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Ilia Frenkel, Igor Bolvashenkov, Hans-Georg Herzog and Lev Khvatskin

References 1. Bolvashenkov, I., Herzog, H.-G. (2016) Use of Stochastic Models for Operational Efficiency Analysis of Multi Power Source Traction Drives. In: Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Stochastic Models in Reliability Engineering, Life Science and Operations Management (SMRLO’16), Ilia Frenkel and Anatoly Lisnianski (eds.), Beer Sheva, Israel, February 15-18, (2016) pp 124 - 130, IEEE CPS, 978-1-4673-9941-8/16, DOI 10.1109/SMRLO.2016.30 2. Bolvashenkov, I., Herzog, H.-G., Rubinraut, A., Romanovskiy, V

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Regula Schmid

V. BIBLIOGRAPHY V.1. Primary Sources V.1.1. Unprinted Sources Bern, Staatsarchiv [StaBE]: AV 1379 (UP 22), Nr. 8 (Inventory of distributed crossbows, 1497). AV 1380 (UP 22bis), Nr. 98 ( Harnischrödel Stadt und Amt Aarburg, 1393, 22. Januar) F. Burgdorf, 23.04.1444 (Receipt for Anna von Krauchthal for acquisition and delivery of six suits of armour). Brugg, Stadtarchiv [StadtA Brugg] A 156.a ( Harnischrödel 1437) A 156.b ( Harnischrödel 1442) Luzern, Staatsarchiv [StaLU] URK 226/3133 ( Harnischrödel

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Hanuman Prasad and Tanmoy Maity

-time simulation for performance evaluation of bidirectional quasi z-source inverter based medium voltage drives, COMPEL-The International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, vol. 35, no. 3, pp. 11231135 (2016). [4] Tavana N.R., Dinavahi V., A general framework for FPGA-based real-time emulation of electrical machines for HIL applications, IEEE Trans. on Ind. Electronics, vol. 62, no. 4, pp. 20412053 (2015). [5] Prasad H., Maity T., Real-time performance analysis of modified z-source inverter

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Paweł Kosakowski and Magdalena Wróbel

Polish, English summary). Karwasiecka M. & Bruszewska B. 1997: Heat flow in Poland. Centralne Archiwum Geologiczne, Państw. Inst. Geol. , Warszawa (in Polish). Kosakowski P. & Wróbel M. 2011: Burial and thermal history and hydrocarbon generation modelling of the Lower Palaeozoic source rocks in the Kraków-Rzeszów area (SE Poland). Ann. Soc. Geol. Pol. 81, 3, 459-471. Kosakowski P., Wróbel M. & Koltun Y. V. 2011: 1-D modelling of the hydrocarbon generation history of the Jurassic source

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Marian Hyla

R eferences [1] P. Zalas, J. And and Zawilak, “Gentle synchronization of two-speed synchronous motor with asynchronous starting”, Electrical Engineering , vol. 94, no.3, pp. 155-163, 2011. [2] A. K. Gupta, A. M. And and Khambadkone, “A General Space Vector PWM Algorithm for Multilevel Inverters, Including Operation Overmodulation Range”, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics , vol. 22, no.2, pp. 517-526, 2007. [3] M. Marchesoni, “High-performance current control techniques for application to multilevel high-power voltage source inverters

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Y.R. Uhm, J.J. Kim, S.M. Choi and K.J. Son


To establish the coating conditions for 57Co, non-radioactive Co ions are dissolved in an acid solution and electroplated on to a rhodium plate. The thermal diffusion of electroplated Co into a rhodium matrix was studied to apply a 57Co Mössbauer source. The procedure to form a Co deposited onto Rh foil was established using two different electroplating baths: the acid-based buffer (pH 3) containing boric acid, sodium chloride, and saccharin, and the alkaline-based buffer (pH 10) containing hydrazine hydrate and ammonium citrate. The influence of different annealing conditions was investigated. From the results, the best diffusion degree of electrodeposited Co onto the rhodium matrix was obtained in an annealing process performed at 1100°C for 3 h in vacuum over 10−5 hPa.

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C.S. Sravanthi and R.S.R. Gorla

-1644. [10] Bataller R.C. (2007): Effects of heat source/sink, radiation and work done by deformation on flow and heat transfer of a viscoelastic fluid over a stretching sheet. - Comput. Math. Appl., vol.53, pp.305-316. [11] Abel M.S. and Nandeppanavar Mahantesh M. (2009): Heat transfer in MHD viscoelastic boundary layer flow over a stretching sheet with nonuniform heat source/sink. - Commun Nonlinear Sci Numer Simul., vol.14, pp.2120-2131. [12] Mukhopadhyay S. (2012): Heat transfer analysis for unsteady flow of a Maxwell fluid over a

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Mohammad Arkani, Hossein Khalafi, Naser Vosoughi and Samad Khakshournia

Nuclear Energy , 75, 146–157. [31] Garelis, E., Jr. Russell, J.L. (1963). Theory of pulsed neutron source measurements. Nuclear Science and Engineering , 16(3), 263–270. [32] Arkani, M., Raisali, G. (2015). Measurement of dead time by time interval distribution method. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment , 774, 151–158. [33] Misawa, T., Shiroya, S., Kanda, K. (1990). Measurement of prompt neutron decay constant and large subcriticality by the Feynman-α method