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Kyle Wanberg

. (2011). Governmentality-Neoliberalism-Education: the Risk Perspective. Journal of Pedagogy/Pedagogický Časopis , 2 (2), 145-160. Kaščák, O., Pupala, B., Petrova, Z. (2011). Humanism and Autonomy in the Neoliberal Reform of Teacher Training. Education, Knowledge and Economy , 5 (1-2), 71-88. Liptak, A. (2012). Blocking Parts of Arizona Law, Justices Allow Its Centerpiece . Retrieved June 25, 2012 from

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Anca-Luminiţa Iancu

. Transcultural Imaginings: Translating the Other, Translating the Self in Narratives about Migration and Terrorism . Sofia: KX: Critique and Humanism, 2016. Gray, Jeffrey. “Essence and the Mulatto Traveler: Europe as Embodiment in Nella Larsen’s ‘Quicksand’.” NOVEL: A Forum on Fiction 27.3 (Spring 1994): 257-270. Harrison-Kahan, Lori. “‘Drunk with the Fiery Rhythms of Jazz’: Anzia Yezierska, Hybridity, and the Harlem Renaissance.” Modern Fiction Studies 51.2 (2005): 416-436. Hart, Betty L., and Anna A. Moore. “Nella Larsen.” American Ethnic Writers . Rev

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Christian Chima Chukwu

Politics in Nigeria. Jos: Challenge Press. Uzoukwu, S.K. (2004) Peace through Dialogue and Solidarity: The Basis of True Humanism: An Appreciative Exploration of John Paul ll's Insight and Its Lessons and Challenges to Africa, Nigeria in Particular. Enugu: Snaap Press Ltd.

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Maryam Homayounzadeh

?. Learning and Instruction , 22, 27-36. McCombs, B. L., & Miller, L. (2007). Learner-centered classroom practices and assessments: Maximizing student motivation, learning, and achievement . Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press. Nemiroff, G. H. (1992). Reconstructing education: Toward a theory of critical humanism , USA: Greenwood Publishing Group. Paris, S. G. & Byrnes, J. P. (1989). The constructivist approach to self-regulation and learning in the classroom. In Zimmerman, B. & Schunk, D. H. (Eds.), Self-regulated learning and academic achievement: theory

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Birgitta Höijer

-uppsats. Boltanski, L. (1999) Distant Suffering. Morality, Media and Politics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Carlgren, A. (1996) TV:s krigsbilder kränker verkligheten (The Pictures of War on Television Violates Reality). Pp 57-81 in Andén-Papadopoulos, K. and B. Höijer (eds.), Våldsamma nyheter. Stockholm/ Stehag: Symposion. Chomsky, N. (1999) The New Military Humanism. Lessons from Kosovo. Monroe, ME: Common Courage Press. Christie, N. (1996) The Ideal Victim. Pp 17-30 in E. A. Fattah (ed), From Crime Policy to Victim

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Elena Firpo

. D. Dziuban (Eds.), Blended Learning: research perspectives (pp. 19-35), Needham, MA: Sloan C. Shetzer, H. & Warschauer, M. (2000). An electronic literacy approach to network-based language teaching. In M. Warschauer & R. Kern (Eds.), Network-based language teaching: Concepts and practice, 171-185. New York: Cambridge University Press. Stevick, E. W. (1990). Humanism in language teaching. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Suppes, P. & Maken, E. (1978). The Historical Path From Research and Development to Operational

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Paweł Boski and Katarzyna Iben Youssef

of California Press. Bond, M.H. & Yang, K.S. (1982). Ethnic affirmation versus cross-cultural accom­modation: The variable impact of questionnaire language on Chinese bilinguals from Hong Kong. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology , 13, 169-185. Boski, P. (2008). Five meanings of integration in acculturation psychology. Inter­national Journal of Intercultural Relations, 32 (2), 142-153. Boski, P. (2012). Psychology of a culture: Humanism and social ineffectiveness embedded in Polish ways of life. In W. Friedlemeier

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Łukasz Kmiotek

language variation affects inter-cultural differentiation of values by Hong Kong bilinguals. Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 2(1), 57-66. doi: 10.1177/0261927X8300200104 Boski, P., Jarymowicz, M., & Malewska-Peyre, H. (1992). Tożsamość a odmienność kulturowa [Identity and cultural difference]. Warszawa: Instytut Psychologii PAN. Boski, P. (2006). Humanism-materialism centuries -long polish cultural origins and 20 years of research in cultural psychology. In: U. Kim, K-S. Yang, & K-K. Hwang (Eds.), Indigenious and Cultural

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Tanja Tillmanns, Charlotte Holland and Alfredo Salomão Filho

: 10.1080/00958961003674665 Ferrante, A., & Sartori, D. (2016). From anthropocentrism to post-humanism in the educational debate. Relations, 4.2 (November), 175–194, doi: 10.7358/rela-2016-002-fesa Fundación Telefónica. (2012). May the horse live in me: Tercer Premio VIDA 14.0 [Video file]. Retrieved from Gregory, M. (2014). Ethics education as philosophical practice: the case from Socratic, critical and contemplative pedagogies. Teaching Ethics, 15 (1), 19–34, doi: 10.5840/tej201410173 Jickling

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Moulding Cultural Capital into Cosmopolitan Capital

Media practices as reconversion work in a globalising world

Johan Lindell and Martin Danielsson

Suffering and the Vision of a Global Public. Television and New Media , 9(4): 371-391. Chouliaraki, Lilie (2013). The Ironic Spectator – Solidarity in the Age of Post-humanism . Cambridge: Polity Press. Christensen, Miyase & Jansson, André (2015). Cosmopolitanism and the Media: Cartographies of Change. New York: Peter Lang. Couldry, Nick (2004). Theorising Media as Practice. Social Semiotics , 14(2): 115-132. Couldry, Nick (2012). Media, Society, World. Social Theory and Digital Media Practice. Cambridge: Polity Press. Danielsson