2002). On the Transport, Deposition and Filtration of Aerosol Particles in Fibrous Filters: Selected Problems. Warsaw, Poland: Publishing House of the Warsaw University of Technology. Buyuktas, D., Wallender W. W. (2004). Dispersion in spatially periodic porous media. Heat and Mass Transfer. 40, 261-270. Lee, C. K., Sun, C. & Mei, C. (1996). Computation of permeability and dispersivities of solute or heat in periodic porous media. Int. J. Heat Mass

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The morphological and dispersive characterization of commercial titanium dioxides

References Dąbrowski W.: Rola bieli tytanowej w tworzywach sztucznych, Tworzywa Sztuczne i Chemia , 2005, 6 6. Otton F. A., Wilkinson G., Gaus P. J.: Chemia nieorganiczna. Podstawy, PWN, Warszawa, 2002. Braun J. H.: Titanium dioxide a review, J. Catings Technol. , 1997, 69 868. Rybacki E., Stożek T.: Substancje pomocnicze w technologii postaci leku, PZWL, Warszawa, 1980. Morgans W. M.: Outlines of Paint Technology, Halsted Press

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The temperature and moisture distribution of rapeseeds in a fixed bed during microwave-vacuum drying on a semi-technical scale

. & Lupinski, M. (2006). Temperature distribution In a single sphere dried with microwaves and hot air. Drying Technology (24), 1381 - 1386. Pere, C. & Rodier, E. (2002). Microwave vacuum drying of porous media: experimental study and qualitative considerations of internal transfers. Chemical Engineering and Processing (41), 427 - 436. Sumnu, G., Turabi, E. & Oztop, M. (2005). Drying of carrots in microwave and halogen lamp-microwave combination ovens. LWT (38), 549 - 553. Maskan, M. (2000

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Methane fermentation of poultry slaughterhouse waste

References Kowalski, Z. & Krupa-Żuczek, K. (2007). A model of the waste management. Polish Journal of Chemical Technology , 9, 4, pp. 91-97. DOI: 10.2478/v10026-007-0098-4. Edström, M., Nordberg, A. & Thyselius, L. (2003). Anaerobic treatment of animal byproducts from slaughter-houses at laboratory and pilot scale. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology , Vol. 109, pp. 127-138. DOI: 10.1385/ABAB:109:1-3:127. Wzorek, Z., Konopka, M., Cholew, J., Klamecki, G. & Bajcer, T. (2007

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Separation of HCl from the mixture of KCl and HCl using membrane distillation

References Tomaszewska, M., Gryta, M. & Morawski, A. W. (1995), Study on the concentration of acids by membrane distillation, Journals Memebrane Science 102, 113-122. Tomaszewska, M., Gryta, M. & Morawski, A. W. (2001), Recovery of hydrochloric acid from metal pickling solutions by membrane distillation, Separation and Purification Technology 22-23, 591-600. Johnson A. J. & Furter, W. F. (1960), Salt effect in vapor - liquid equilibrium, part II, Can. Journals Chemical and

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Plotting of the solubility isotherm for the NH4NO3 + NaVO3 + H2O system

References Collaborative paper (1969). Research on the new method of soda production. Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń. Kołaczkowski, A. (1980). Spontaneous decomposition of ammonium nitrate. Scientific papers Institute of Inorganic Technology and Mineral Fertilizers, Wrocław Technical University. Bobrownicki, W., Biskupski, A. & Kołaczkowski, A. (1977). On the thermal decomposition of ammonium-sodium nitrate. Chemia Stosowana , 21, 3. Trypuć, M

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