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Numbers, distribution and nest site characteristics of Jackdaw Corvus monedula in Slovenia and its conservation status

international (2004): Birds in Europe: population estimates, trends and conservation status. BirdLife Conservation Series No. 12. - BirdLife International, Cambridge. BirdLife International (2015): Corvus monedula (Eurasian Jackdaw). European Red List of Birds. - Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg. BirdLife International (2016): Species factsheet, Eurasian Jackdaw Corvus monedula. - [], 05/10/2016. Börner J., Eisermann K. (1999): Ergebnisse des Artenschutzprojektes für

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Genetic structure and diversity of Polylepis australis (Rosaceae) tree populations from central Argentina: Implications for forest conservation

allow and D. A. B riscoe (2002): Introduction to conservation genetics. Cambridge, University Press. H amrick , J. L., J. O. G odt and S. L. S herman (1992): Factors influencing levels of genetic diversity in woody plant species. New Forests 6 : 95–124. H ensen , I. (2002): Impacts of anthropogenic activity on the vegetation of Polylepis woodlands in the region of Cochabamba, Bolivia. Ecotropica 8 : 183–203. H euertz , M., J. F. H ausman , I. T svetkov , N. F rascaria -L acoste and X. V ekemans (2001): Assessment of genetic structure within

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Terrestrial Vertebrates of Post-Quarrying Sites in the Donbas Region of Ukraine

–230. Fritz, U., Chiari, Y. 2013. Conservation actions for European pond turtles — a summary of current efforts in distinct European countries. Herpetology Notes , 6 , 100–105. Frochot, B., Godreau, V. 1995. Intérêt écologique des carrières, terrils et mines. Nat. Sci. Soc ., 3 , 66–76. Godlevska, O., Parnikoza, I., Rizun, V. et al. 2010. Fauna of Ukraine: conservation categories . Reference book, 2nd edition. Kyiv, 1–80 [In Ukrainian]. Hafez, E. S. E. 1964. Behavioral thermoregulation in mammals and birds. International Journal of Biometeorology

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Evaluating Global Biodiversity Hotspots – Very Rich and Even More Endangered

., Pilgrim, J., Oldfield, S., Magin, G., Hilton-Taylor, C., (2002). Habitat Loss and Extinction in the Hotspots of Biodiversity. Conservation Biology 16:909-923. Bruner, A.G., Gullison, R.E., Rice, R.E., Da Fonseca, G.A.B. (2001). Effectiveness of Parks in Protecting Tropical Biodiversity. Science 291:125-128. Cañadas, E.M., Fenu, G., Peñas, J., Lorite, J., Mattana, E., Bacchetta, G. (2014). Hotspots within hotspots: Endemic plant richness, environmental drivers, and implications for conservation. Biological Conservation 170:282-291. CEPF (Critical

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Plant community analysis and effect of environmental factors on the diversity of woody species in the moist Afromontane forest of Wondo Genet, South Central Ethiopia

Academic Publishers, Dordrecht. Teketay D. 1995. Floristic composition of Dakata Valley, south-eastern Ethiopia, an implication for the conservation of biodiversity. Mt. Res. Dev. 15: 183-186. Teketay D. 1997. Seedling population and regeneration of woody species in Dry Afromontane Forests of Ethiopia. For. Ecol. Manage. 98: 149-165. Teketay D. & Bekele T. 1995. Floristic composition of Wof- Washa natural forest, Central Ethiopia: implications for the conservation of biodiversity. Feddes Repertorium 106: 127

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Terrestrial Molluscs of the Tsyr-Pripyat Area in Volyn (Northern Ukraine): the First Findings of the Threatened Snail Vertigo Moulinsiana in Mainland Ukraine

References Baidashnikov, A. A. 1992 Terrestrial mollusk fauna of the Ukrainian Polesie area. Communication 1. Species composition and connection with vegetative cover. Vestnik Zoologii, 4, 13-19 [In Russian]. Balashov, I. 2012. Terrestrial mollusks (Gastropoda) of the Slovechansko-Ovrutsky Ridge (Zhytomyr region, Northern Ukraine).Vestnik Zoologii, 46 (6), 491-497. Balashov, I. 2013. Th e fi rst fi nding of Pupilla pratensis for Ukraine in the Crimean Mountains with remarks on its conservation status and diff

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Spatial expansion pattern of black cherry Padus serotina Ehrh. in suburban zone of Białystok (NE Poland)

., Poznań. Křivánek M., Pyšek P. & Jarošík V. 2006. Planting history and propagule pressure as predictors of invasion by woody species in a temperate region. Conserv. Biol. 20(5): 1487-1498. Nathan A. & Muller-Landau H. C. 2000. Spatial patterns of seed dispersal, their determinants and consequences for recruitment. Tree 15(7): 278-285. Pearson R. G. & Dawson T. P. 2005. Long-distance plant dispersal and habitat fragmentation: identifying conservation targets for spatial landscape planning under climate change. Biol. Conserv

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Genetic structure and diversity in Juniperus communis populations in Saxony, Germany

-255. Parchman T., Benkman C., Jenkins B. & Buerkle C. 2011. Low levels of population genetic structure in Pinus contorta (Pinaceae) across a geographic mosaic of co-evolution. Am. J. Bot. 98: 669-679. Peakall R. & Smouse P. E. 2012. GenAlEx 6.5: Genetic analysis in Excel. Population genetic software for teaching and research - an update. Bioinformatics Oxford, England 28(19): 2537-9. Pépin L., Amigues Y., Lépingl e A., Berthier J. L., Bensaid A. & Vaiman D. 1995. Sequence conservation of microsatellites between Bos taurus (cattle), Capra hircus

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Acidophilous oak forests of the Wielkopolska region (West Poland) against the background of Central Europe

conservation. Biodiversity and Conservation 19: 2995-3014. Binkley D. & Giardina C. 1998. Why do tree species affect soils. The Warp of Woolf of tree-soil interaction. Biogeochemistry 42: 89-106. Birks H. B. J. 2005. Mind the gap: how open were European primeval forests? Trends Ecol. Evol. 24: 154-156. Björkman L. 1997. The role of human disturbance in the local Late Holocene establishment of Fagus and Picea forests at Flahult, western Smĺland, southern Sweden. Veget. Hist. Archaeobot. 6

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