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Rethinking Microfinance in a Dual Financial System: An Agent-based Simulation

, 2014. Global Islamic Microfinance Market 2014-2018. Tesfatsion, L., 2006. Agent-based computational economics: A constructive approach to economic theory. Handbook of computational economics, 2 , 831-880. Turrel, A., 2016. Agent-based models: understanding the economy from the bottom up. Quarterly bulletin Q4 : Bank of England.

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Doing Business with the State and Firms’ Growth. Grasping Invisible Relational Capital

Sveiby, K. E., 1997b. The new organizational wealth: managing & measuring knowledge-based assets . San Francisco, CA: Barrett-Kohler. Weiss, J., 1998. Cost--benefit analysis and assessing privatisation projects in transitional economies. Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal, 16 (4), 289-294. doi: Welbourne, T. M., 2008. Relational capital: Strategic advantage for small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) through negotiation and collaboration. 18 (5), 438-492. doi:

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Modeling the Diffusion of Private Pension Provision

References Administrator of the Pension Fund “Center of Personified Accounting”, 2017. Pension funds. from Arza, C., 2008. Changing European welfare: The new distributional principles of pension policy. In C. Arza and M. Kohli (Eds.), Pension Reform in Europe: Politics, policies and outcome (pp. 109-131). New York: Routledge. Baltac, A. G., and Dinca (Nicola), Z., 2013. Companies’ Role in the Evolution of the Romanian Economy in the Period 2011-2013. Romanian Statistical Review, 61 (4), 113-117. Bass, F. M., 1969. A

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The Day-of-the-Week Effect: Evidence from Selected Balkan Markets

of the week effect patterns on stock market return and volatility: Evidence for the Athens Stock Exchange. SSRN database , 1-14. doi: Liu, C., and Kamath, R., 2011. The day-of-the-week effect on the Santiago stock exchange of Chile. Journal of International Business Research, 10 (1), 11-20. Mangala, D., and Lohia, V., 2013. Market Efficiency in Emerging Economies: An Empirical Analysis of Month-of-the-Year Effect. IUP Journal of Applied Finance, 19 (3), 19-38. Namini, R. S., Roudposhti, F. R., and Janani

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The Role of XBRL on EMAS Reporting: An Analysis of Organisational Values Compatibility

. The long-run effects of environmental reform in open economies. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 45 (2), 246-264. Kolln, K., and Prakash, A., 2002. EMS-based environmental regimes as club goods: Examining variations in firm-level adoption of ISO 14001 and EMAS in UK, US and Germany. Policy Sciences, 35 (1), 43-67. La Torre, M., Valentinetti, D., Dumay, J., and Rea, M. A., 2018. Improving corporate disclosure through XBRL. An evidence

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Export, Energy Consumption and Economic Growth Inter-Linkages: The Case of Lithuania

References Abbas, S., 2012. Causality between Exports and Economic Growth: Investigating Suitable Trade Policy for Pakistan. Eurasian Journal of Business and Economics, 5 (10), 91-98. Adewuyi, A., and Adeniyi, O., 2015. Trade and Consumption of Energy Varieties: Empirical Analysis of Selected West Africa Economies. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 47 , 354-366. doi: Ahmed, M., and Azam, M., 2016. Causal Nexus between Energy Consumption and Economic Growth for High, Middle and Low Income

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