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Wage Collective Bargaining and Employee Voluntary Quits: A Romanian Empirical Analysis

of treatments in randomized and non-randomized studies", Journal of Educational Psychology , 66:688-701. Trif, A. 2005. "Collective Bargaining Practices in Eastern Europe: Case Study Evidence from Romania", MPIfG Working paper , 05/9, October.

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Dendrochronological and radiocarbon analyses of subfossil oaks from the foothills of the Romanian Carpathians

recently in the Eastern Carpathian foreland ( Chiriloaei et al ., 2012 ; Gębica et al .,2013 ; Rădoane et al .,2015 ). These recent studies, however, did not benefit from the added value of a dendrochronological input, because tree-ring width sequences from the analysed subfossil trunks were not successfully cross-dated. Regarding the dated oak master chronologies from Romanian territory, these have encompassed living ( Nechita and Popa, 2011 , 2012 ) and historical material ( Eggertsson and Baboş, 2003 ; Botár et al ., 2008 , 2013 ), but span only a couple of

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Considerations upon Grammatical Synonymy with Passive Voice Structures in English and Romanian

. Cambridge: CUP:The Edinburgh Building,. Levitchi, Leon. 1994. Sinonime in gramatica limbii engelze. Bucuresti: Teora. Pana Dindelegan, Gabriela, et all. 2012. Grammar of Romanian. Oxford:OUP. Quirk, Randolf, Greenbaum, Sidney, Leech, Geooffrey, Svartvick, Ian. 1985. A Comprehensive grammar of the English Language. London: Longman. Swan, Michael. 1991(1980). Practical English Usage. Oxford: OUP, 22nd impression. Ulrych, Margherita.1992. Translating Texts, From Theory to Practice. Genoa

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The Influence of European Climate Variability Mechanism on Air Temperatures in Romania

References Boroneant (C.), Tomozeiu (R.), Rimbu (N.), 2000 - EOF analysis of winter and summer precipitation in Romania. Proceedings of the 3rd ECAC, October 16-20, 2000 Busuioc (A.), von Storch (H.), 1996 - Changes in the winter precipitation in Romania its relation to the large scale circulation. Tellus A 48: 538-552. Busuioc (A.), Chen (D.), Hellström (C.), 2001 - Temporal and spatial variability of precipitation in Sweden and its link with the large-scale atmospheric circulation. IN: Tellus 53A, vol.3, pp

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Prolegomena to the Romanian Sociology and Historiography of Food

References Arhivele Naţionale ale Romaniei (2015) Mesele de odinioară: de la Palatul Regal la Târgul Moşilor. Bucureşti: Corint Books. Bărbat, A. (1938) ‘Inventarul şi bugetul real al unei gospodării ţărăneşti din Ţara Oltului’. Sociologie Românească, 3(1-3): 27-31. Bărbulescu, C. (2015) România medicilor: medici, ţărani şi igienă rurală în România de la 1860 la 1910. Bucureşti: Editura Humanitas. Beardsworth, A. and Keil, T. (2002) Sociology on the Menu: An Invitation to the Study of Food and

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Environmental Indicators of Water Quality in the Cibin River (Transylvania, Romania)

, 5891, 926-929. 37. Rose S. and Peters N. E., 2001 - Effects of urbanization on streamflow in the Atlanta area (Georgia, USA): a comparative hydrological approach, Hydrological Processes , 15, 1441-57. 38. Sandu M., 1998 - Culoarul Depresionar Sibiu-Apold, Studiu geomorphologic, Editura Academiei Bucureşti, 176. 39. Sandu C., Bloesch J. and Coman A., 2008 - Water pollution in the Mureş catchment and its impact on the aquatic communities (Romania), Transylvanian Review of Systematical and Ecological Research, The

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Rickettsia conorii specific Ig G antibodies: a seroepidemiologic survey in Constanta and Tulcea counties and Bucharest, Romania, 2009

-nodulaire. Arch Rom Path Exp, 1992, 2:23-25. 5. Combiescu D, Dumitrescu N, RussM: Consideraţii epidemiologice asupra unor cazuri de febră butonoasă ivite în ultimii 41 de ani; Stud.Cercet.Inframicrobiologie, Bucureşti. 1953, 1-2 :99-102. 6. Constantinescu N, Marinescu Gh - Febra butonoasă (Boutonneuse fever - Rom.) in Elemente de inframicrobiologie specială (Special inframicrobiology elements - Rom.), Ed. Nicolau, St S, Ed. Medicală, Bucureşti, 1962:738-740. 7. Serban R: Boutonneuse Fever in Romania between 2000-2008, Bulletin of

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Solar Energy Industry as a Part of the Romanian Renewable Energy Industry: A Multi-level Territorial Approach

REFERENCES Adnan Y.A., (2014). A holistic approach to rethinking energy, Barbier E., (2011). The policy challenges for green economy and sustainable economic development. Natural Resources Forum . Special Issue: Green Economy and Sustainable Development, 35 (3), 233–245. Bălteanu D., (2006). The Relief. Pericarpahian Regions in Romania . In: Bălteanu D., Badea L., Buza M., Niculescu Gh., Popescu C. & Dumitraşcu M. (eds

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The Impact of Corruption on the Business in Bulgaria and Romania


Nowadays, the topic of corruption is extremely relevant, not only in terms of clarifying its nature and appearance, but also in terms of its impact on business development. Corruption as a phenomenon goes through constant changes from the past to the present. Its growing significance from a resource redistribution tool to a regulator of social mechanisms, plays the role of a risk factor for the economic development of each country. In this context, the role of corruption is crucial for the business. Its importance in the economic and business climate, on one hand limits the input of foreign capital investment and on other hand slows the development of the companies, leading to an incorrect redistribution of their assets. As a result, there are significant losses for the business, as well as there is a disturbance of the economic cycle of the country. At the same time, business is an area predisposed to corruption. There are numerous possibilities for committing crimes and unethical behavior in this area. It is therefore necessary to analyze the impact of corruption on business development. In this regard, the aim of this report is to make a comparative analysis of the impact of corruption on the business in Bulgaria and Romania.

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A high resolution optical dating study of the Mostiştea loess-palaeosol sequence (SE Romania) using sand-sized quartz

:// [4] Balescu S, Lamothe M, Mercier N, Huot S, Balteanu D, Billard A and Hus J, 2003. Luminescence chronology of Pleistocene loess deposits from Romania: testing methods of age correction for anomalous fading in alkali feldspars. Quaternary Science Reviews 22(10–13): 967–973, DOI 10.1016/S0277-3791(03)00056-8. [5] Balescu S, Lamothe M, Panaiotu C. and Panaiotu C, 2010. La chronologie IRSL des séquences loessiques de l’Est de La

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