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Supat Chamnanchanunt, Pravinwan Thungthong, Sirvicha Kudsood, Waraporn Somwong and Manassamon Hirunmassuwan

dyspnea, chest pain, syncope, or apparent bleeding. The patient had traveled to Myanmar and lived in a forest for 3 days. She was nonhypertensive and non-diabetic. Examination revealed pallor, icteric sclera, pulse rate of 114 beats/min, blood pressure of 90/56 mmHg, and body temperature of 38.3°C. Chest and cardiovascular system were normal. Abdominal examination showed palpable liver (liver span 14 cm) and no splenomegaly. Physical examination of central nervous system function was unremarkable. Blood investigations revealed the following: hemoglobin 11.6 g/ dL, white

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Prakobkiat Hirunwiwatkul and Patnarin Mahattanasakul

36-item shortform health survey (SF-36). I. Conceptual framework and item selection. Med Care. 1992; 30:473-83. 32. McHorney CA, Ware JE Jr, Raczek AE. The MOS 36-Item Short-Form Health Survey (SF-36): II. Psychometric and clinical tests of validity in measuring physical and mental health constructs. Med Care. 1993;31:247-63. 33. McHorney CA, Ware JE Jr, Lu JF, Sherbourne CD. The MOS 36-item short-form health survey (SF-36): III. Tests of data quality, scaling assumptions, and reliability across diverse patient groups. Med Care. 1994

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Suthee Panichkul, Thanyarat Wongwananuruk, Pongrak Boonyanurak, Budsaba Wiriyasirivaj, Preecha Wanichsetakul, Saipin Pongsatha, Krantarat Peeyananjarassri, Patcharada Amatyakul, Verawat Wipatavit, Srinaree Kaewrudee, Chulaporn Limwattananon, Areewan Cheawchanwattana, Sugree Soontarapa, Kittisak Wilawana and Manee Rattanachaiyanont

study procedures. A written informed consent was obtained before their enrollment in the present study. A structured record form was used to collect clinical data. Data collected at the first visit included demographic data, complaints, medical history, physical and per vaginal examinations, and blood tests for health surveillance (i.e. fasting blood sugar, blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, cholesterol, triglyceride, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL), low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL). Mammography or bone mineral density (BMD) was measured as indicated

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Nalinee Pattrakornkul, Patamakom Pruangprasert, Prakul Chanthong, Ratana Chawanasuntorapoj and Anirut Pattaragarn

observational study. Ethical approval by our institutional review board was obtained (approval No. 439/2553) and the study was also approved by our Institutional Research Committee on November 26, 2010 (approval No. RO15432023). Clinical and laboratory parameter measurement Staff physicians collected clinical data variables from chart review, history taking, physical examination, and patient questionnaires assessing physical activities. CCIMT measurements, laboratory tests including urinalysis, complete blood count, serum creatinine, fasting blood glucose, insulin

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Juraiporn Somboonwong, Khunkhong Huchaiyaphum, Onanong Kulaputana and Phisit Prapunwattana

-CoA and acetoacetate. All enzymatic assays were carried out in duplicate and the average value was used for calculations. Statistical analysis All data are presented as means and SD. Comparisons among groups of animals used a oneway ANOVA and differences in pairs of means among groups were made using Tukey post hoc analysis. P ≤ 0.05 was considered significant. Results Physical and physiological characteristics As shown in Table 2 , when compared with control, final body weight and gastrocnemius weight were significantly increased in the SFA group

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Pravinwan Thungthong, Supat Chamnanchanunt, Tawatchai Suwanban, Chajchawan Nakhakes and Kunapa Iam-arunthai

. He had a history of hypertension, smoking, and alcohol intake. On physical examination, his respiratory and cardiovascular systems were normal. The patient had splenomegaly by palpation and confirmed by ultrasonography ( Figure 1 ). Figure 1 Ultrasound images show splenomegaly (size 6.6 cm × 12.6 cm) without a focal mass. No ascites or lymphadenopathies were noted. Laboratory investigation showed hematocrit at 68.6%, leucocytosis (neutrophils = 13.4 × 10 9 /L), and platelet count 252 × 10 9 /L. Coagulation assays, kidney and liver function tests, and

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Krisna Piravej, Nipaporn Konjen, Vasana Cowintaveewat, Vilai Kuptniratsaikul and Patcharawimol Srisa-an Kuptniratsaikul

following stroke. Disabil Rehabil. 2002; 24:259-65. 17. Mahatnirundkul S, Tantipiwattanasakul W, Poompaisalchai W, Wongsuwan K, R P. Comparison of the WHOQOL-100 and the WHOQOL-BREF (26 items). J Mental Health Thai. 1998; 5:4-15. 18. WHOQOL-BREF Introduction, Administration, Scoring and Generic version of the assessment. [cited 2014 February 17]; Available from: 19. Wade DT, Collins C. The Barthel ADL index: a standard measure of physical disability? International Disability Study

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Pyong-Kon Cho, Sung-Hyun Lee, Mi-Hwa Lee, Young-Kwon Cho, Kwon-Soo Chon and Yong-Min Kim

References 1. Kalender WA, Seissler W, Klotz E, Vock P. Spiral volumetric CT with single-breath-hold technique, continuous transport, and continuous scanner rotation. Radiology. 1990; 176:181-3. 2. Kalender WA, Polacin A. Physical performance characteristics of spiral CT scanning. Med Phys. 1991; 18:910-5. 3. Remy-Jardin M, Remy J, Mayo JR, Muller NL. Acquisition, injection, and reconstruction techniques. In: CT angiography of the chest. Philadelphia, Pa: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins; 2001. 4

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Jiawen Wu, Jianzhong Hu, Hongbin Lu, Qi Liao, Juanjuan Wang, Mingxin Wu, Chunhan Sun and Ming Kang

. Benevento BT, Sipski ML. Neurogenic bladder, neurogenic bowel, and sexual dysfunction in people with spinal cord injury. Physical Therapy. 2002; 82: 601. 10. Muezzinoglu T, Gumus B, Temeltas G Ari Z, Buyuksu C. A relationship of sex hormone levels and erectile dysfunction: which tests should be done routinely? Yonsei Med J. 2007; 48:1015. 11. Safarinejad M. Level of injury and hormone profiles in spinal cord-injured men. Urology. 2001; 58:671-6. 12. Naderi A, Safarinejad M. Endocrine profiles and semen quality in spinal cord

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Prawit Onpanna, Paiboon Daosodsai, Kawin Leelawat and Supatra Porasuphatana

532065) before initiation of the study, and written informed consent from study participants was obtained before their inclusion in the study. The recruitment of these MtF transsexual actors was from two cabaret settings. Inclusion criteria in this voluntary study included healthy trans women and normal men over 18 years old. Participants suffering from any severe or chronic diseases were excluded from the study. Data collection Personal data were collected by face-to-face interview and physical and gender examination. Data collections comprised three groups of