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Dynamics Of Innovation Diffusion With Two Step Decision Process

-202. [5] Granovetter M., Threshold models of collective behaviour, American journal of sociology, 83 , 1978, 1420-1443. [6] Granovetter M., Soong R, Threshold models of interpersonal effects in consumer demand, Journal of Economic Behaviour & Organization, 7 , 1986, 83-99. [7] McCullen N. J., Rucklidge A. M., Bale C. S. E., Foxon T. J., Gale W. F., Multiparameter Models of Innovation Diffusion on Complex Networks, SIAM Journal of Applied Dynamical Systems, 12 , 2013, 515-532 [8] Nan N., Zmud R., Yetgin E., A complex

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Trust in Leadership for Sustaining Innovations: How Leaders Enact on Showing Trustworthiness

Technology Innovation & Industrial Management Conference, June, 2011, Oulu, Finland. Electr. Public. Häkkinen, S, Ikonen, M., Savolainen, T. 2010. Do Leader's Expressions of Emotions Build Trustworthiness? In: Proceedings of the 9 th International Conference of Studying Leadership, ICSL. 13.-14.12.2010, Lund University, Lund, Sweden. Electronic Publication. Lewicki, R. J. & Bunker, B. B. 1996. Developing and maintaining trust in work relationships. In: R. M. Kramer and T. R. Tyler (Eds.), Trust in Organizations, 114-139. Thousand Oaks CA: Sage. Lewicki, R. J

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On the Implications of Knowledge Bases for Regional Innovation Policies in Germany

References Asheim B.T., 2007. Differentiated knowledge bases and varieties of regional innovation systems. Innovation: The European Journal of Social Sciences Research 20: 223-241. Asheim B.T., Boschma R., Cooke P., 2011. Constructing regional advantage: Platform policies based on related variety and differentiated knowledge bases. Regional Studies 45 (7): 893-904. Asheim B.T., Gertler M.S., 2005. The geography of innovation: Regional innovation systems. In: Fagerberg J., Mowery D., Nelson R. (eds), The Oxford

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The role of stimulating employees’ creativity and idea generation in encouraging innovation behaviour in Irish firms

Introduction Today a firm’s growth and survival depend on its ability to innovate ( Hossain, 2013 ; Varis and Littunen, 2010 ). Firms that innovate to improve their processes, differentiate their products and/or transform their structure have been shown to regularly outperform their competitors ( Tidd, 2001 ). At the heart of all organisational innovation lies creative ideas and it is individual employees, who alone or in groups, generate, promote, discuss, modify and realize these ideas ( Cirella and Shani, 2012 ; Scott and Bruce, 1994 ). Creativity has

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Identification of Czech Metropolitan Regions: How to improve targeting of innovation policy

References 1. Albertina Database. (2014). Databáze firem a institucí ALBERTINA CZ Gold Edition . Praha: Bisnode. Retrieved from DVD database. 2. Asheim, B. T., & Isaksen, A. (2002). Regional innovation systems: the integration of local ‘sticky’ and global ‘ubiquitous’ knowledge. The Journal of Technology Transfer , 27 (1), 77–86. 3. Bučar, M., Jaklič, A., & Stare, M. (2010). Innovation potential of public and private sectors' cooperation in knowledge-intensive services in Slovenia. Naše gospodarstvo

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Knowledge and Innovations as Factors of Organizational Development — an Integrated Approach

Bibliography 1. Barbaroux, P. (2012). Identifying collaborative innovation capabilities within knowledge--intensive environments. Insights from the ARPANET project. European Journal of Innovation Management , 15 (2). 2. Baruk, J. (2018). Wybrane aspekty innowacyjności przedsiębiorstw funkcjonujących w UE. Kwartalnik Nauk o Przedsiębiorstwie , 46 (1). 3. Baruk, J. (2016). Innowacje marketingowe w organizacjach przemysłowych i usługowych. Marketing i Rynek , (5). 4. Baruk, J. (2015). Zarządzanie działalnością innowacyjną w

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The Role of Innovation in Fostering Competitiveness and Economic Growth: Evidence from Developing Economies

References Aubert J.‑E. (2004), Promoting Innovation in Developing Countries: A Conceptual Framework, ʽWorking Paperʼ. Washington, DC: World Bank Institute. Barney B., Clark D. (2007), Resource‑Based Theory - Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage, Oxford University Press, Oxford. Borrás S., Edquist C. (2013), The choice of innovation policy instruments, ʽTechnological Forecasting and Social Changeʼ, Vol 80., No. 8, pp. 1513-1522. Bogliacino F., Pianta M. (2011). Engines of growth

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Unpacking the geography of tourism innovation in Western Cape Province, South Africa

References Ahmad, J.A., Abdurahman, A.Z.A, Ali, J.K., Khedif, L.Y.B. and Bohari, Z., 2014: Social entrepreneurship in ecotourism: an opportunity for fishing village of Sebuyau, Sarawak Borneo. In: Tourism, Leisure and Global Change, Vol. 1, pp. 1-39. Alonso, A.D., 2011: Opportunities and challenges in the development of micro-brewing and beer tourism: a preliminary study from Alabama. In: Tourism Planning and Development, Vol. 8 (4), pp. 415-431. Antonelli, C., 2009: The economics of innovation: from the

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EMNCS– Lessons On The Way To An Innovation-based Development. Setting The Backgrounds

References Andriessen, D. and Stam, C. (2005), “Intellectual Capital of the European Union”, 7th McMaster World Congress on the Management of Intellectual Capital and Innovation, Ontario, Canada. Azzarello, S. and Putnam, B. (2012), BRIC Country Update: Slowing growth in the face of internal and external challenges. CME Group. 25 July. Bontis, N. (2004), “National intellectual capital index: the benchmarking of Arab countries

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Knowledge-Intensive Services in Slovakia from the Viewpoint of Innovation and Labour Productivity

, 2011, from Rievajová, E. et al. (2006). Teória a politika zamestnanosti (1st ed.). Bratislava: Publishing House EKONÓM. Sivák, R. et al. (2011). Slovník znalostnej ekonomiky (1st ed.). Bratislava: Sprint dva. Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic. (2010a). Innovation activity of enterprises in the Slovak Republic 2006-2008. Bratislava: Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic. Retrieved August 3, 2011, from http

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