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Pēteris Grabusts, Arkādijs Borisovs and Ludmila Aleksejeva

and H. El-Ghalayini, “Building Ontology from Knowledge Base Systems,” in Proc. of Int. Arab Conf. on Information Technology, 2011. [6] R. Kohavi and F. Provost, “Applications of data mining to electronic commerce,” in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, vol. 5, issue 1, pp. 5-10, Jan. 2001. [7] P. Grabusts, A. Borisov and L. Aleksejeva, “Ontology-based classification system development methodology,” Information Technology and Management Science, vol. 18, pp. 129-134, 2015.

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Peter Grabusts, Arkady Borisov and Ludmila Aleksejeva

. [6] F. Kharbat and H. El-Ghalayini, “Building Ontology from Knowledge Base Systems,” in Proc. of Int. Arab Conf. on Information Technology , 2011. [7] A. Suyama and T. Yamaguchi, “Specifying and learning inductive learning systems using ontologies,” Working Notes from the 1998 AAAI Workshop on the Methodology of Applying Machine Learning: Problem Definition, Task Decomposition and Technique Selection , pp. 29–36, 1998. [8] N. Guarino, “Formal Ontology in Information Systems,” in 1st Int. Conf. on Formal Ontology in Information Systems , FOIS, Trento

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Xin Wang


In this paper I try to make a brief presentation of the concept of reengineering expressed in the literature. In the second part of this paper I will try to list the stages of the reengineering methodology and to develop them succinctly.

At the end of the paper I will attach a case study on reengineering and conclusions on this topic.

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Laura Panades-Estruch

Successful PhD Proposal, City University Law School , [online]. Available at: < Writing-a-Successful-PhD-Proposal-Guidance-Notes.pdf> [accessed 27 July 2018]. Cryer, R., and Hervey, T. and Sokhi-Bulley, B., 2011. Research Methodologies in EU and International Law . Oxford: Hart Publishing. Eisenberg, T., 2011. The Origins, Nature and Promise of Empirical Legal Studies and a Response to Concerns. U Ill L Rev , 2011(5): 1713-38. Eraut, M., 2004. Informal Learning in the Workplace. Studies

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Omid M. Ghoochani, Azadeh Bakhshi, Matthew Cotton, Azar Hashemi Nejad and Mansour Ghanian

References Atiqul Haq S.M., Vanwing T., Hens L. 2010. Perception, Environmental Degradation and Family Size Preference: a Context of Developing Countries. J. Sustain. Dev., 3 (4): 102-108. Addams H., Proops J.L. (eds.) 2000. Social discourse and environmental policy: an application of Q methodology. Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham. Anderson B.A., Romani J.H., Phillips H. Wentzel M., Tlabela K. 2007. Exploring environmental perceptions, behaviors and awareness: water and water pollution in South Africa

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Reem Abdalla and Alok Mishra

References 1. BradShaw, J. Introduction to Software Agents. – In: Software Agents, J. BradShaw, Ed. Menlo Park, California, AAAI Press, 1997, pp. 3-46. 2. Wooldridge, M., N. R. Jennings. Intelligent Agents: Theory and Practice. – The Knowledge Engineering Review, Vol. 10 , 1995, No 2, pp. 115-152. 3. Hoa, K. D., W. Michael. Towards a Next-Generation AOSE Methodology. – Science of Computer Programming, Vol. 78 , 2013, No 6, pp. 684-694. 4. Mansura, H. Metrics for Evaluating Agent Oriented Software Engineering Model. – In: IEEE

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Arturs Rasnacis and Solvita Berzisa

Alignment Work: How software developers experience the continuous adaptation of team performance in Lean and Agile environments” Information and Software Technology, vol. 64, pp. 132–147, Aug. 2015. [4] “Choose Your Project Management Methodology” [Online]. Available: . [Accessed: Sep. 30, 2015] [5] K. Schwaber, Agile Project Management with Scrum (Developer Best Practices) , Microsoft Press, 2004. [6] J.L. Moreno, Psychodrama & Group

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Jolita Sinkienė, Huriye Armağan Doğan, Kęstutis Zaleckis, Jurga Vitkuvienė, Indrė Gražulevičiūtė Vileniškė, Brigita Tranavičiūtė and Tomas Grunskis

[online]. European Environment Agency [cited 10.09.2018]. ISBN 978-92-9213-711-3 ISSN 1725-2237 5. Zaleckis, K., Gražulevičiūtė-Vileniškė, I., Vitkuvienė J., Tranavičiūtė, B., Doğan, H. A., Grunskis, T., Sinkienė, J. Integrated socio-spatial analysis of Soviet era modernist urbanization and its consequences in Lithuanian cities: methodological outline. Architecture and Urban Planning, 2017, Vol. 13, pp. 79–84, 6. Sinkienė, J. Sumanus miestas ir regionas, Sumanioji socialinė

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Ivan Murín

:// PETRUSEK, M. (1993): Teorie a metoda v moderní sociologii. Praha: Karolinum. SEEBOHM, T. (2004): Hermeneutics. Method and Methodology. In. Contributions to Phenomenology, Vol. 50., Springer, p. 272. UNESCO, (1989). Draft Medium Term Plan. 25, vol. C, 4. VOROPAJ, T. S. (2002): Človek vo svete slova: Michail Michailovič Bachtin (1895-1975). In. Filozofia 9, vol. 57, pp. 651-666. WENGRAF, T. (2001): Qualitative Research Interviewing: Biographic Narratives and Semistructured Methods

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Silviya S. Aleksandrova-Yankulovska

analysis and application of methodology for decision-making in clinical practice [dissertation]. Pleven: MU-Pleven; 2015. [Bulgarian] 5. Prodanov V. Boiethics [Internet]. Sofi a: Science and Art; 1988:253. Available in Bulgarian from: http:// 6. Bulgarian Health Act. Promulgated, State Gazette No. 70/10.08.2004. 7. Law of medicinal products. Promulgated, State Gazette No. 31/13.04.2007. 8. Department of ethical studies. Institute for the study of