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Halina Smal, Sławomir Ligęza, Anna Wójcikowska-Kapusta, Stanisław Baran, Danuta Urban, Radomir Obroślak and Artur Pawłowski

References Akhurst, D.J., Clark, M.W., Reichelt-Brushett, J. & Jones, G.B. (2012). Elemental speciation and distribution in sediments of a eutrophied subtropical freshwater reservoir using postextraction normalization, Water Air and Soil Pollution , 223, pp. 4589–4604. Aleksander-Kwaterczuk, U. & Helios-Rybicka, E. (2009). Contaminated sediments as a potential source of Zn, Pb, and Cd for a river system in the historical metalliferous ore mining and smelting industry area of South Poland, Journal of Soils and Sediments , 9, pp. 13–22. Arnason

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Bartosz Szeląg and Adam Kiczko

drainage areas. Public Works, 108 (3), 75-79. BASHA H.A., 1995. Routing equations for detention reservoirs. Journal Hydraulic Engineering, 121 (12), 885-888. BURTON K.R., 1980. Stormwater detention basin sizing. Journal Hydraulics Division, 106 (3), 437-439. CURREY D.L., AKAN O.A., 1998. Single outlet detention pond design and analysis equation. In: S.R. Abt ed. 1th International Water Resources, Memphis, 796-801. DAYARANTE S.T., Perera B.J.C., 2004. Calibration of urban stormwater drainage models using

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Tomasz Strzelecki and Anna Uciechowska

REFERENCES [1] Feasibility Study for Kamieniec Ząbkowicki Reservoir , Unitek Polska, Wrocław 2005 (in Polish). [2] S trzelecki T., K ostecki S., Ż ak S., Modelling flows through porous media , DWE, Wrocław 2008 (in Polish). [3] Hydrological documentation – Water reservoir Kamieniec Ząbkowicki on the river Nysa Kłodzka realised in the framework of “Programme for the Odra – 2006” , ODRA Konsorcjum Usług Inżynieryjnych i Unitek Polska Sp z. o.o., September 2004 (in Polish). [4] – A Flexible Solution System for

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Dominika Dąbrowska and Jan Dąbrowski

., Wrocław. Dąbrowska D., Sołtysiak M. 2015a. The impact of anthropogenic factors on the natural values of the water reservoirs in Sosnowiec. Environ. & Socio-econ. St. , 3, 1: 20-25. Dąbrowska D., Sołtysiak M. 2015b. Zmiana liczby zbiorników wodnych w Katowicach w latach 1993-2014 – preliminary results. Acta Geogr. Silesiana , 18: 5-10. Kaniecki, A. 1991. Problem odwodnienia Niziny Wielkopolskiej w ostatnich 200 latach a zmiany warunków wodnych. [in:] Ochrona i racjonalne użytkowanie zasobów wodnych na terenach rolniczych w regionie wielkopolskim

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Jana Urminská, Boris Václav and Peter Ondrišík

. HILLER, E. – JURKOVIČ, Ľ. – ŠUTRIEPKA, M. 2010. Metals in the surface sediments of selected water reservoirs, Slovakia. In Bull. of Eniron. Contam. and Toxic., 2010. pp. 635–640. KHUN, M. – ĎURŽA, O. – MILIČKA, J. – DLAPA, P. 2008. Environmentálna geochémia. Bratislava : Geo-grafika2008. 278 s. LAHUČKÝ, L. – ÁRVAY, J. – BYSTRICKÁ, J. – ČÉRY, J. 2009. Obsah ťažkých kovov v poľnohospodárskej produkcii dopestovanej v metalicky zaťaženom regióne Slovenska. In Agricult., 2009, 55, s. 156–163. LIU, H. – LI, L. – YIN, CH. – SHAN, B. 2008. Fraction

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Łukasz Bąk, Jarosław Górski and Bartosz Szeląg

References Barbusiński K., Nocoń W. 2011. Zawartość związków metali ciężkich w osadach dennych Kłodnicy [Heavy metal content in bottom sediments of the Kłodnica River]. Ochrona Środowiska. Vol. 33. Nr 1 p. 13-17. Batuca G.D., Jordaan M.J. Jr. 2000. Silting and desilting of reservoirs. Rotterdam, Netherlands. A.A. Balkema. ISBN 9789054104773 pp. 353. Bąk Ł., Dąbkowski Sz.L. 2013. Spatial distribution of sediments in Suchedniów reservoir. Journal of Water and Land Development. No. 19 p. 13-22. Bąk Ł., Górski J., Rabajczyk A., Szwed M. 2013. Zawartość

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Mariana Marselina and Muhamad Burhanudin

Journal of Environment and Development. Vol. 7. Iss. 4 p. 333–363 F ares Y.R., Y udianto D. 2003. Assessment of hydrological characteristics in the Upper Citarum Catchment West Java. Ecology and the Environment. Vol. 60 p. 165–176. Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 82 Year 2001 regarding Management of Water Quality and Control of Water Pollution. H art B.T. van D ok W., D juangsih N. 2002. Nutrient budget for Saguling Reservoir, West Java, Indonesia. Water Research. Vol. 36 p. 2152–2160. K azi T.G., A rain M.B., J

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Zullyadini Rahaman and Wan Ismail

References ALIN S., COHEN A., 1999: Effect of landscape disturbance on animal communities in Lake Tanganyika, East Africa. Conservation Biology 13(5), 1017-1028. AYRES W., BUSIA A., DINAR A., HIRJI R., LINTNER S., McCALLA A., ROBULES R., 1996: Integrated lake and reservoir managemant: World Bank approach and experience. World Bank Technical Paper no 358. Washington D. C. FERNEX F., ZARATE-DEL VALLE P., RAMIREZ-SANCHEZ H., MICHAUD F., PARRON C., DALMASSO J., BARCI-FUNEL G., GUZMAN

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Wojciech Maślanka

Significance of reference observation in the evaluation of Secchi disk visibility on the example of lakes in the vicinity of Ełk

The method of measuring transparency of water environments using the Secchi disc is still applied, despite a certain level of subjectivity of obtained results. At present, it should be used as a supplement to more reliable methods of measuring the thickness of the euphotic zone. A serious drawback is the low informative value of isolated measurements of the transparency of water environments, representing different stages of cyclic annual variability. This is also confirmed by the summer visibility measurements in the waters of lakes near Ełk of 2003 and 2005. Reservoirs investigated twice were sometimes characterised by a significant diversity of the observed absolute values of the Secchi disc visibility in particular years. However, treating them as benchmark reservoirs makes it possible to determine relative relationships of optical properties among water environments of all the 21 lakes analysed then. They can be expressed in the form of an ordered sequence of reservoirs with increasingly better optical properties of water environments. The ordered sequence was verified on the basis of the research results of 2006. The observed stability of the position of the benchmark reservoirs with respect to each other makes it possible to abandon treating the observed isolated values of the Secchi disc visibility in other reservoirs as, out of necessity, representative ones of the investigated lakes. The knowledge of the values of scopes of the disc visibility in the waters of the benchmark lakes makes it possible to precisely estimate, against them, this value in less frequently investigated lakes.

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Boualem Remini, Djllali Bensafia and Tahar Nasroun

REFERENCES B ąk L., D ąbkowski L.S. 2013. Spatial distribution of sediments in Suchedniow reservoir. Journal of Water and Land Development. No. 19 p. 13–22. B ouchelkia H., B elarbi F., R emini B. 2013. Estimated flows of suspended solids by the statistical analysis of outfall drainage basin of Tafna (Algeria). Soil and Water Research. Vol. 8 p. 63–70. B ouchelkia H., B elarbi F., R emini B. 2014. Quantification of suspended sediment load by double correlation in the watershed of Chellif (Algeria). Journal of Water and Land Development