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DIC in Validation of Boundary Conditions of Numerical Model of Reinforced Concrete Beams Under Torsion

REFERENCES 1. ATENA Program Documentation, Theory, Praga, 2017. 2. Buda-Ożóg L., “Assessment of Stiffness Beams Subjected to Combined Shear and Torsion Designed Using STM”, Procedia Engineering, Vol. 193: 152-159, 2017. 3. Buda-Ożóg L., Skrzypczak I., Kujda J., “Cracks analysis in the reinforced concrete pipes”, The Baltic Journal of Road and Bridge Engineering, Vol. 12, No. 2: 88-93, 2017. 4. Chu T.C., Ranson W.F., Sutton M.A., Peters W.H., “Applications of Digital-Image-Correlation Techniques to Experimental Mechanics”, Experimental

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On Storks and Babies: Correlation, Causality and Field Experiments


The explosion of available data has created much excitement among marketing practitioners about their ability to better understand the impact of marketing investments. Big data allows for detecting patterns and often it seems plausible to interpret them as causal. While it is quite obvious that storks do not bring babies, marketing relationships are usually less clear. Apparent “causalities” often fail to hold up under examination. If marketers want to be sure not to walk into a causality trap, they need to conduct field experiments to detect true causal relationships. In the present digital environment, experiments are easier than ever to execute. However, they need to be prepared and interpreted with great care in order to deliver meaningful and genuinely causal results that help improve marketing decisions.

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Pneumatic Flow Characterization Using ECT Tomography Images Analysis

References [1] Beck, M. S. (1981). Correlation in instruments: cross correlation flowmeters. Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments 14(1), 7 [2] Chen, C., Wo&zacutelniak, P. W., Romanowski, A., Obaid, M., Jaworski, T., Kucharski, J., Grudzień, K., Zhao, S. and Fjeld, M. (2016). Using crowdsourcing for scientific analysis of industrial tomographic images. ACM Trans. Intell. Syst. Technol. 7(4), 52:1–52:25 [3] Datta, U., Dyakowski, T. and Mylvaganam, S. (2007). Estimation of particulate velocity components in pneumatic transport using

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Early Selection of Douglas-Fir across South Central Coastal Oregon, USA

): Selection of wood density and diameter in controlled crosses of coastal Douglas-fir. Silvae Genet. 37: 152-157. KING, J. N., F. C. YEH and J. C. H. HEAMAN (1988b): Selection of growth and yield traits in controlled crosses of coastal Douglas-fir. Silvae Genet. 37: 158-164. LAMBETH, C. C. (1980): Juvenile-mature correlations in Pinaceae and implications for early selection. For. Sci. 26: 571-580. LOO-DINKINS, J. A., C. C. YING and E. A. HAMM (1991): Stem volume and wood relative density of a non-local Douglas-fir provenance

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Genetic Analysis of Basic and Composite Reproduction Traits in Guilan Sheep

. Vatankhah M., Talebi M.A. (2008). Heritability estimates and correlations between production and reproductive traits in Lori-Bakhtiari sheep in Iran. S. Afr. J. Anim. Sci., 38: 110-118. Vatankhah M., Talebi M.A., Edriss M.A. (2008). Estimation of genetic parameters for reproductive traits in Lori-Bakhtiari sheep. Small Rumin. Res., 74: 216-220.

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Geochemistry and statistical analyses of porphyry system and epithermal veins at Hizehjan in northwestern Iran

of Mineralogy and Geochemistry 194-3, 227-250. Rassi, R. & Afzal, P., 2015. Correlation between Au Lithogeochemical Anomalies and Fault-density using Geostatistical and Fractal Modeling in Sharaf Abad-Hizehjan Area, NW Iran. Universal Journal of Geoscience 3, 51-58. Sillitoe, R.H., 1999. Styles of high-sulfidation gold, silver and copper mineralization in porphyry and epithermal environments. [In:] Weber, G. (Ed.): Pacrim ’99 Congress, Bali, Indonesia. Proceedings. Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Parkville, 29

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Usage of Digital Image Correlation in Analysis of Cracking Processes

References [1] Pilch A., Mahajan A., Chu T. - Measurement of whole-field surface displacements and strain using a genetic algorithm based intelligent image correlation method, Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control, v. 126, 3, 479-488. 2004. [2] Lagattu F., Brillaud J., Lafarie-Frenot M.C. - High strain gradient measurements by using digital image correlation technique. Materials Characterization 53,17-28. 2004 [3] PC Hung, AS Voloshin - In-plane Strain Measurement by Digital Image

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Application of conditional averaging to time delay estimation of random signals

in the measurement of particle-laden flows. Powder Technology, 318, 491-500. [11] Mosorov, V. (2008). Flow pattern tracing for mass flow rate measurement in pneumatic conveying using twin plane electrical capacitance tomography. Particle & Particle Systems Characterization, 25 (3), 259-265. [12] Zhang, L., Wu, X. (2006). On the application of cross correlation function to subsample discrete time delay estimation. Digital Signal Processing, 16, 682-694. [13] Beck, M.S., Pląskowski, A. (1987). Cross-Correlation

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Genetic parameters and prediction of breeding values in Castanopsis hystrix A.DC. for growth and form traits

parameters for wood density of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.). Silvae Genet 55: 84-92. FRIES, A. and T. ERICSSON (2009): Genetic parameters for earlywood and latewood densities and development with increasing age in Scots pine. Ann For Sci 66: 404. GAPARE, W. J., B. S. BALTUNIS, M. IVKOVIĆ and H. X. WU (2009): Genetic correlations among juvenile wood quality and growth traits and optimal selection strategy in Pinus radiata D. Don. Ann. For. Sci. 66, 606-614. GILMOUR, A. R., B. R. CULLIS, S. J. WELHAM, B. J. GOGEL and R

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Genotype x Environment Interaction in Maritime Pine Families in Galicia, Northwest Spain

(2-3): 75-81. ALÍA, R., MARTIN, S., DE MIGUEL, J., GALERA, R., AGÚNDEZ, D., GORDO, J., Catalán, G. and GIL, L. (1996): Las regiones de procedencia de Pinus pinaster Ait. OA de Parques Nacionales. DGCONA, Madrid, 75 p. BURDON, R. D. (1977): Genetic correlation as a concept for studying genotype-environment interaction in forest tree breeding. Silvae Genet. 26(5-6): 168-175. BUTCHER, T. B. and HOPKINS, E. R. (1993): Realised gains from breeding Pinus pinaster. For. Eco. Manage. 58(3-4): 211-231. DUREL, C. E

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