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Variability of Metabolic Power Data in Elite Soccer Players During Pre-Season Matches

expenditure calculated from both approaches plausibly differs; hence, their combined application may provide a promising new framework to investigate instantaneous alterations in energy demand and supply in soccer ( di Prampero et al., 2015 ; Osgnach et al., 2016 ). Our finding that there were no further differences among playing positions ( Table 2 ) contrasts with previous studies, showing that differences exist in both velocity match data ( Bradley et al., 2009 ; Di Salvo et al., 2007 ) and physical abilities ( Boone et al., 2012 ; Haugen et al., 2013 ). One

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The World’s Oldest Profession? Employment-Age Profiles from the Transactional Sex Market

structure in sub-Saharan African countries shifts toward older ages, the population prevalence of transactional sex may decline. Future research should examine these questions in more detail, including by estimating the elasticities of demand and supply for transactional sex disaggregated by age group. Furthermore, future research should continue to study transactional sex using general population surveys. Previous research on transactional sex work typically has used small, convenience-based samples and the median age in these studies (i.e. around 30 years old) is

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Land-management strategies and the detached housing stock in shrinking municipalities – evidence from Germany

forces are to be addressed by governmental framing to help the municipalities. On the one hand, the uncertainty of development could be minimised by a continuous and exhaustive monitoring of demand and supply, and the vacancies or shortage arising from the imbalance between the two. The building stock should also be assessed within new urban plans. On the other hand, municipalities should be enabled to partly intervene in the market of owner-occupied dwellings to manage development. This is especially necessary as demographic and political developments, such as

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Exploring the social interest in agritourism among the urban population of Kazakhstan

, provide tourists with high-quality experiences and maintain the quality of the natural environment sought by both the host society and tourists ( Erdavletov 2015 ). The experience of European countries indicates that the development of rural tourism services, including agritourism, is based on the mutual and simultaneous stimulation of demand and supply factors. Social urbanisation progressing gradually since the turn of century creates the potential for the demand for rural tourism in Kazakhstan. In the past two decades, the growth rate of the urban population

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Changes in the German Urban System—A Financial-Sector Perspective

services ( Hanssens/Derudder/Taylor et al. 2010 : 11). Interestingly, a recent analysis of international banking centres shows that Munich’s position has declined significantly as a result of the financial crisis (Derudder/Hoyler/Taylor 2010: 4), which begs the question as to whether and how this might impact on its private equity scene. At a conceptual and methodological level our research has shown that focusing on demand and supply relationships and associated knowledge flows adds important information to the “office geographies” of the Globalization and World

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Toward understanding tourist landscape. a comparative study of locals’ and visitors’ perception in selected destinations in Poland and Greece

(preferences of various stakeholder groups involved), sustainability (natural environmental capacity, preferred forms of tourism), and measurability (demand and supply prices, levels of tourism development in the region). Towards this goal, then, this paper critically negotiates the notion of the tourist landscape and proceeds, through an empirical study, to test its basic conceptual premises, in two different types of tourist destinations, one upland tourist destination in Central Europe and one seaside tourist destination, in the Mediterranean. These were selected as

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Tourism and valorisation of cultural heritage: The case of the Castle of Lanhoso

uniqueness to its visitors (tourists and residents), as well as to analyse the impact of the promotion and preservation of this monument on the resident community. The paper is divided in three main sections. In the first section, a review of the literature is made on themes such as heritage, community identity, cultural tourism, creative tourism and community integration. In the second section, the municipality of Póvoa de Lanhoso is addressed through the analysis of social and economic characteristics of the municipality, tourism characteristics, tourism demand and

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in Tékhne
Inner-City Suburbanization – no Contradiction in Terms. Middle-Class Family Enclaves are Spreading in the Cities

have observed the emergence of manifold hybrid spaces and places within the wider urban fabric, created by and for (post-)modern ways of life in the post-Fordist era, which call into question our traditional, deeply entrenched models of ‘urban’ and ‘suburban’. Among them, there are many – albeit very different – demand- and supply-driven inner-city developments, in particular those that are created by or target the rather affluent populations. Internationally, several authors have observed that “high-income people” who “return” to cities and urban neighbourhoods

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Word Heritage Sites as soft tourism destinations – their impacts on international arrivals and tourism receipts

1 Introduction In the system of tourism the demand and supply of services are closely linked to the economic, technological, sociocultural, political and natural environment, and the interrelationship between tourism and its environment is usually very complex. Environmental factors influence tourism, while tourism – services and demand alike – may have various impacts on its environment. Increasing concern is felt nowadays about the conditions of the natural environment and local society, in view of their carrying capacities. In response to these challenges

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