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Three-dimensional analysis of cavity wall deformation after composite restoration of masticatory teeth

References 1. Labella R, Lambrechts P, Van Meerbeek B, Vanherle G. Polymerisation shrinkage and elasticity of fl owable composites and fi lled adhesive. Dent Mater 1999;15(2):128-37. 2. Walls AW, McCabe JF, Murray JJ. The polymerization contraction of visible light activated composite resin. J Dent 1988;16(4);177-81. 3. Darendelier SY, Alacam T, Yaman Y. Analysis of stress distribution in a maxillary central incisor subjected to various post and core applications. J End 1998;24:107-11. 4

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Preparation of Silicone-Modified Acrylate Latex and its Application for Low-Emission Printing of PET Fibre

, 27(2), 154-164. [4] Hamilton, L. E, Chiweshe, A. (1998). Textile pigment printing binders prepared by modifying wheat gluten with methyl acrylate. Starch-Stärke, 50(5), 213-218. [5] Iqbal, M., Mughal, J., Sohail, M., Moiz, A., Ahmed, K., et al. (2012). Comparison between pigment printing systems with acrylate and butadiene based binders. Journal of Analytical Sciences Methods & Instrumentation, 2(2), 87-91. [6] Sui, Z., Pang, W., Song, J., Zhang, L. (2014). Preparation of silicone-modified acrylic ester emulsion adhesive with core-shell structure

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Enamel Defects During Orthodontic Treatment

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Core-in-cup/liquisol dual tackling effect on azelnidipine buccoadhesive tablet micromeritics, in vitro release, and mucoadhesive strength

vitro characterization of a new nasal dosage form, Eur. J. Pharm. Sci . 27 (2006) 62–71; 23. M. S. Surapaneni, S. K. Das and N. G. Das, Effect of excipient and processing variables on adhesive properties and release profile of pentoxifylline from mucoadhesive tablets, Drug Dev. Ind. Pharm. 32 (2006) 377–387; 24. A. Tiraferri, P. Maroni, D. Caro Rodriguez and M. Borkovec, Mechanism of chitosan adsorption on silica from aqueous solutions, Langmuir 30 (2014

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Scanning Еlectron Мicroscopy of Еnamel and Dentin of Тeeth with Hypocalcified Аmelogenesis Imperfecta

characterization of the interface between resin and sclerotic dentin. J Dent 1994;22:141-6. 11. Sanchez-Quevedo MC, Ceballos G, Garcıa JM, et al. Scanning electron microscopy and calcification in amelogenesis imperfecta in anterior and posterior human teeth. Histol Histopathol 2001;16:827-32. 12. Kwong SM, Tay FR, Yip HK, et al. An ultrastructural study of the application of dentin adhesives to acid conditioned sclerotic dentin. J Dent 2000;28:515-28. 13. Seow WK, Amaratunge A. The effects of acidetching on enamel from different

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An Application of Fourier Transform Infra-red (FT-IR) Microspectroscopy to the Study of Cigarette Manufacturing Defects


FT-IR microspectroscopy was used to investigate a common type of cigarette defect in which the filter separates from the tobacco rod. Infra-red imagings of the adhesive located at this junction on the tipping papers from both defective and acceptable cigarettes were obtained. A comparison of these data revealed that although adhesive was present in the seam area of the defective cigarettes, the amount of adhesive was significantly less and its distribution was not uniform.

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A Study on Fracture Resistance of Class IV Cavities Treated with Pins

, D. et al. Pulpal response to treated pin and retentive slot techniques: A pilot investigation. - J. Prosthetic Dentistry, 66, 1991, № 5, 597-602. 5 . Imbery, T. A., J. O. Burgess et R. C. Batzer. Comparing the resistance of dentin bonding agents and pins in amalgam restorations. - J. Am. Dental Association,126, 1995, № 6, 753-759. 6 . Muhlbauer, J. et al. Composite pins in class IV restorations. - Operative Dentistry, 27, 2002, № 3, 285-288. 7 . Neme , A., D. Evans et B. Maxson. Evaluation of dental adhesive

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Non-Invasive and Minimum Invasive Concepts in Prevention, Cariology and Endodontics – from Research and Science to Practice

Remineralization: an In vitro Approach. Stoma 2000, 4, 287-291. 11. Boteva E, Dulgerova E. Study on the Influence of Hydroxyapatite Suspention on the Kinetic of Enamel Dissolution. Stoma 2001, 2, 121-124. 12. Boteva E. Sucrose clearance in patients with oral galvanism. Amb, Acta Medica Bulgarica, 30, 2003, 1, 90-94. 13. Boteva E, AJ Rugg-Gunn. Fluoride retention in enamel slabs after rinsing or drinking F milk or F water. Acta Medica Bulgarica, 31, 2004, 1, 46-52. 14. Boteva E. Adhesive remineralization in dental

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Enterobiasis epidemiology and molecular characterization of Enterobius vermicularis in healthy children in north-eastern Poland

invielle , M.C., de L uca , M.M., C órdoba , M.A., A pezteguía , M.C., B asualdo , J.A. (2004): Enterobius vermicularis infection among population of General Mansilla, Argentina. World J. Gastroenterol. 10: 2535 – 2539 P iperaki , E.T., S panakos , G., P atsantara , G., V assalou , E., V akalis , N., T sakris , A. (2011): Characterization of Enterobius vermicularis in a human population, employing a molecular-based method from adhesive tape samples. Mol. Cell Probes 25: 121 – 125. DOI: 10.1016/j.mcp.2011.03.005 R amezani , M.A., D ehghani , M

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Effects of Encapsulated Fish Oil by Polymerized Whey Protein on the Textural and Sensory Characteristics of Low-Fat Yogurt

-444. 54. Wang G.R., Zhang T.H., Ahmad S., Cheng J.J., Guo M.R., Physicochemical and adhesive properties, microstructure and storage stability of whey protein-based paper glue. Int. J. Adhes. Adhes., 2013, 41, 198-205. 55. Wang W.B., Bao Y.H., Hendricks G.M., Guo M.R., Consistency, microstructure and probiotic survivability of goats’ milk yogurt using polymerized whey protein as a co-thickening agent. Int. Dairy J., 2012, 24, 113-119. 56. Wijayanti H.B., Bansal N., Deeth H.C., Stability of whey proteins during thermal processing: A Review

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