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Forums as a tool for negotiating knowledge in Higher Education

. December 12-15, Palo Alto, Mahwah, (pp. 406-415). NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum and Associates. Pontecorvo, C., Ajello, A. M., Zucchermaglio, C. (1995). I contesti sociali dell’apprendimento. Milano: LED. Pozzi, F., Manca, S., Persico, D., Sarti, L. (2007). A general framework for tracking and analysing learning processes in computer-supported collaborative learning environments, Innovations in Education and Teaching International , 44:2, 169-179. Rossi, P. G. (2009). Tecnologia e costruzione di mondi. Post-costruttivismo, linguaggi e ambienti di

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Impact of Indian Drama Serials on Bangladeshi Culture: A Qualitative Study Based on Perceived Situation and Risk Factors in Urban Setting

Study of Layyah City. International Journal of Innovation and Applied Studies, 8(3), 1120-1124. KHANAM, D., SARWAR, M. M., & ABIR, T. M . (2014). ‘Broadcasting Indian TV Serials In Bangladesh: The Beginning of the Social Change’: A Study on Present Situation of Bangladesh. IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science (IOSR-JHSS), 19(7), 142-147. MORGAN, M.; SHANAHAN, J . (2010). “The State of Cultivation”. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media. 54 (2): 337–355. NASEER, M., MANJ, D. Y., RIAZ, D. F., AWAN, D. K., SIDDIQUE, A., SHAHZADI, S

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The Branding Potential for the Digital Transmission of Live-Operas to the Cinema: An International Comparison of Estonia and Germany

Image’. - European Journal of Marketing 42, 9/10, 879-906. Baumann, Sabine 2013. ‘Adapting to the Brave New World: Innovative Organisational Strategies for Media Companies’. - Tanja Storsul, Arne H. Krumsvik (eds.), Media Innovations: A Multidisciplinary Study of Change. Göteborg: Nordicom, 77-92. Baumann, Sabine 2015. ‘Media Branding from an Organizational and Management-Centered Perspective’. - Gabriele Siegert, Kati Förster, Sylvia M. Chan-Olmsted, Mart Ots (eds.), Handbook of Media Branding. Cham: Springer International, 65

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Digitalization and Political Party Life in Poland – A Study of Selected Communication Habits of Party Members and Elective Representatives

innovation in European political parties . A workshop paper at the ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops, Grenoble, 6–11 April 2001. Oxford: Oxford Internet Institute. Margetts, Helen Z. (2006). The Cyber Party In R. Katz and W. Crotty (Eds.) Handbook of Party Politics. London: Sage pp. 528–535. Margolis Michael, and David Resnick. (2000). Politics as Usual: The Cyberspace' Revolution, Contemporary American Politics. California: Sage Publication's. Min, Seong-Jae. (2010). From the Digital Divide to the Democratic Divide: Internet Skills, Political Interest

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Trade Embargo as a Geopolitical Tool: A Case of Nepal-India Trade Relations

International Economics. Joshi, B.L. &Rose, L.E. (1966). Democratic Innovations in Nepal. Berkeley: University of California Press. Khadka, N. (1992). Geopolitics and development: A Nepalese perspective. Asian Aff airs, 19(3): 134–157. Lindsay, J. M. (1986). Trade sanctions as policy Instruments: A re-examination. International Studies Quarterly, 30(2): 153–173. McGee, R.W. (2004). Trade sanctions as a tool of International Relations, In R. W. McGee (ed.), Commentaries on law &public policy Vol.2 (pp. 229–303). Miami Shores: Barry University

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Transmedia Project Design: Theoretical and Analytical Considerations

. Saldre, M.; Torop, P. 2012. ‘Transmedia space’. - I. Ibrus, C. A. Scolari (eds.), Crossmedia Innovations: Texts, Markets, Institutions. Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 25-44. Scolari, C. A. 2009. ‘Transmedia storytelling: Implicit consumers, narrative worlds, and branding in contemporary media production’. - International Journal of Communication, 3, 586-606. Scolari, C. A. 2012. ‘Narrativas transmediáticas, convergencia audiovisual y nuevas estrategias de comunicación’. - Quaderns del CAC 38, vol. XV, 79-89. Shmilovici, U. 2011

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Preference Dimensions of the Estonian Opera-Consumer: A Comparison of the Audiences at Opera Houses and Mediated Opera Performances

Participation in the Arts, 2002-2012.Washington, DC: National Endowment for the Arts. (1 March 2017). NESTA 2010. Beyond Live: Digital Innovation in the Performing Arts. London: NESTA. (1 March 2017). Pappel, Kristel 2009. ‘National Identity Embedded in an International Art Form: The Role of Opera in Estonian Culture’. - Hans van Maanen, Andreas Kotte, Anneli Saro (eds.), Global Changes - Local Stages: How Theatre

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