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Do G894T Polymorphisms of Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase 3 (NOS3) Influence Endurance Phenotypes?

References Ahmetov II, Rogozkin VA, Genes, Athlete Status and Training - An Overview in Genetics and Sports (ed: Callins M). Med Sport Sci. Basel, Karger, 2009, vol 54, pp 43-71. Borggrefe M, Wolpert C, Antzelevitch C, Veltmann C, Giustetto C, Gaita F, Schimpf R. Short QT syndrome. Genotype-phenotype correlations. J Electrocardiol 2005: 38: 75-80. Bray MS, Hagberg JM, Perusse L, Rankinen T, Roth SM, Wolfarth B, Bouchard C (2009) The human gene map for performance and health

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Neuromuscular Compression Garments: Effects on Neuromuscular Strength and Recovery

References Ali A, Caine MP, Snow BG. Graduated compression stockings: physiological and perceptual responses during and after exercise. J Sports Sci, 2007; 25(4): 413-419. Ali A, Creasy RH, Edge JA. Physiological effects of wearing graduated compression stockings during running. Eur J Appl Physiol, 2010; 109(6): 1017-1025. Ali A, Creasy RH, Edge JA. The Effect of Graduated Compression Stockings on Running Performance. J Strength Cond Res; 2011; 25

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Characteristics of Team Leaders Play as exemplified by the European Championships In Basketball

-126. Eom H., Schutz R., Statistical analyses of volleyball performance. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport. 1992; 63: 11-18. Erčulj F., Dežman B., Vučković G., Perš J., Perše M, Kristan M., An analysis of basketball players' movements in the Slovenian Basketball League play-offs using the Sagit Tracking System, Facta Universitatis: Series Physical Education and Sport. 2008; 6: 75-85. Fernandez J., Camerino O., Anguera M. T., Jonsson G. K., Identifying and analyzing the construction and effectiveness of offensive

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The Influence of Situational Variables on Ball Possession in the South African Premier Soccer League

Introduction Over the years, performance analysis has grown drastically and has a vital role to play in the modern game of soccer ( Carling et al., 2005 ). Preparing soccer teams to play at the professional level is a multifaceted process because it is reliant on numerous individual and team-related characteristics. For many years, the most successful soccer teams in European competitions have adopted a style of play based on ball possession (also known as an indirect playing style), allowing them to dictate the play by controlling the game ( Bradley et al

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Analysis of Tests Evaluating Sport Climbers’ Strength and Isometric Endurance

Introduction Sport climbing is becoming increasingly popular. Climbing can be performed for recreational purposes or as a competition, on both natural rocks and indoors. The growing interest in this form of physical activity makes it easier to organize sports events that quite naturally, involve the implementation of relevant training methods that prepare climbers to compete and win. As in any other sport discipline, the factors determining top performance must be precisely established to increase the effectiveness of athlete recruitment, selection and

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Rethinking Monolithic Pathways to Success and Talent Identification: The Case of the Women's Japanese Volleyball Team and Why Height is Not Everything

et al., 2014 ) or alternative approaches to expertise ( Kulasegaram et al., 2013 ), TIDS programs aim at the early signalling of features suggesting potential for achieving expert performance levels ( Leite et al., 2009 ). The reasoning is that early identification of talent may assist sport systems in providing them with greater support and training conditions from an early stage, hopefully translating into optimal performance later on ( Pankhurst et al., 2013 ). TIDS programs therefore follow a backwards logic: first, they identify the factors behind success at

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The Line in the Sand for British Strength Sports. No Second Chances and the Creation of a Drug Free for Life Ethos

Trapezius, a Shoulder Muscle, of Strength-Trained Athletes. Unpublished medical dissertation. Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden. Hargreaves, J. (1986). Sport, Power and Culture. Cambridge: Polity Press. Harrison, G., Pope, H.G. Jr., Wood, R., Rogol, A., Nyberg, F., Bowers, L. & Bhasin, S. (2014). Adverse Health Consequences of Performance-Enhancing Drugs: An Endocrine Society Scientific Statement. Endocrine Reviews . 35(3), 341-375. DOI: 10.1210/er.2013-1058 Haywood, L. Kew, F., Brmham, P. Spink, J. Capernerhusrt, J. & Henry, I. (1990). Understanding

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The Use of Match Statistics that Discriminate Between Successful and Unsuccessful Soccer Teams

. The use of performance indicators in performance analysis. J Sport Sci, 2002; 20: 739-754. Hughes M, Franks, I. Notational Analysis of Sport Systems for better coaching and performance in sport. London: Ed. Routledge, 2004. Hughes M, Franks I. Analysis of passing sequences, shots and goals in soccer. J Sport Sci, 2005; 23: 509-514. Hughes M, Robertson K, Nicholson A. Comparison of patterns of play of successful and unsuccessful teams in the 1986 World Cup for soccer. In: Science and

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A Situational Theory of Advantages in Sport

References Brüggemann, G.P., Arampatzis, A., Emrich, F. & Potthast, W. (2008). Biomechanics of double transtibial amputee sprinting using dedicated sprinting prostheses . Sports Technology , 1(4-5), 220-227. DOI: 10.1002/jst.63 Carr, C.L. (2008). Fairness and performance enhancement in sport. Journal of the Philosophy of Sport , 35(2), 193-207. DOI: 10.1080/00948705.2008.9714738. Court of Arbitration for Sport. (2008). Pistorius v/ IAAF, award of 16 May 2008 (Arbitration CAS 2008/A/1480).\Retrieved from

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The influence of different hand paddle size on 100-m front crawl kinematics

-634 Chollet D, Chalies S, Chatard JC. A new index of coordination for the crawl: Description and usefulness. Int J Sports Med , 2000; 21: 54-59 East DJ. Stroke frecuency, length and performance. Swimming Technique , 1971; 8: 68-73 Gourgoulis V, Aggeloussis N, Kasimatis P, Vezos N, Antoniou P, Mavromatis G. The influence of hand paddles on the arm coordination in female front crawl swimmers. J Strength Cond Res , 2009; 23: 735-740 Gourgoulis V, Aggeloussis N, Vezos N, Antoniou P, Mavromatis G. Hand orientation in hand paddle

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