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Roumeissa Salhi, Karima Messaoudi and Souad Sassi Boudemagh

References [1] Assaf, S. and Al-Hejji, S. (2005) “Causes of delay in large construction projects”.International Journal of Project Management, Volume 24, Issue 4, pp 349-357. [2] Long Le-Hoai, Young Dai Lee, et Jun Yong Lee. (2008) “Delay and Cost Overruns in Vietnam Large Construction Projects: A Comparison with Other Selected Countries”. KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, Volume 12, Issue 6, pp 367-377. [3] Mohan,M. Kumaraswamy et Daniel W. M. Chan(2010)“Contributors to construction delays”. Construction

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K. Chandrashekhar Iyer and Partha S. Banerjee

Blackwell Handbook of Strategic Management. Blackwell Publishers Ltd., Oxford, UK, pp. 124-188. Barrett, P., & Sutrisna, M. (2009). Methodological strategies to gain insights into informality and emergence in construction project case studies. Construction Management and Economics, 27(10), pp. 935-948. Bassioni, H., Price, A., & Hassan, T. M. (2004). Performance measurement in construction. Journal of Management in Engineering, 20(2), pp. 42-50. Benbasat, I., Goldstein, D. K., & Mead, M. (1987). The case research strategy in

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E. Radziszewska-Zielina

References 1. Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), Partnering: A Concept for Success, Washington, USA, 1991. 2. S.M. Baas, H. Kwakernaak, Rating and Raking of Multiple-Aspects Alternatives Using Fuzzy Sets, Automatica, 13, 47-58, 1977. 3. R. Bayliss, S.O. Cheung, H.C.H. Suen, S.P. Wong, Effective tools in construction : a case study on MTRC TKE contract 604 in Hong Kong, International Journal of Project Management, 22, 3, 253-263, 2004. 4. R. Beach, M. Webster, K.M. Campbell, An

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Valery Komisarov, Linda Kauškale and Natalija Lepkova

References Alhammadi, Y., Algahtany, M., Kashiwagi, D., Sullivan, K., & Kashiwagi, J. (2016). The Current State of Research and Development Approach (R&D) in the Saudi Construction Industry. Procedia Engineering, 145, 1462-1469. BiznesPolska. (2016). 4th annual CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards Gala and Summit. Winners. Retrieved from CBRE. (2015). Market review. Baltics Investment (March 2015). Retrieved

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Linda Kauškale and Frank Riemenschneider

:// Berends, K. (2007). Engineering and construction projects for oil and gas processing facilities: Contracting, uncertainty and the economics of information. Energy Policy, 35(8), 4260-4270. Bertoldi, P., & Mosconi, R. (2015). The impact of energy efficiency policies on energy consumption in the EU Member States: a new approach based on Energy Policy indicators. Science for Policy report by the Joint Research Centre, the European Commission’s in-house science service. https

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Andrzej Więckowski and Alicja Sznurawa

. [10] Report No. FHWA/TX-04/0-4035-1: Design of a post-tensioned prestressed concrete pavement, construction guidelines, and monitoring plan. The University of Texas at Austin, 2003. [11] SZNURAWA A., Zagadnienia konstrukcyjno-technologiczne dotyczące projektowania betonowych nawierzchni lotniskowych, Praca magisterska, Politechnika Krakowska, Kraków 2012. [12] SZYDŁO A., STAROSOLSKI W., Konstrukcje żelbetowe według Eurokodu 2 i norm związanych, Vol. 3. PWN, Warszawa, 2012. [13] WIĘCKOWSKI A., SZNURAWA A., Effectiveness

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Liudmila V. Khokhlova

Foundation. Grierson George A . 1918. Linguistic Survey of India (Vol. VIII, P art II). Calcutta: G overnment of India P ress. Gusain Lakhan. 2004. Marwari. Muenchen: Lincom Europa academic publications. Hock Hans H enrich. 1986. “P-Oriented Constructions in Sanskrit.” In: Krishnamurty 1986: 15-26. Hook Peter Edwin. 1979. Hindi Structures: Intermediate Level. A nn A rbor: Center for South and South-East Asian Studies, U niversity of Michigan. Kachru Yamuna. 1966. An Introduction to Hindi Syntax

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B. Hoła and M. Szóstak

References 1. Akhad Suraji, A. Roy Duff, Stephen J. Peckitt, Development of causal Model of construction accident causation, Journal of construction engineering and management, juy/august, 2001, 337-344. 2. Bojanowski R., A new statistical card of an accident at work. Occupational Safety, 7-8, 2005. 3. Carlos A. Arboleda, Dlulcy m. Abraham, Fatalities in Treching Operations - Analysis Using Models of Accident Causation, Journal of construction engineering and management, ASCE/ march/april 2004, 273

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Martina Zagvozda, Sanja Dimter and Tatjana Rukavina

] Strizivojna Hrast - cogeneration . (28/05/2017). [6] SRCplus. (30/05/2017). [7] Šķēls, P., Bondars, K., Plonis, R., Haritonovs, V. and Paeglītis, A. Usage of Wood Fly Ash in Stabilization of Unbound Pavement Layers and Soils. In: Proceedings of 13th Baltic Sea Geotechnical Conference , 2016, p. 122–125. [8] Vestin, J., Arm, M., Nordmark, D., Lagerkvist, A., Hallgren, P. and Lind, B. Fly ash as a road construction material. In: WASCON 2012 Conference proceedings. 2012, p. 1

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Uğur Gündüz

. Ozkan, N. P. (2013): “The Identity Construction Process of Social Networking Users in E-Socializing Processing”, Paper presented at the II. International Conference on Communication, Media, Technology and Design, 2-4 May 2013, Famagusta North Cyprus, 386-391. Sengun, S. (2014): “A Semiotic Analysis for Digital Avatars and The Roles of Reducing Uncertainty in Digital Communication”, Paper presented at the International Academic Conference of The Impact of Digital Communication Istanbul: Iskenderiye Publishing, 33-44. Vural, B. A. & Bat, M. (2010): “Social