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Physician Appraisals: Key Challenges

:// Kanellopoulos, D. (2012). Comparative approach at the European level of the human resources management of the health system. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 46, 5274-5279. Kemper, M., Linke, J., Zahnert, T., & Neudert, M. (2014). Peer teaching and peer assessment are appropriate tools in medical education in otorhinolaryngology. Laryngorhinootologie, 93(6), 392-397. Klass, D. (2007). Assessing doctors at work -progress and challenges. The New England Journal of Medicine, 356(4), 414

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Experiments on Temperature Control Using On-Off Algorithm Combined with PID Algorithm

Communication and Electrical Engineering (ICGCCEE). [15] Minkai, L., Sang J. and Yiming, Y. (2017), Design of temperature control system of adaptive control algorithm based on characteristic model , IEEE 32nd Youth Academic Annual Conference of Chinese Association of Automation (YAC). [16] PIC16F87X Data Sheet , Microchip Technology Inc., 2013. [17] MCP9800/1/2/3 Data Sheet , 2-Wire High-Accuracy Temperature Sensor, Microchip Technology Inc., 2004. [18] MAX232 Data Sheet , Texas Instruments Inc., 2014.

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Modal Competition and Complementarity: Cost Optimization at End-User Level

. [4]. A. KORZHENEVYCH, N. DEHNEN, J. BRÖCKER, M. HOLTKAMP, H. MEIER, G. GIBSON, A. VARMA, V. COX: ” Update of the Handbook on External Costs of Transport “, Ricardo - AEA, European Commission – DG Mobility and Transport, MOVE/D3/2011/571, 2014 . [5]. P. HEYNE, P.J. BOETKE, D.L. PRYCHITKO: “ The Economic Way of Thinking ” (13th Ed.), Pearson Publishing, 2014 . [6]. Ş. RAICU: ” Transport Systems ”, Ed. AGIR, Bucharest, 2007 . ( In Romanian ) [7]. J. PERLOFF: ” Microeconomics ”, Pearson Education, 2012 . [8]. R.S. PINDYCK, D.L. RUBINFELD

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Tests of an Innovative Controller Designed to Control the Powered Roof Support

). Application of neural-fuzzy system in prediction of methane hazard. The First International Conference on Intelligent Systems in Production Engineering and Maintenance ISPEM 2017 pp.151-160. DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-64465-3_15. Palka, D., Brodny, J. and Stecula, K. (2017a). Modern means of production and the staff awareness of the technical in the plant of the mining industry. CBU International Conference Proceedings 2017: Innovations in Science and Education, Vol. 5, Prague, p. 1190-1194. DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1094. Palka, D., Hąbek, P. and

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An Unmanned Aircraft Model for Control System Reconfiguration Analysis and Synthesis

REFERENCES [1] Goetzendorf-Grabowski, T., Frydrychewicz, A., Goraj, Z., et al., 2006, “MALE UAV design of an increased reliability level,” Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology: An International Journal, vol. 78, No 3, pp. 226-235. [2] Lin, X., Fulton, N., and Horn, M., 2014, “Quantification of high level safety criteria for civil unmanned aircraft systems,” Proceedings of IEEE Aerospace Conference , Big Sky, pp. 1-13. [3] Loh, R., Bian, Y., and Roe, T., 2009 “UAVs in civil airspace: Safety requirements,” IEEE Aerospace and Electronic

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Organizational learning in developing the integrated quality management

References A nttila , J., J ussila , K., K ajava , J. 2012. Reinforcing business integration in managing specialized disciplines in organizations , Management system standards viewpoints, The International Symposium on Quality, Solin, Croatia. A nattila , J., J ussila , K. 2018. The role of internal auditing in the development of the organization towards the excellent performance , The 19 th International Symposium on Quality, Plitvička jezera Croatia. A nttila , J., J ussila , K. 2017a. Universities and smart cities: The challenges to high

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The Influence of Chemical Composition of Tough-to-Machine Steels on Grinding Technologies

REFERENCES [1] V.B. Dementyev and T.N. Ivanova. “Investigation of the surface layer structure of high-chromium and high-strength steels at the variation of the heating temperature”. Materials Science Forum , vol. 870, pp. 431-436, 2016. [2] T.N. Ivanova and A.M. Dolganov. “ Up-to-date equipment in the technology of diamond face grinding of flat surfaces ”. Yekaterinburg: The Institute of Economics Press, Ural Branch of RAS, 2007. [3] T.N. Ivanova. “Opportunities of abrasive tools in 21st century technology”. Materials Science Forum “Advanced

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Application of Precision Agriculture Technology in Podlaskie Voivodeship

). Postęp i nowe koncepcje w rolnictwie precyzyjnym. Inżynieria Rolnicza, 9 (107), 19-21. Gaultney, L. (2008). Economic and environmental benefits of precision agriculture in fruit and vegetable production . Book of Abstracts: International Symposium – Precision Agriculture for Fruits and Vegetables. Orlando. 6-9.01.2008. Gozdowski, D., Samborski, S., Sioma, S. (2007). Rolnictwo precyzyjne . Wydawnictwo SGGW. Warszawa. ISBN 978-83-7244-858-3. Jadczyszyn, T. (1998). System Rolnictwa Precyzyjnego. III. Nawożenie w rolnictwie precyzyjnym. Frag. Agron

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Analysis of the opportunities to implement the BIZ-TRIZ mechanism

for the commercial resolution of problems encountered by entrepreneurs, so that the university would be able to increase its share in the implementation of research work for local companies. Acknowledgements The research presented in this article was carried out under the Grant No 1/S/IESO/17 of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland “Increasing operational effectiveness of complex technical systems by the systematic development and implementation of innovations using novel materials and modifying the object’s structure” implemented at the

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Influence of personal variables on entrepreneurial intention: A comparative study between Poland and Spain

Introduction The literature confirms the need to identify and strengthen the factors, on which the process of creating new companies depends, due to the high influence that entrepreneurship has on the economic growth and development of countries ( Urbano, Aparicio & Audretsch, 2018 ). In the studies developed by researchers and the reports and documents prepared periodically by the GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor), it is confirmed that these factors are eminently contextual and personal ( Busenitz et al., 2014 ). Although the contextual factors of

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