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Rhodeus Sericeus Amarus Bloch, 1782; Monitoring Elements in the New Natura 2000 Context in Croatia


The action framework at the European Union level for the conservation of biodiversity was set up based on the Birds Directive (79/409/EEC) and Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC). One principal element of the implementation of these two significant Directives in Croatia is the set up of a Natura 2000 network of protected areas, a network which should be based on a specific monitoring plan at Croatian national level for each species which is considered of community interest. In this general context, this study suggests a set of monitoring elements for Rhodeus sericeus amarus for the Croatian Continental Biogeographical Region. The suggestions are based on eight selected criteria: Croatian national borders proximity sectors overlay; very good quality populations of Rhodeus sericeus amarus in terms of population density and structure (e.g. protected areas) in characteristic good habitats; habitats which need ecological reconstruction to allow this fish species populations structure ameliorate or natural repopulation; key sectors with importance for connectivity (e.g. lotic sectors between different important sectors, rivers confluence areas, etc.); sectors influenced by human impact like: industrial pollution point sources, sectors influenced by agricultural diffuse sources of pollution, sectors influenced by habitats modifications (watercourses remodeling, watercourses regulation, etc.), geographically extreme monitoring sections in the most-upstream and mostdownstream sections of the rivers, in this species range and in the near outer proximities of these extremes

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Comparing Methods for Computing the Time of Concentration in a Medium-Sized Hungarian Catchment

REFERENCES Bene, K. – Torma, P. – Keve, G. – Hajnal, G. (2015 ) “Impact of climate change on the Eger Creek Watershed”, In: Gribovszki, Z., Hlavčová, K., Kalicz, P., Kohnová, S., and Carr G. (eds.) Hydro-Carpath-2015, Catchment processes in regional hydrology: Linking experiments and modelling in Carpathian drainage basins. Vienna, Austria, Oct. 29, 2015 Cunge, J. A. – Holly, F. M. Jr. – Verwey A. (1980) Practical Aspects of Computational River Hydraulics. Pitman, London. Fang, X. – Asquith, W. H. – Garcia, C. A. – Cleveland, T. G

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Gis-Based Flow Routing with the Distributed Hydrological Wetspa Model in the Ziarat River Basin - Gorgan, Iran

References Bahremand A., De Smedt F., 2007 - Distributed hydrological modeling and sensitivity analysis in Torysa watershed, Slovakia. Water Resour Manag, 22:393-408. Bahremand A., De Smedt F., Corluy J., Liu Y.B., Poórová J., Velcická L., Kuniková E., 2006 - Application of WetSpa model for assessing landuse impacts on floods in Margecany-Hornad watershed, Slovakia. Water Sci Technol, 53(10), 37-45. Bahremand A., Corluy J., Liu Y., De Smedt F., Poórová J., Velcická L., 2005 - Stream flow simulation by WetSpa

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Assessing methods for the estimation of response times of stream discharge: the role of rainfall duration

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Morphometric Analysis to Extrapolate Geoecological Potential of the Rivers in the “Iron Gates” Natural Park (Banat, Romania)

REFERENCES 1. Farrukh A., Gowhar M. and Shakil A. R., 2013 – Morphometric Analysis to Infer Hydrological Behaviour of Lidder Watershed, Western Himalaya, India, Geography Journal , (accessed in 27 May 2015). 2. Curtean A., Morariu A., Făcălău S., Bianca L. and Chişu S., 1999 – Data concerning the benthic communities of the Cibin River (Olt River Basin), Transylvanian Review of Systematical and Ecological Research , The Upper and Middle Olt River Basin, 1, 99-110. 3. Gordon D. N., McMahon A. T., Finlayson

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Retention of Afforestation Areas as Part of Flood Protection - Research Site and Methodology for Headwater Watershad in Poland / Retencja Leśna Zlewni Jako Element Ochrony Przeciwpowodziowej

-old controversies. WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH,. 45, 2009, Vol. W08416. 15. Seibert, J. and McDonnell, J. Land-cover impacts on streamflow: a changedetection modelling approach that incorporates parameter uncertainty. Hydrological Science Journal. 55, 2010, Vol. 3, 316-332. 16. Beven, K. Uniqueness of place and process representations in hydrological modelling. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. 4, 2000, 203-213. 17. McDonnell, J., et al. Moving beyond heterogeneity and process complexity: A new vision for watershed hydrology. Water

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Evaluating the bio-hydrological impact of a cloud forest in Central America using a semi-distributed water balance model

Association (JAWRA), 34, 1, 73-89. Barlow, M., Clarke, T., 2002. Blue Gold: The fight to stop the corporate theft of the world’s fresh water. New York, The New Press, ISBN: 1-5684-816-6. Bayabil, H.K., Tilahun, S.A., Collick, A.S., Yitaferu, B., Steenhuis, T.S., 2010. Are runoff processes ecologically or topographically driven in the (sub) humid Ethiopian highlands? The case of Maybar Watershed. Ecohydrology, 3, 457-466, 2010. Bonell, M., Bruijnzeel, L.A., 2004. Forest, water and people in the humid tropics: past, present and

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Characterization of groundwater quality destined for drinking water supply of Khenchela City (eastern Algeria)

REFERENCES B enrabah S., K herici H., K herici N., C ote M. 2013. Assessment and management of water resources in Northeastern Algeria: Case of watersheds Kebir West Safsaf and Guebli rivers, Skikda. Applied Water Science. Vol. 3. No. 2 p. 351–357. DOI 10.1007/s13201-013-0085-2. B enrabah S., K herici H., B ounab S. 2006. Evaluation de l’indice d’altération organique des eaux souterraines de la wilaya de Skikda [Evaluation of organic index groundwater alteration in Skikda]. 1 st International Geosciences Seminairy. Tebessa. University Algeria

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