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Development and characterization of chloroplast simple sequence repeat markers for Prunus taxa (eleven Japanese native taxa and two foreign taxa)

References Arroyo-García R, Lefort F, de Andrés MT, Ibáñaez J, Borrego J, Jouve N, Cabello F, Martínez-Zapater JM (2002). Chloroplast microsatellite polymorphisms in Vitis species. Genome 45: 1142-1149. Goudet J (2001). FSTAT, a program to estimate and test gene diversities and fixa­tion indices (version 2.9.3). Available from Hamilton MB (1999). Four primer pairs for the amplification of chloroplast inter­genic regions with

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The Effect of Altitude on the Pattern of Gene Flow in the Endemic Canary Island Pine, Pinus canariensis

. MILLER (2002): Comparing relative rates of pollen and seed gene flow in the island model using nuclear and organelle measures of population structure. Genetics 162: 1897-1909. HEDRICK, P. W. (2001): Conservation genetics: where are we now? Trends in Ecology & Evolution 16: 629-636. HU, X. S. and R. A. ENNOS (1999): Impacts of seed and pollen flow on population genetic structure for plant genomes with three contrasting modes of inheritance. Genetics 152: 441-450. ISIK, K. and N. KARA (1997): Altitudinal variation in Pinus

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Roles of African swine fever virus structural proteins in viral infection

.V., Sánchez-Vizcaino J.M., Ståhl K.: Development of a suspension microarray for the genotyping of African swine fever virus targeting the SNPs in the c-terminal end of the p72 gene region of the genome. Transbound Emerg Dis 2013, 60, 378–383. 46. Leitão A., Cartaxeiro C., Coelho R., Cruz B., Parkhouse R.M., Portugal F., Vigário J.D., Martins C.L.: The non-haemadsorbing African swine fever virus isolate ASFV/NH/P68 provides a model for defining the protective anti-virus immune response. J Gen Virol 2001, 82, 513–523. 47. Lithgow P., Takamatsu H., Werling D

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First Laboratory Confirmation of Salmonid Alphavirus Type 2 (SAV2) Infection in Poland

., Chilmonczyk S., Castric J., Brémont M.: Rainbow trout sleeping disease virus is an atypical alphavius. J Virol 2000, 74, 173-183. 15. Weston J., Villoing S., Brémont M., Castric J., Pfeffer M., Jewhurst V., McLoughlin M., R⊘dseth O.M., Christie K.E., Koumans J., Todd D.: Comparison of two aquatic alphaviruses, salmon pancreas disease virus and sleeping disease virus, by using genome sequencing analysis, monoclonal reactivity, and cross-infection. J Virol 2002, 76, 61556163.

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Comparative Analysis of Karyotypes from the Strezelecki Ranges Race of the Complex Eucalyptus globulus Labill. ssp. globulus (Myrtaceae) and a Population in Central-Southern Chile

, L. D. (1976): The Biology of Eucalyptus. The Institute of Biology’s. Studies in Biology N° 61. Edward Arnold. A clasification of the Eucalyptus. Australian National University Press. Camberra. RYE, B. L. (1979): Chromosome Number Variation in the Myrtaceae and its Taxonomic Implications. Austral. J. Bot. 27: 547-573. REEVES, A. (2001): MicroMeasure: a new computer program for the collection and analysis of cytogenetic data. Genome 44: 239-443. SANHUEZA, R. and A. R. GRIFFIN (2001): FAMASA Fiber Yield Improvement

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Isolation, Characterization and Phylogenetic Analysis of Nucleotide Binding Site-encoding Disease-resistance Gene Analogues from European Aspen (Populus tremula)

, T., L. E. ONG, K. NOBUTA, C. M. SCHNEIDER and R. W. INNES (2004): Convergent evolution of disease resistance gene specificity in two flowering plant families. Plant Cell 16(2): 309-18. BAI, J., L. A. PENNILL, J. NING, S. W. LEE, J. RAMALINGAM, C. A. WEBB, B. ZHAO, Q. SUN, J. C. NELSON, J. E. LEACH and S. H. HULBERT (2002): Diversity in nucleotide binding site-leucine-rich repeat genes in cereals. Genome Res 12(12): 1871-84. BUSTAMENTE, C. D., J. P. TOWNSEND and D. L. HARTL (2000): Solvent accessibility and purifying selection within

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Microarray Analysis of Gene Expression in Triploid Black Poplar

References ANDORF, S., J. SELBIG, T. ALTMANN, K. POOS, H. WITUCKAWALL and D. REPSILBER (2010): Enriched partial correlations in genome-wide gene expression profiles of hybrids (A. thaliana): a systems biological approach towards the molecular basis of heterosis. Theor Appl Genet 120 (2): 249-259. AINSWORTH, E. A. and D. R. BUSH (2011): Carbohydrate export from the leaf: a highly regulated process and target to enhance photosynthesis and productivity. Plant Physiol 155: 64-69. ANDERSSON-GUNNERAS, S., E. J

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Coronaviruses in avian species – review with focus on epidemiology and diagnosis in wild birds

Introduction Among the most abundant viruses infecting a wide variety of animals, including birds and humans are representatives of the large Coronaviridae family. Their virions contain the largest single-stranded positive sense RNA (ssRNA) genome, the feature which distinguishes them from other known viral RNA genomes ( 19 ). Similarly to other RNA viruses, coronaviruses (CoVs) are characterised by high genetic diversity driven by mutation and recombination, which can lead to the emergence of new viruses. Such new pathogens can have new features which even

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Characterization of Juglans nigra (L.), Juglans regia (L.) and Juglans x intermedia (Carr.) by SSR markers: a case study in Italy

across Europe. New Forests 25: 211-225. FJELLSTROM, R. G. and D. E. PARFITT (1994): Walnut (Juglans spp) genetic diversity determined by restriction- fragment length polymorphisms. Genome 37: 690-700. FENAROLI, L. and G. GAMBIT (1976): Alberi. Dendrofloraitalica. Museo trentino di scienze naturali. Trento. FORNARI, B., F. CANNATA, M. SPADA and M. E. MALVOLTI (1999): Allozyme analysis of genetic diversity and differentiation in European and Asiatic walnut (Juglans regia L.) populations. Forest Genetics 6: 115

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Genetic evaluation of Cryptomeria japonica breeding materials for male-sterile trees

) Genetic management of seed orchards based on information revealed by molecular markers. Journal of the Japanese Forestry Society 87:161–169 (in Japanese with English summary). Moriguchi Y, Tani N, Itoo S, Kanechira F, Tanaka K, Yomogida H, Taira H, Tsumura Y (2005b) Gene flow and mating system in five Cryptomeria japonica D. Don seed orchards as revealed by analysis of microsatellite markers. Tree Genetics and Genomes 1:174–183. Moriguchi Y, Totsuka S, Iwai J, Matsumoto A, Ueno

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