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The Swift and Secret Messenger: John Wilkins’s Mercury and the Paradoxes of Language

seventeenth century. Journal of the History of Ideas 41.2. 319-329. Eco, Umberto, Richard Rorty, Jonathan Culler & Christine Brooke-Rose. 1992. Interpretation and overinterpretation. Edited by Stefan Collini. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Eco, Umberto. 1995. The search for the perfect language: Making of Europe. Trans. James Fentress. Malden: Blackwell Publishing. Formigari, Lia. 1988. Language and experience in 17th-century British philosophy. Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John Benjamin Publishing Company

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Dendrochronological Dating of Icons from the Museum of the Folk Building in Sanok

. Dendrochronological Analyses of Paintings of Gdansk Painters of the 15 th to the 17 th Century. Dendrochronologia 9: 181-191. Kosiorek A and Wazny T, 1997. Gatunki drewna stosowane w ikonach karpackich. (Wood species used in the Carpathian icons). Ochrona Zabytków 50(3): 315-320 (in Polish). Krawczyk A and Krąpiec M, 1995. Dendrochronologiczna baza danych. (Dendrochronological database). Mat. II Krajowej Konferencji: Komputerowe wspomaganie badań naukowych (Proceedings of II Polish Conference "Computers in Scientific

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Educational Thought of Ukraine and Poland Within Renaissance Culture: from the History of Intellectual Discourse of Xvi-xvii Centuries

[Thoughts on Ruthenian people. Ukrainian humanists of the Renaissance. Anthology] . K. : Наукова думка; Основи. Part 2, p. 173–178 (in Ukrainian). 10. Shymonovych, Sh. (1995). Женці. Українські гуманісти епохи Відродження. Антологія [Reapers. Ukrainian humanists of the Renaissance. Anthology]. K. : Наукова думка; Основи. Part 2, p. 178–179 (in Ukrainian). 11. Lytvynov, V. (2012). Ukraine: seeking its identity, the 16th – early 17th centuries: historical and philosophical essay. Kyiv : Akademperiodyka, p. 510.

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Insight into Prospects of Islamic Banking: from Past to Present

Marxism. London: Abacus. Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance - AIMS UK. (2013). Retrieved from Kassem, M. (2015). Islamic banking assets to reach $1 trillion milestone by end-2015. The National. Retrieved from Kļaviņš, K. (2015). The Importance of Islamic Civilization at the Crossroads of European Thinkers: 16th and 17th centuries. Scholarly Papers, 803, 66

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Late Modern English Medical Texts 1700–1800: A corpus for analysing eighteenth-century medical English

. Gross, Alan G., Joseph E. Harmon and Michael Reddy. 2002. Communicating science: The scientific article from the 17th century to the present. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Hall, A. Rupert. 1971. English medicine in the Royal Society’s correspondence: 1660-1677. Medical History 15 (2): 111-125. Hiltunen, Turo. 2010. Philosophical Transactions. In I. Taavitsainen and P. Pahta (eds.). Early Modern English Medical Texts: Corpus description and studies, 127-131. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Kilpatrick, Robert. 1990. ‘Living

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The Music Repertoire of the Society of Jesus in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1565–1773)

in the 1st Half of the 18 th Century; II. Inventories of Instruments and Music Sources in the 17 th and 18 th Centuries], Kwartalnik muzyczny . Vol. 2, pp. 26–32. Cieślak, S. (2000). Harfa duchowna – modlitewnikowy bestseller jezuity Marcina Laterny (1552–1598) [ The Spiritual Harp – A Bestselling Prayer Book by Marcin Laterna, SJ (1552–1598)], Nasza Przeszłość . Vol. 93, pp. 23–48. Culley, T.D. (1970). Jesuits and Music: I. A Study of the Musicians connected with the German College in Rome during the 17 th Century and their Activities in

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The art of fighting under glass: Review of museum exhibitions displaying fight books, 1968-2017

, Beitrag zur ältern Liteteratur oder Merkwürdigkeiten der Herzoglichen öffentlichen Bibliothek zu Gotha (Leipzig : Dyk’sche, 1838). Jaquet, Daniel, Karin Verelst, and Timothy Dawson, eds., Late Medieval and Early Modern Fight Books: Transmission and Tradition of Martial Arts in Europe (14th-17th Centuries) , History of Warfare 112 (Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2016). Jaser, Christian, ‘Ernst und Schimpf - Fechten als Teil städtlicher Gewalt- und Sportkultur’, in Agon und Distinktion. Soziale Räume des Zweikampfs zwischen Mittelalter und Neuzeit , ed. by Uwe

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Appropriating A Female Voice: Nicholas Breton And The Countess Of Pembroke

References Badir, Patricia. 2009. The Maudlin Impression. English Literary Images of Mary Magdalene 1550-1700 . Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press. Breton, Nicholas. 1879. The Works in Verse and Prose . [Online]. Available: [Accessed 2014, March 10]. Delany, Paul. 1969. British Autobiography in the 17 th Century . London: Routledge and Kegan Paul. Duffy, Eamon. 2005 (1992). The Stripping of the Altars . Traditional Religion in England c. 1400-c.1580 . 2 nd

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14th-16th-Century Danube Floods and Long-Term Water-Level Changes in Archaeological and Sedimentary Evidence in The Western and Central Carpathian Basin: an Overview with Documentary Comparison

Dominican nunnery in the 16th-17th centuries, in Budapest, Margit Island). Budapest Régiségei 38, 107-113. Kadlec, ,J. , Grygar, T., Svétlik, I. , Ettler, V. , Mihaljevič, M. , Diehl, J.F. , Beske-Diehl, S. , Svitavská-Svobodová, H. 2009. Morava River floodplain development during the last millennium, Strážnické Pomoraví, Czech Republic. The Holocene 19 (3), 499-509. Király, J. 1890. Geschichte des Donau- Mauth- und UrfahrRechtes der Kön. Freistadt Pressburg. Pressburg [Bratislava], 81-85. Kiss, I. R. 1908. A

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The Population of Fejér County in the 18th Century Through the Eyes of Foreign Travellers

17th century German prints.] Korall 38: 112-139.G. Györffy, Katalin. 1991. Kultúra és életforma a XVIII. századi Magyarországon, Idegen utazók megfi gyelései, Művészettörténeti füzetek 20. [Culture and lifestyle in the 18th century Hungary, Observations of foreign travellers, Booklets of art-history 20.] Budapest: Akadémiai. Gömöri, György. 1994. Angol és skót utazók a régi Magyarországon (1542-1737). Válogatta, fordította, a bevezetést és a jegyzeteket írta: Gömöri György. [English and Scottish travellers in Hungary of old (1542

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