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Grzegorz Jastrzębski, Paweł Szczepaniak and Michał Jóźko

hydrostatyczny [A hydrostatic drive] . WNT Warszawa 2005. [9] G. Jastrzębski, L. Ułanowicz: Badanie wzmacniaczy hydraulicznych w aspekcie ich predykcji trwałości [Examination of hydraulic amplifiers for prediction of their lifetime] , Kones 2010 Vol.3 [10] L. Ułanowicz, B. Kolasa, G. Jastrzębski, P. Szczepaniak: Zbiór sprawozdań z pracy pt. „Badania i ocena stanu technicznego pierwszej i drugiej instalacji hydraulicznej oraz pokładowych pomp hydraulicznych NP-34M-1T pierwszej i drugiej instalacji hydraulicznej samolotu Su-22 (54K i 52UM3K) w celu zwiększenia ich

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J. Králik

-90. Plocek, Z., Štěpánek, P., Salajka, V., Kala, J. and Kanický, V. (2007) Design of Earthquake Resistance Enhancements of the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant Building Structures, In Procs. Second international symposium on Nuclear Power Plant Life Management , 15-18 October, Shanghai, China. Richart, F., E., Woods, R., D. and Hall, J., R. (1994) Vibrations of Soils and Foundations , Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs. Řeřicha, P. and Šejnoha, J. (2004) Prediction of the Lifetime of NPP Containment Considering Various

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Marie Stará, Radim Čajka, Pavlína Matečková and Vojtěch Buchta

References [1] ČAJKA, R. Strengthening of Historical Structures on Flooded and Undermined Territory. International Geotechnical Engineering,Saint Petersburg. 17-19. September 2003, Russian, ISBN 5-93093-204-2. [2] ČAJKA, R. Lifetime Enhancement of Historical Structures on Flooded and Undermined Territory. Integrated Lifetima Engineering of Buildings and Civil Infrastructures, and International Symposium ILCDES 2003. 1-3. December 2003, Kuopio, Finland, ISSN 0356-9403, ISBN 951-758-436-9. [3] SCHUBERT

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J. Żmojda, D. Dorosz and J. Dorosz

lasers - conditioning constructional and technological", Bull. Pol. Ac.: Tech 58 (4), 491-502 (2010). D. Milanese, M. Vota, Q. Chen, J. Xing, G. Liao, H. Gebavi, M. Ferraris, N. Coluccelli, and S. Taccheo, "Investigation of infrared emission and lifetime in Tm-doped 75TeO 2 :20ZnO:5Na 2 O (mol%) glasses: effect of Ho and Yb co-doping", J. Non-Cryst. Solid 354, 1955-1961 (2008). T. Pustelny, C. Tyszkiewicz, and K. Barczak, "Optical fiber sensors of magnetic field applying Faraday's effect", Optica Applicata 32 (2

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Mariusz Pietraszek and Tomasz Klemba

-propellant missile engines. Military University of Technology (WAT), Warsaw, 1989) 17. Turbinowy silnik lotniczy TW3-117MT serii 3. Opis techniczny i eksploatacja. (TW3-117MT series 3 turbine engine. Operation and maintenance manual) Lot 2855/90, Poznań 1991. 18. Yang V., Brill T., Ren W.: Solid propellant chemistry, combustion, and motor interior ballistics . American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Virginia 2000. 19. Żurek J., Żywotność śmigłowców . Wydawnictwo ITE-PIB, Warszawa 2006. (Operational lifetime of

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K. Jóźwikowski, M. Kopytko and A. Rogalski

References M. A. Kinch, F. Aqariden, D. Chandra, P.-K. Liao, H. F. Schaake, and H. D. Shih, "Minority carrier lifetime in p-HgCdTe", J. Electron. Mater. 34, 880-884 (2005). O. Gravrand, L. Mollard, C. Largeron, N. Baier, E. Deborniol, and Ph. Chorier, "Study of LWIR and VLWIR focal plane array developments: comparison between p-on-n and different n-on-p technologies on LPE HgCdTe", J. Electron. Mater. 38, 1733-1740 (2009). G. Destefanis and J. P. Chamonal, "Large improvement in

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Zdenko Tkáč, Štefan Čorňák, Vladimír Cviklovič, Ján Kosiba, Josef Glos, Juraj Jablonický and Rastislav Bernát

, F. - RUSNAK, J. - NOGLI, D. 2016. Influence of bellows setting on its spring rate and on temperature adjustment of electromechanical thermostats. In Acta Technologica Agriculturae, vol. 19, no. 2, pp. 43-48. HUJO, Ľ. - TKAČ, Z. - TULIK, J. - HAJDAK, V. 2013. Design of laboratory test device for evaluating the lifetime of hydraulic components of tractor three-point hitch. In Advanced Materials Research, vol. 801, special iss., pp. 137-142. HOFFMANN, D. - HEŘMANEK, P. - RYBKA, A. - HONZIK, I. 2013. Design a drive for interaxle

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Andriy Sorochak, Pavlo Maruschak and Olegas Prentkovskis

.02.014 18. Xiong, Y., Katsuta, J., Kawano, K., Sakiyama, T. (2008) Examination of fatigue crack driving force parameter. Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures, 31(9), 754-765. DOI:10.1111/j.1460-2695.2008.01261.x 19. Yasniy, O., Lapusta, Y., Pyndus, Y., Sorochak, A., Yasniy, V. (2013) Assessment of lifetime of railway axle. International Journal of Fatigue, 50, 40-46. DOI:10.1016/j.ijfatigue.2012.04.008 20. Zhang, J., He, X. D., Sha, Y., Du, S. Y. (2010) The compressive stress effect on fatigue crack growth under tension

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Marie Stara and Martina Janulikova

References [1] CSN 73 0039. Design constructed facilities in mining subsidence areas. Basic requirements. CEN Brussels, 1989. [2] CAJKA, R. Strengthening of Historical Structures on Flooded and Undermined Territory. In: Proceedings of International Geotechnical Engineering, Saint Petersburg, Russia, ISBN: 5-93093-204-2, 2003. [3] CAJKA, R. Lifetime Enhancement of Historical Structures on Flooded and Undermined Territory. In: Proceedings of 2 nd International Symposium ILCDES, Kuopio, Finland, ISSN: 0356

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Ilya Jackson, Jurijs Tolujevs and Tobias Reggelin

. (2015) A Lost Sales (r,Q) Inventory Control Model for Perishables with Fixed Lifetime and Lead Time. Int. J. Production Economics , 168, 143–157. 13. Luke, S. (2015) Essentials of Metaheuristics. A Set of Undergraduate Lecture Notes. Second Edition, 2.2, pp. 31-55. 14. Man, K.F., Tang, K.S. and Kwong, S. (1996) Genetic algorithms: concepts and applications [in engineering design]. IEEE transactions on Industrial Electronics , 43(5), 519–534. DOI:10.1109/41.538609 15. Michalewicz, Z. (1996) Evolution strategies and other methods. In: Genetic