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Nico-Philipp Walz and Michael Hanss

The consideration of uncertainties in numerical simulation is generally reasonable and is often indicated in order to provide reliable results, and thus is gaining attraction in various fields of simulation technology. However, in multibody system analysis uncertainties have only been accounted for quite sporadically compared to other areas.

The term uncertainties is frequently associated with those of random nature, i.e. aleatory uncertainties, which are successfully handled by the use of probability theory. Actually, a considerable proportion of uncertainties incorporated into dynamical systems, in general, or multibody systems, in particular, is attributed to so-called epistemic uncertainties, which include, amongst others, uncertainties due to a lack of knowledge, due to subjectivity in numerical implementation, and due to simplification or idealization. Hence, for the modeling of epistemic uncertainties in multibody systems an appropriate theory is required, which still remains a challenging topic. Against this background, a methodology will be presented which allows for the inclusion of epistemic uncertainties in modeling and analysis of multibody systems. This approach is based on fuzzy arithmetic, a special field of fuzzy set theory, where the uncertain values of the model parameters are represented by socalled fuzzy numbers, reflecting in a rather intuitive and plausible way the blurred range of possible parameter values. As a result of this advanced modeling technique, more comprehensive system models can be derived which outperform the conventional, crisp-parameterized models by providing simulation results that reflect both the system dynamics and the effect of the uncertainties.

The methodology is illustrated by an exemplary application of multibody dynamics which reveals that advanced modeling and simulation techniques using some well-thought-out inclusion of the presumably limiting uncertainties can provide significant additional benefit.

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Ehsan Mostofian, Mahdi Azhini and Abasalt Bodaghi

-326. [5] M. El-Naschie, The idealized quantum two-slit Gedanken experiment revisited Criticism and reinterpretation, Chaos. Sol. Frac., 27 (2006), 9-13. [6] M. El-Naschie, A review of E-infinity theory and the mass spectrum of high energy particle physics, Chaos. Sol. Frac., 19 (2004), 209-236. [7] M. El-Naschie, On the unification of heterotic strings, M theory and "1 theory, Chaos. Sol. Frac., 11 (2000), 2397-2408. [8] M. El-Naschie, On the uncertainity of Cantorian geometry and two-slit experiment, Chaos. Sol. Frac., 9

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Tomáš Litschmann, Jaroslav Rožnovský, Tomáš Středa, Hana Středová and Jiří Hebelka

-1647. Zangl G., 2005: Formation of extreme cold-air pools in elevated sinkholes: An Idealized Numerical Process Study. Monthly Weather Review, 133, 925-941.

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Remigiusz Gawlik, Michał Głuszak and Agnieszka Małkowska

Feedback, 2nd Ed. Pittsburgh, PA: RWS Publications. Saaty, T.L. (2003). Rank, normalization and idealization in the Analytic Hierarchy Process. In: 7th ISAHP Conference Proceedings (pp. 57-64). Bali, Indonesia: ISAHP. Retrieved from: Skotarczak, T., Nowak, M.J. (2010). Preferencje mieszkaniowe kandydatów na studia oraz studentów pierwszego roku Akademii Rolniczej w Szczecinie. Folia Pomeranae Universitatis Technologiae Stetinensis: Oeconomica, 277 (58), 71-80. Stopinska, A

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Hasan Ölmez and Ertekin Bayraktarkatal

References 1. [1] Paik, J.K., Thayamballi, A.K. : Ultimate limit state design of steel-plated structures. Chichester, UK: John Wiley & Sons Ltd; 2003. 2. Smith, C.S. :. Influence of local compressive failure on ultimate longitudinal strength of a ship’s hull. PRADSInternational Symposium on Practical Design in Ship Building, Tokyo-Japan, (1977), pp. 73-79. 3. URL-1:, 2013. 4. Ueda, Y., Rashed, S.M.H. : ISUM (Idealized Structural Unit

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Jianjun Peng, Hui Wang, Jiping Li and Chuanming Song

of Generative Processes from B-Rep Shapes and Application to Idealization Transformations. – Computer-Aided Design, Vol. 46 , 2014, pp. 79-89. 12. Zhu, Y., et al., Computing a Compact Spline Representation of the Medial Axis Transform of a 2D Shape. – Graphical Models, Vol. 76 , 2014, No 5, pp. 252-262. 13. Ahn, S., et al. Differentiation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells into Medial Ganglionic Eminence vs Caudal Ganglionic Eminence Cells. – Methods, Vol. 101 , 2016, pp. 103-112. 14. Peng, J., R. Guo et al., Research and Application of NC

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Zenon Szypcio

idealised granular material in the direct shear apparatus, Geotechnique, 2006, 56, No. 7, 455-468. [9] GUTIERREZ M., WANG J., Non-coaxial version of Rowe’s stress-dilatancy relation, Granular Matter., 11, 129-137. [10] HOSONO Y., YOSHIMINE M., Liquafaction of sand in simple shear condition. Cyclic Behaviour of Soils and Liquafaction Phenomena, Triantafyllidis T. (ed.), Balkema, Rotterdam 2004. [11] HOSONO Y., YOSHIMINE M., Liquafaction of sand in simple shear condition, Proc. of Int. Conf. on Cyclic Behaviour of Soils and

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Krzysztof J. Kaliński, Marek A. Galewski, Michał Mazur and Marek Chodnicki

Science and Technology, Vol. 34 (1) (2010), pp. 5-20. 6. Iwicki P., Tejchman A., Chrościelewski J. : Dynamic FE simulations of buckling process in thin-walled cylindrical metal silos. Thin-Walled Structures, (2014), pp. 344-359. 7. Kaliński K. J.: Vibration surveillance of mechanical systems which are idealised discretely (in Polish). Gdańsk University of Technology Publishers, Gdańsk 2001. 8. Kaliński K. J. A surveillance of dynamic processes in mechanical systems (in Polish). Gdańsk University of Technology Publishers

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Attila Ágh

social scientists should seek to critically engage with populism rather than simply attacking or idealising it, Klipcerova-Baker, Martina and Jaroslav Kostál (2017): Post-communist democracy vs. totalitarianism: Contrasting patterns of need satisfaction and societal frustration, Communist and Post-Communist Studies 50: 99-111 Krastev, Ivan (2016): What’s wrong with East

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Irene Spigno

-Determination Without Jeopardising the Rights of Others: The Catalan Model’, St. Thomas Law Review , XIV: 395-399. • Quadri Rolando, 1968, Diritto internazionale pubblico , Liguori, Napoli. • Qvortrup Matt, 2014, ‘New development: The comparative study of secession referendums’, Public Money & Management , XXXIV(2): 1-4. • Romero Caro Francisco Javier, 2017, ‘The Spanish vision of Canada’s Clarity Act: From Idealization to Myth’, Perspectives on Federalism , IX(3). • Ruggiu Ilenia, 2016, ‘Referendum e secessione. L’appello al popolo per l’indipendenza in