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Teréz Vincze

: Routledge. Engelking, Barbara. 2001. Holocaust and Memory. London and New York: Leicester University Press. Fahlenbrach, Kathrin. 2008. Emotions in Sound: Audiovisual Metaphors in the Sound Design of Narrative Films. Projections vol. 2, no. 2 (Winter): 85–103. Fiske, Susan T. and Shelley E. Taylor. 1991. Social Cognition , 2nd ed. New York: McGraw-Hill. Herschberger, Paul J. 1992. Information Loss: The Primary Psychological Trauma of the Loss of Vision. Perceptual and Motor Skills vol. 74, no. 2: 509–510. Kremer, S. Lillian. 2001

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Przemysław Śliwiński

References "Special issue on color image processing," IEEE Signal Processing Magazine , vol. 22, no. 1, 2005. S. K. Nayar and Y. Nakagawa, "Shape from focus," IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence , vol. 16, no. 8, pp. 824-831, 1994. K. S. Pradeep and A. N. Rajagopalan, "Improving shape from focus using defocus cue," IEEE Transactions on Image Processing , vol. 16, no. 7, pp. 1920-1925, 2007. F. C. A. Groen, I. T. Young, and G

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Aleksandra Gruszka, Daniel Bor, Roger R. Barker, Edward Necka and Adrian M. Owen

.11.1228 Brown, R. G., & Marsden, C. D. (1984). How Common is Dementia in Paskinson’s Disease? The Lancet, 324(8414), 1262-1265. Cabeza, R., & Nyberg, L. (2000). Imaging Cognition II: An Empirical Review of 275 PET and fMRI Studies. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 12(1), 1-47. 10.1162/08989290051137585 Caminiti, S. P., Siri, C., Guidi, L., Antonini, A., & Perani, D. (2015). The Neural Correlates of Spatial and Object Working Memory in Elderly and Parkinson’s Disease Subjects. Behavioural Neurology

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Predrag Stanimirović, Marko Miladinović, Igor Stojanović and Sladjana Miljković

’Leary, D.P. (2006). Deblurring Images: Matrices, Spectra, and Filtering, SIAM, Philadelphia, PA. Hillebrand, M. and Muller, C.H. (2007). Outlier robust corner-preserving methods for reconstructing noisy images, The Annals of Statistics 35(1): 132-165. Hufnagel, R.E. and Stanley, N.R. (1964). Modulation transfer function associated with image transmission through turbulence media, Journal of the Optical Society of America 54(1): 52-60. Kalaba, R.E. and Udwadia, F.E. (1993). Associative memory approach to the identification

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Barbora Zahradníková, Soňa Duchovičová and Peter Schreiber

References 1. ELLIS, H.D. 1984. Practice aspects of face memory. Wells, G.R. and Loftus, E.F., editors, Eyewitness Testimony.Psychological Perspectives. England: Cambridge University Press, pp. 12-37. 2. DAVIES, G. et al. 2000. Facial composite production: A comparison of mechanical and computer-driven systems. Journal of Applied Psychology, p. 119. 3. FROWD, Charlie D.; HANCOCK, Peter JB; CARSON, Derek. 2004. EvoFIT: A holistic, evolutionary facial imaging technique for creating composites. ACM Transactions on

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Sze-Wei Khoo, Saravanan Karuppanan and Ching-Seong Tan

-Arevalo, F.M., Garcia-Fernandez, T., Pulos, G., Villagran-Muniz, M. (2009). Use of digital speckle pattern correlation for strain measurements in a CuAlBe shape memory alloy. Materials Characterization, 60(8), 775−782. [95] Tung, S.H., Shih, M.H., Kuo, J.C. (2010). Application of digital image correlation for anisotropic plastic deformation during tension testing. Optics and Lasers in Eng., 48(5), 636−641. [96] Rethore, J., Roux, S., Hild, F. (2007). From pictures to extended finite elements: extended digital image correlation (X-DIC). C. R

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Klaus Blischke, Daniel Erlacher, Heiko Kresin, Sebastian Brueckner and Andreas Malangré

., Schwartz S., Passingham R. Frith C. Sleep-related consolidation of a visuomotor skill: Brain mechanisms as assessed by functional magnetic resonance imaging. The Journal of Neuroscience , 2003. 23, 1432-1440. Nishida M. Walker M. P. Daytime naps, motor memory consolidation and regionally specific sleep spindles. PloS ONE 2007. 2(4), e341. Robertson E. M., Pascual-Leone A., Press D. Z. Awareness modifies the skill-learning benefits of sleep. Current Biology , 2004. 14, 208-212. Robertson E

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Griselda Pollock

. Breuer, Josef, and Sigmund Freud. Studies in Hysteria . Trans. Nicola Luckhurst. London: Penguin, 2004. Print. Cavarero, Adriana. Relating Narratives: Storytelling and Selfhood . Trans. Paul A. Kottman. London and New York: Routledge, 2000. Print. Chun, Young-Paik. “Melancholia and Cézanne’s Portraits: Faces Beyond the Mirror.” Psychoanalysis and the Image: Transdisciplinary Perspectives . Ed. Griselda Pollock. Malden, MA: Blackwell, 2006. 94–126. Print. Didi-Huberman, Georges. Atlas: How to Carry the World on One’s Back? Madrid: Museo Reina

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Katarzyna Ruchel-Stockmans

Elogv for Theory. October no. 122: 91-109. Stallabrass. Julian. 2013. The Power and Impotence of Images. In Memory of Fire: Images of War and the War of Images, ed. Julian Stallabrass, 22-55. Brighton: Photoworks. Steyerl, Hito. 2006. Look Out. it’s Real! Documentarism. Experience. Politics. In Production Unit. Slowly Learning to Survive the Desire to Simplify. A Symposium on Critical Documents, 23-26. Malmo: Nifca, Iaspis and The Nordic Culture Fund. Steyerl, Hito. 2009. In Defense of the Poor Image, e-flux journal vol. 10 no. 11

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Giacomo Tagliani

Spectator . Bloomington: Indiana University Press. Deleuze, Gilles. 1986. Cinema 1: The Movement Image . Minneapolis: Minnesota University Press. Deleuze, Gilles. 1992. The Fold. Leibniz and the Baroque . Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Didi-Huberman, Georges. 2005. Confronting Images: Questioning the Ends of a Certain History of Art . Philadelphia: Pennsylvania State University Press. Dinoi, Marco. 2008. Lo sguardo e l’evento. I media, la memoria, il cinema [ The Gaze and the Event. Media, Memory, Cinema ]. Firenze: Le Lettere