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Minghong Chen, Jingye Qu, Yuan Xu and Jiangping Chen

, dynamic, infection, dynamical, sepsis, infectious, estimate, hcv, lh, forecast, symposium, influenza, ebola, prevalence, demographic, ass, reference, rop Cluster4 mobility, motion, impairment, physical, elderly, assistive, child, prosthesis, therapy, assistance, movement, caregiver, gait, exoskeleton, cartilage, assist, rehabilitation, energy, gerontechnology, orthosis Cluster5 Social, twitter, behavioral, media, health, measure, wellness, signal, mobility, volume, dynamic, monitor, symptom, personalized, drug, management, condition, theory, identity

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Yiming Zhao, Baitong Chen, Jin Zhang, Ying Ding, Jin Mao and Lihong Zhou

more connected and coherent than that of 2005–2006. That is to say, connections between these core terms increased, while the number of core terms that diabetics used in 2013–2014 was less than in 2005–2006. 4.2 Diabetics are concerned more about daily life than before A remarkable change took place for term use from 2005–2006 to 2013–2014 in terms of the term co-occurrence network metrics. An independent-samples t -test analysis was applied to compare degree centrality and betweenness centrality between the term co-occurrence networks of 2005–2006 and 2013

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Beth A. Plale, Eleanor Dickson, Inna Kouper, Samitha Harshani Liyanage, Yu Ma, Robert H. McDonald, John A. Walsh and Sachith Withana

accepted in the scientific community as necessary to validate research findings, but not any of the following: preliminary analyses, drafts of scientific papers, plans for future research, peer reviews, or communications with colleagues. This “recorded” material excludes physical objects (e.g., laboratory samples), trade secrets, personnel and medical information, etc..” Federal Register 2 CFR 200.315(e)(3) Open science is frequently mistaken for open access. Open access data are freely available, free of cost, or other barriers to its access. Open science allows for

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Lu An, Xingyue Yi, Yuxin Han and Gang Li

Bayesian network model constructed through a social network chain ( Varshney, Kumar, & Gupta, 2017 ), a maximum-likelihood adaptive neural system to predict microblog topics ( Gromov & Konev, 2017 ), and the method of identifying rumors in the public health field based on LDA ( Ye, Li, Yang, Lee, & Wu, 2018 ). Some scholars have constructed the “conductivity” attribute of topics, introduced the physical concept to microblog information prediction, and predicted whether the topic can be achieved by calculating the second derivative of conductance ( Bora, Singh, Sen

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Juyoung An, Sieun Jeon, Teryn Jones and Min Song

sections of each article. It was revealed that almost half of the articles contained some statements of acknowledgment, and most of them were compounded acknowledgments including personal, moral, financial, technical, and conceptual support from institutions, agencies, coworkers, and mentors. McCain (1991) also conducted quantitative and qualitative analyses on the acknowledgment section to identify the exchange patterns of research-related information in the journal, Genetics . In biology, physical research products, such as experimental materials and innovative

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Yuan Zhang and Hsia-Ching Chang

an image without human intervention. In a repetitive test with more than 700 images, this approach appeared to be effective and adequate. No identical set was assigned to different images. Sometimes there are textual tweets contain the same image but with different contents; while other times tweets share both content and image, but those image files are in distinctive resolutions. For those cases, the numerical set remains the same across different tweets regardless size or resolution of the image(s) which provides consistency for the study. All the red values