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America and Human Capital Formation in Communist Europe Aspirations, Reactions and Results

. Warsaw: Rosner & wspólnicy. Ossowska, Maria and Stanisław Ossowski (2002) Intymny portret uczonych. Korespondencja Marii i Stanisława Ossowskich . Edited by E. Neyman. Warsaw. Pleskot, Patryk. (2010) ‘Jak wyjechać na zachód?’ In Franaszek, Piotr (ed.) Naukowcy Władzy, Władza Naukowcom. Studia . Warsaw: Instytut Pamięci Narodowej (IPN). Pollak, Michael (1980) ‘Paul F. Lazarsfeld: A Sociointellectual Biography’. Knowledge: Creation, Diffusion , Innovation , 2. Rakowski, Mieczysław (1998) Dzienniki Polityczne 1958-1962. Warszawa: Iskry

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Interdisciplinary groups perception on impact of technology: A study in Petro-Chemical sector

Development (1997), Globalization and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Paris Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (2000) Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: Local Strength, Global Reach Paris Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development [12] Porter, M. E. (1980). Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors , Free Press, New York. [13] Retkoceri, B., & Kurteshi, R. (2018). Barriers to innovation in services and manufacturing firms: The Case of

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Mapping of Academic Production on Social Enterprises: An international analysis for the growth of this field

. (2015). A hybrid approach to innovation by social enterprises: lessons from Africa. Social Enterprise Journal, 11 (1), 89-112. Halme, M., Lindeman, S., & Linna, P. (2012). Innovation for inclusive business: Intrapreneurial bricolage in multinational corporations. Journal of Management Studies, 49 (4), 743-784. Holt, D. (2011). Where are they now? Tracking the longitudinal evolution of environmental businesses from the 1990s. Business Strategy and the Environment, 20 (4), 238-250. Katz, J. S., & Martin, B. R. (1997). What is research

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Institutional Logics as orchestras’ strategic dilemma

Segmentation Study Kolb, Bonita M. (1998) Classical Music Concerts Can Be Fun: The Success of BBC Proms in International Journal of Arts Management Vol. 1 (1), 16-23 Mehner, K. (1995) Deutsche Demokratische Republik in Finscher, L. [Ed.]. Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart. 2. überarbeitete Auflage. Sachteil Band 2, Sp. 1188-1192 Porter, Michael E. (1980) Competitive Strategy Powell, W. W., Giannella, E. (2010) Collective Invention and Inventor Networks in Handbook of the economics of innovation, 575-605 Schulze, G. (1992) Die

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Contingent High-Skilled Work and Flexible Labor Markets. Creative Workers and Independent Contractors Cycling Between Employment and Unemployment

. Creating Innovation : Do the Creative Industries Support Innovation in the Wider Economy? London: NESTA. Banks, Mark and David Hesmondhalgh. 2009. Looking for Work in Creative Industries Policy. International Journal of Cultural Policy 15(4): 415–430. Benz, Mathias and Bruno Frey. 2006. Being Independent is a Great Thing: Subjective Evaluations of Self-Employment and Hierarchy. Economica 75(298): 362–383. Baron, James and David Kreps. 1999. Strategic Human Resources . New York: John Wiley and Sons. Bennett, Tony and David Carter (eds.). 2001

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Employment Prospects of Young Adults With Mental Disorders

Integration 7(3): 351–366. Fitzli, Dora, Max Grütter, Marie-Christina Fontana, Kathrin Koebel, and Simon Bock. 2016. Evaluation der Arbeitsmarktsituation und Weiterbildungsperspektive von Absolventen und Absolventinnen mit eidgenössischem Berufsattest (EBA). Bern: Staatssekretariat für Bildung, Forschung und Innovation (SBFI). Gabadinho, Alexis, Gilbert Ritschard, Nicolas Séverin Mueller, and Matthias Studer. 2011. Analyzing and Visualizing State Sequences in R With TraMineR. Journal of Statistical Software 40(4): 1–37. Gallie, Duncan and Serge Paugam

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Domesticating Feelings Through Short Message Service (SMS)

des objets: Innovation et Relances. Paris: Éditions de la Maison Sciences de l’Homme. De Gournay, Ch. (1997) «‘C’est personnel». La communication privée hors de ses murs’. Réseaux , 15(82-83): 21-39. De Gournay, Ch. and Smoreda, Zb. (2001) ‘ La sociabilité téléphonique et son ancrage spatio-temporel .’ Paper for the Conference e-Usages, Paris, 12-14 June. Duby, G. and Ariès, Ph. (1985) L’Histoire de la vie privée. Paris: Seuil. Haddon, L. and Ling, R. (1998) ‘«One can talk about common manners!» The use of Mobile Phones in inappropriate

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A Decision-making Model for Public Management. The Existence of a Policy Framework for Performance in Romania

) The New Public Governance? Emerging Perspectives in the Theory and Practice of Public Governance . New York: Routledge. Guvernul României (2007) ‘Planul Național de Dezvoltare, 2007-2013’, (16, February, 2014) Pollitt, C. and G. Bouckaert (2004) Public Management Reform: A Comparative Analysis . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Poister, T. H. and D. M. Van Slyke (2002) ‘Strategic Management Innovations in State Transportation Departments’. Public Performance and Management Review , 26

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Analysing social networks in rural development: a gender approach

References Advisory Group on Women in Rural Areas (2014) Gender equality in the 2014-2020 programming period . Available at (Accessed 20 th of February, 2016). André, I. (2013) ‘Gender and Social Innovation: The Role of EU Policies’, in F. Moulaert, D. MacCallum, A. Mehmood and A. Hamdouch (eds.), The international handbook on social innovation, collective action, social learning and transdisciplinary research , Cheltenham, Edward Elgar, pp. 412-423. Borgatti

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Fixed-Term Jobs after Vocational Education and Training in Switzerland: Stepping Stone or Impediment?

Auftrag des Staatssekretariats fur Bildung, Forschung und Innovation SBFI. Zurich: SMM. Salvisberg, Alexander, and Stefan Sacchi. 2014. Labour Market Prospects of Swiss Career Entrants after Completion of Vocational Education and Training. European Societies 16(2): 255-274. Scherer, Stefani. 2004. Stepping-Stones or Traps? The Consequences of Labour Market Entry Positions on Future Careers in West Germany, Great Britain and Italy. Work, Employment and Society 18: 369-394. Sengenberger, Werner. 1979. Zur Dynamik der

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