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C.K. Lee and Y.C. Kim


The height of the die roll, the distance of the V-ring, and the shear rate were varied with the aim of investigating the effects of the applied changes on the fine blanking line in a cold-rolled and a pickled steel sheet, referred to as SCP-1 and SHP-1, respectively. Both materials consisted primarily of a ferrite phase with small amounts of impurities including F, Mn, and Cr. The distance was found to be a very important factor in controlling the shear of the V-ring in the fine blanking process. When the position of the V-ring was set at distances of 1.5 mm and 2 mm, the die roll height increased with increasing shear speeds from 6.4 m/min to 10 and 16 m/min. Analysis of the influence of the shear rate revealed that low rates resulted in the lowest die roll heights since the flow of material was effectively inhibited.

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Michal Činák, Veronika Gajdošová and Alexander Schrek

., MOKROV, O., AHMEDN, E. Statistical modelling of laser welding of DP / TRIP steel sheets . Optics & Laser Technology , (44) 2012, s. 92-101 [5] ČINÁK, M., KOSTKA, P., SCHREK, A.: Ťahanie zváraných polotovarov s nerovnomernými mechanickými vlastnosťami (Deep-drawing of Tailored-welded Blanks with Uneven Mechanical Properties). Hutnické listy č.4/2013, roč. LXVI, ISSN 0018-8069, s.22-25. [6] SCHREK, A, ČINÁK, M., ŽITŇANSKÝ, P.: Experimental laboratory tooling for deep drawing process. In Vol. 19/2011. s. 57--64.

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K. Solek

References [1] [2] V.E. Zelenskii, V.A., Klimenko, E.E. Beigel’zimer, A.A. Budakva, Steel Transl. 27 (2), 27-33 (1997). [3] U.A. Curle, J.D. Wilkins, G. Govender, Solid State Phenom. 192-193, 225-230 (2013). DOI: 10.4028/ SSP.192-193.225 [4] P. Kapranos, La Metallurgia Italiana. 7-8, 25-29 (2012). [5] G. Vaneetveld, A. Rassili, J. -C

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Carla Hertleer, Jeroen Meul, Gilbert De Mey, Simona Vasile, Sheilla A. Odhiambo and Lieva Van Langenhove

). Study of the contact resistance of interlaced stainless steel yarns embedded in hybrid woven fabrics. AUTEX Research Journal, 170-176. [5] Liu, S., Tong, J., Yang, C., Li, L. (2016). Smart e-textile: resistance properties of conductive knitted fabric - Single pique. Textile Research Journal, 1669-1684. [6] John (2011). . [Online]. Website: . [7] Moritz, A. R., Henriques, F. C. (1947). Studies of thermal injury II: The relative importance of time and surface temperature in

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Subhas Chandra Moi, Pradip Kumar Pal, Asish Bandyopadhyay and Ramesh Rudrapati

References [1] N. Ghosh, P. K. Pal, G. Nandi, R. Rudrapati, Parametric optimization of gas metal arc welding process by PCA based Taguchi method on austenitic stainless steel AISI 316L. Materials Today: Proceedings 2018 (5), No. 1, 1620 - 1625. [2] Y. S. Tarng, W. H. Yang. Optimisation of the weld bead geometry in gas tungsten arc welding by the Taguchi method. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 1998 (14), No. 8, 549 - 554. [3] S. C. Juang, Y. S. Tarng. Process parameter selection for

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J. Hajkowski, P. Roquet, M. Khamashta, E. Codina and Z. Ignaszak

staliwa - Próba skłonności do tworzenia jamy skurczowej i rzadzizny. [7] Ed. Sakwa W. 1986. Foundryman Handbook, Volume 1. (in Polish). [8] Ed. Sobczak, J. (2013). Modern Foundry, Foundryman Handbook. Volume 1 Materials. G.Tęcza. Foundry Properties of cast steel. Chapter II.8. (in Polish). [9] Gawroński, J. & Mazur, A. (1995). Investigation at possibility designation of cast iron tendencies to formation of refract ional caverns with ATD help. Solidification of Metals and Alloys. 22, 146-153 (in Polish). [10

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Tadeusz Bohdal, Henryk Charun and Małgorzata Sikora

. COMPRESSORS’ 2009, 1-8. [4] Bohdal T., Charun H., Sikora M.: Heat transfer during condensation of refrigerants in tubular minichannels. Arch. Thermodyn. 33(2012), 2, 3-22. [5] Bohdal T., Charun H., Sikora M.: Empirical study of heterogeneous refrigerant condensation in pipe minichannels. Int. J. Refrig. 59(2015), 210-223. [6] Bohdal T., Charun H., Kuczyński W., Sikora M.: Investigation of heat exchange and flow resistances during condensation of refrigeration media in minichannels. In: Proc. 19th Int. Symp. Research

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Marek Jakubowski

References Jakubowski M.: Influence of pitting corrosion on fatigue and corrosion fatigue of ship structures. Part I: Mechanism and modeling of pitting corrosion of ship structures. To be published in Polish Maritime Research Jakubowski M.: Influence of pitting corrosion on fatigue and corrosion fatigue of ship structures. Part II: Loading - pitting - cracking interaction. To be published in Polish Maritime Research Melchers R. E.: Pitting corrosion of mild steel in marine

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P. Skubisz, H. Adrian and J. Sińczak

References J. Adamczyk, Inžynieria wyrobów kutych ze stali konstrukcyjnych mikrostopowych. Hutnik - Wiadomości Hutnicze. 11, 529-538 (1999). A. B. Cota, F. E. G. Oliveira, A. L. Barbosa [et al.], Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of a Microalloyed Steel After Thermal Treatments. Materials Research 6 , 2, 116-121 (2003). K. W. Wegner, Werkstoffentwicklung fur Schmiedeteile im Automobilbau. ATZ Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift 100, 12, 918-927 (1998

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T. Siwowski

References [1] P. Oehme, “Damage analysis of steel structures (Sch¨aden an Stahltragwerken - eine Analyse)” (in German), Proc. IABSE 139, 121-140 (1989). [2] J.W. Fisher, Fatigue and Fracture in Steel Bridges - Case Studies, John Wiley & Sons, England, 1984. [3] F. Moses, C.G. Schilling, and K.S. Raju, “Fatigue evaluation procedures for steel bridges”, NCHRP Report 299, CD-ROM (1987). [4] X. Zheng, Z. Li, Y. Shi, Y. Yang, and Z. Shi, “Fatigue performance of old bridge steel and the procedures for