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H Klus

References 1. Green, C. R.: Alan Rodgman, M. A., Ph. D., Recipient of the 2003 Tobacco Science Research Conference Lifetime Achievement Award; Beitr. Tabakforsch. Int. 21 (2005) 252–253. 2. Green, C. R.: Book Review: The Chemical Components of Tobacco and Tobacco Smoke by Alan Rodgman and Thomas A. Perfetti; Beitr. Tabakforsch. Int. 23 (2009) 227–230. 3. Food and Drug Administration - Center for Tobacco Products (CTP); Tobacco Product Constituents Subcommittee of the Tobacco

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Andrija Đurović

for a World of Crises. Risk books, London 5. Brunel, V. (2016), Lifetime PD Analytics for Credit Portfolios: Retrieved from: 6. Carling, K., Jacobson, T. and Roszbach, K. (1998), Duration of consumer loans and bank lending policy: dormancy versus default risk, Working Pap eries in Economics and Finance No. 280, Stockholm School of Economics. 7. Cheong, M., Tripolitakis, G., Ma, H., (2017), Using CreditPro To Measure Credit Losses In Investment Portfolios For IFRS 9 And CECL Requirements, Retrieved from: https

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Grzegorz P. Karwasz, Roberto S. Brusa, Werner Egger and Olga V. Ogorodnikova

, R. (2006). Temperature dependence of o-Ps lifetime in some porous media. Deviations from ETE model. Chem. Phys. Lett. , 430 , 351–354. DOI: 10.1016/j.cplett.2006.09.001. 7. Hakala, M., Puska, M. J., & Nieminen, R. M. (1998). Momentum distributions of electron-positron pairs annihilating at vacancy clusters in Si. Phys. Rev. B , 57 , 7621. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.57.7621. 8. Brusa, R. S., Deng, W., Karwasz, G. P., & Zecca, A. (2002). Doppler-broadening measurements of positron annihilation with high-momentum electrons in pure metals. Nucl. Instrum

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Xiaokai Meng, Zhiqiang Wang and Guofeng Li

thermoplastic composites and constituents , Time Dependent Constitutive Behavior and Fracture/Failure Processes, vol. 3, pp. 139-146 (2011). [9] Celina M., Gillen K.T., Assink R.A., Accelerated aging and lifetime prediction: review of non-Arrhenius behavior due to two competing processes , Polymer Degradation and Stability, vol. 90, no. 3, pp. 395-404(2005).

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Marek Wiertel, Zbigniew Surowiec, Mieczysław Budzyński and Wojciech Gac

, M., Lightbody, D., & Sherwood, J. N. (1981). The temperature dependence of positron lifetimes in solid pivalic acid. Chem. Phys ., 63 , 51–58. DOI: 10.1016/0301-0104(81)80307-2. 5. Schrader, D. M., & Jean, Y. C. (1988). Introduction. In D. M. Schrader, & Y. C. Jean (Eds.), Positron and positronium chemistry (pp. 1–26). Amsterdam: Elsevier. 6. Kuo-Sung, L., Hongmin, Ch., Somia, A., Jen-Pwu, Y., Wei-Song, H., Kuier-Rarn, L., Juin-Yih, L., Chien-Chieh, H., & Jean, Y. C. (2011). Determination of free-volume properties in polymers without

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Ewa Dryzek and Ewa Juszyńska-Gałązka

angular distribution of quanta from two photon annihilation of electron-positron pairs. Acta Phys. Pol ., 36 , 365–372. 14. Tao, S. J. (1972). Positronium annihilation in molecular substances. J. Chem. Phys ., 56 , 5499–5510. DOI: 10.1063/1.1677067. 15. Eldrup, M., Lightbody, D., & Sherwood, J. N. (1981). The temperature dependence of positron lifetimes in solid pivalic acid. Chem. Phys ., 63 , 51–58. DOI: 10.1016/0301-0104(81)80307-2. 16. Ferrell, R. A. (1957). Long lifetime of positronium in liquid helium. Phys. Rev ., 108 , 167–168. DOI: 10

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Adam Niesłony, Michał Böhm, Tadeusz Łagoda and Filippo Cianetti

REFERENCES 1. Banvillet A., Łagoda T., Macha E., Niesłony A., Palin-Luc T., Vittori J.-F. (2004), Fatigue life under non-Gaussian random loading from various Models, International Journal of Fatigue , 26, 349–363. 2. Benasciutti D., Cristofori A., Tovo R. (2013) Analogies between spectral methods and multiaxial criteria in fatigue damage evaluation, Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics , 31, 39–45. 3. Benasciutti D., Tovo R. (2005), Spectral methods for lifetime prediction under wide-band stationary random processes, International