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Optimal Control in Chemotherapy of a Viral Infection

HIV-1 quasispecies and the development of immunodeficiency disease , AIDS, 4 (1990), 1095-1103. 19. Nowak, M.A.; May, R.M. - Mathematical biology of HIV infections: antigenic variation and diversity treshold , Math. Biosci., 106 (1991), 1-21. 20. Perelson, A.S. - Modeling the interaction of the immune system with HIV , Mathematical and statistical approaches to AIDS epidemiology, 350-370, Lecture Notes in Biomath., 83, Springer, Berlin, 1989. 21. Perelson, A.S.; Kirschner, D.; De Boer, R. - The dynamics of HIV

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Forest decline has not reduced genetic diversity of naturally regenerated Norway spruce from the Beskids, Poland

-RIVAS, H. A. CASTELLANOS-BOCAZ and A. PINEDO-ALVAREZ (2009): Is there a positive relationship between naturalness and genetic diversity in forest tree communities? Investigación Agraria: Sistemas y Recursos Forestales 18: 20-27. WHITE, G. M., D. H. BOSHIER and W. POWELL (2002): Increased pollen flow counteracts fragmentation in a tropical dry forest: An example from Swietenia humilis Zuccarini. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 99: 2038-2042. WOJNICKA-PÓŁTORAK, A., W. PRUS-GŁOWACKI, K. CELIN´SKI and A. KORCZYK (2013): Genetic aspects of age dynamics

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Bold vision: Gender diversity stuck in transition

References Adams, R. B. (2016). Women on boards: The superheroes of tomorrow? (ECGI Finance Working Paper 466, 1-55). Adams, R. B. & Ferreira, D. (2009). Women in the boardroom and their impact on governance and performance. Journal of Financial Economics, 94(2), 291-309. Adams, R. B., Haan, J., Terjesen, S. & Ees, H. van (2015). Board diversity: Moving the field forward. Corporate Governance: An International Review, 23(2), 77-82. Akaah, I. P. (1989). Differences in research ethics judgments

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The Role of Traditional Communities n the Management of Diversity of Sheep Populations in Caras - Severin County

: geographical distribution and dynamics in relation to the ecology of West Africa, 1999. pp. 44-50. London: Overseas Development Institute. [5] Chambers, R., and G. R. Conway, Sustainable rural livelihoods: practical concepts for the 21st century, Institute for Development Studies Discussion Paper, 1991; 296. [6] FAO, World Watch List for Domestic Animal Diversity. Third Edition. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Rome, Italy, 2000. 726 p. [7] Gandini, Gustavo C., and Emanuele Villa, Analysis of the

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First record of Physarum spectabile (Myxomycetes) in Russia

REFERENCES A damonytė G., S tephenson S.L., M ichaud A., S eraoui E.-H., M eyer M., N ovozhilov Y u .K., K rivomaz T., 2011: Myxomycete species diversity on the island of La Réunion (Indian Ocean). – Nova Hedwigia, 92: 523–549. B uchtoyarova N.Y u ., G moshinskiy V.I., 2017: Itogi izučenija vidovogo raznoobrazija miksomicetov (kl. Myxomycetes) Južnogo lesničestva CLGPBZ s 2014 po 2016 god. – In: Vklad zapovednoj sistemy v soxranenie bioraznoobrazija i ustojčivoe razvitie. Materialy Vserossijskoj naučnoj konferencii s meždunarodnym učastiem

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Biodiversity and population fluctuations of parasitoids of the white peach scale, Pseudaulacaspis pentagona (Targioni-Tozzetti) (Hemiptera: Diaspididae), in kiwifruit orchards in Northern Iran

Rafiee Dastjerdi, H. 2010. Population dynamics of the white peach scale, Pseudaulacaspis pentagona and its important natural enemies in Mazandaran. M.Sc. thesis, Mohaghegh Ardabili University, Ardabil, Iran. Camargo J.A. 1992. New diversity index for assessing structural alterations in aquatic communities. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology , 48 (3): p.428-434. Collins, F.A. and Whitcomb, W.H. 1975. Natural enemies of the white peach scale, Pseudaulacaspis pentagona (Homoptera: Cooccidae), in Florida. Florida Entomologist , 54 (1

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Polymorphisms of the osteopontin gene and level of its expression in the reproductive tract of sows / Polimorfizm w genie osteopontyny i poziom jej ekspresji w układzie rozrodczym loch


The aim of the study was to find osteopontin gene (OPN) polymorphisms as potential mutations affecting the expression level of genes in the ovaries, uterus and oviduct of sows. The material consisted of 71 F1 sows (Polish Large White × Polish Landrace). In the first stage several polymorphisms in the promoter region, intron 6, exon 6 and 7 of the OPN gene were found. The parameters estimated were the frequency of alleles and genotypes, observed heterozygosity and gene diversity, PIC, and chi2 factors. Chi2 values allow for assessment of genetic equilibrium in the population. Thus, the loci OPNp3-4 and OPNe6-1 were in genetic disequilibrium while locus OPNe6-Knoll showed genetic equilibrium. Also real-time PCR analysis to determine the expression dynamics of the OPN gene in examined tissues was performed in relation to “housekeeping” genes. A comparison was made for relative expression in different tissues and different mutations. The highest expression pattern was observed in the oviduct. Based on the novel polymorphisms a significant correlation between the OPN genotype and OPN expression (mRNA) level in the ovary, oviduct, uterine body and uterine horn was observed. In the second stage, the levels of expression of the OPN gene in individual tissues, traits of reproductive performance and reproductive tract traits of sows were also compared. The expression levels in the uterine body and oviduct were related to the age of mating, cervical length, litter weight at birth, number of active nipples, age at slaughter and body weight at mating.

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Genetic Diversity of Leafy Liverwort Species (Jungermanniidae, Marchantiophyta) in Poland: Regional Genetic Differentiation of Leafy Liverworts

. Genetic diversity of the epiphytic Leucodon sciuroides in formerly glaciated versus nonglaciated parts of Europe. Heredity 84: 710-720. Ellstrand N. C. & Roose M. L. 1987. Patterns of genotypic diversity in clonal plant species. Am. J. Bot. 74: 123-131. Fabiszewski J. 1986. Heavy metal tolerance of Cardaminopsishalleri (L.) Hayek populations in the Polish Tatra Mts. Acta Soc. Bot. Pol. 55: 421-428. Faliński J. B. 1986. Vegetation dynamics in temperate lowland primeval forests. Geobotany 8:1-537. Freitas

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Genetic Variation in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Endemic and Endangered Conifer Cupressus gigantea, Detected Using RAPD and ISSR Markers

Juniperus thurifera L. (Cupressaceae) in the western Mediterranean region. Israel Journal of Plant Sciences 51: 11-22. KREMER, A. and M. P. REVIRON (2004): Dynamics and conservation of genetic diversity in forest ecosystems. Forest Ecology and Management 197: 1-2. LEDIG, F. T. (1987): Genetic structure and the conservation of California’s endemic and near-endemic conifers, pp. 587-594. In: Conservation and Management of Rare and Endangered Plants edited by T. S. ELLIS, California Native Plant Society, Sacramento, USA. LEE, S

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Critical Mass in the Boardroom of Croatian Banks

REFERENCES Adams, R. B. and Ferreira, D. 2009. Women in the boardroom and their impact on governance and performance. Journal of Financial Economics 94: 291-309. Athanasoglou, P. P., Brissimis, S. N. and Delis, M. D. 2005. Bank-Specific, Industry Specific and Macroeconomic Determinants of Bank Profitability. Bank of Greece. Working paper No 25: 4-37. Barta, T., Kleiner, M., and Neumann, T. 2012. Is there a payoff from top-team diversity?. McKinsey Quarterly. (accessed February 19

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