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A Fragmented Diaspora:
Iranians in Sweden

masks/Muslim names: name changes among Muslim immigrants in Sweden’, Race and Class , vol. 53, no. 3, pp. 65-80, DOI:10.1177/0306396811425986 Maghbouleh, N 2017, The Limits of Whiteness: Iranian Americans and the Everyday Politics of Race , Stanford University Press, Stanford. Malkki, L 1995, Purity and Exile: Violence, Memory, and National Cosmology among Hutu Refugees in Tanzania , University of Chicago Press, Chicago. Mavroudi, E 2007, ‘Diaspora as process: (De)Constructing boundaries’, Geography Compass , vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 467-479, DOI:10

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Norway’s 22/7 converging frames of war

. Berwick, A 2011, 2083 - A European declaration of independence. De Laude Novae Militiae Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici, London (pseudonym of Anders Behring Breivik). Betz, H-G & Meret, S 2009,‘Revisiting Lepanto: the political mobilisation against Islam in contemporary Western Europe’, Patterns of Prejudice, vol. 43, no. 3-4, pp. 313-334. Boe, CS & Hervik P 2008, ‘Integration through insult’, in Transnational media events. The Mohammed cartoons and the imagined clash of civilizations,eds E. Eide, K. Risto &A. Phillips

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Problem drinking, gambling and eating – three problems, one understanding? A qualitative comparison between French and Finnish social workers

und Gesellschaft in der Gegenwart [The weariness of the self: Diagnosing the history of depression in the contemporary age] (German translation). Frankfurt/M: Campus. Elias, N. (2005). Über den Prozess der Zivilisation. Soziogenetische und psychogenetische Untersuchungen. Zweiter Band: Wandlungen der Gesellschaft. Entwurf zu einer Theorie der Zivilisation [The civilising process] (27th ed.). Frankfurt/M: Suhrkamp. Elster, J. (1999). Emotion and addiction: Neurobiology, culture, and choice. In J. Elster (Ed.), Addiction: entries

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A study of status and affect in online discussion forums

& Hutchings, VL 1996, ‘Perceptions of racial group competition: extending Blumer’s theory of group position to a multiracial social context’, American Sociological Review, vol. 61, pp. 951-972. Buchan, J & May, F 1999, ‘Globalisation and healthcare labour markets: a case study from the United Kingdom’, Human Resources for Health Development Journal, vol. 3, no. 3, pp. 199-209. Clough, PT & Halley, J (eds.) 2007, The affective turn: theorizing the social, Duke, Durham and London. Colineau, N & Paris, C 2010, ‘Talking about your

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Women's Contribution to Rural Development in Croatia: Roles, Participation and Obstacles

., Rurality and cultures of womanhood , in: P. Cloke and J. Little (eds.), Contested Countryside Cultures: Otherness, Marginalisation and Rurality , London 1997: Routledge, pp. 123-137. Karaman-Aksentijević, N., Denona, N. and Grčić, B., ‘The Possibilities for the Improvement of the Quality of Life in Croatian rural areas’, Naše gospodarstvo, Revija za aktualna gospodarska vprašanja , no 46 (1), 2000, pp. 113-125. Kušen, E., ‘The Saborsko Project: A model project for the development of rural tourism in a war

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Ethnography and psychoanalysis

: Criminology and the Politics of Anxiety . Portland OR: Willan Publishing, 2007. Lee, M. 2009. “The Enumeration of Anxiety: Power, Knowledge and Fear of Crime.” Fear of crime: Critical voices in an age of anxiety . Eds. M. Lee, and S. Farrall. New York: Routledge-Cavendish, 2009. 33-44. Loo, D. “The ‘Moral Panic’ that Wasn’t: The Sixties Crime Issue in the US.” Fear of crime: Critical voices in an age of anxiety . Eds. M. Lee, and S. Farrall. New York: Routledge-Cavendish, 2009. 12-31. Lorenz, E. N. “Deterministic Non

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Baltic States - How to React to “New Warfare” in the Context of the Article V?

:// [Accessed June 12, 2015]. ČIŽIK, T & NOVÁK, P 2014, ‘North Atlantic Treaty Alliance’ in R. Ondrejcsák (ed), Introduction to Security Studies, pp. 85-114. Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs, Bratislava. ČIŽIK, T 2015, ‘Najsilnejšia zbraň Ruska - propaganda’ Denník N. 18 May. Available from: [Accessed January 7, 2016]. ČIŽIK, T 2015a, ‘Implications for Security and Defence Cooperation of the Nordic-Baltic Region Following the Annexation

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“Samira Doesn’t Live Here Any More”:
Somali-Swedes’ mobility as transnational practice

Federation of Finland - The Population Research Institute, Helsinki. Basch, L, Glick-Schiller, N & Blanc-Szanton, C 1994, Nations unbound - transnational projects, postcolonial predicaments and deterritorialized Nation-States, Gordon & Breach, New York. Berns McGown, R 1999, Muslims in the diaspora. The Somali Communities of London and Toronto, University of Toronto Press, Toronto. Bjork, S 2007, ‘Modernity meets clan: cultural intimacy in the somali diaspora’, in From Mogadishu to Dixon - the somali diaspora in a global

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The Shivers of Knowledge

Altenmüller, E. (2009). “Chills as an indicator of individual emotional peaks”. Ann N Y Acad Sci, 1169: 351-4. Grewe, O., Nagel, F., Kopiez, R., and Altenmüller, E. (2005). “How does music arouse "chills”? investigating strong emotions, combining psychological, physiological, and psychoacoustical methods”. Ann N Y Acad Sci, 1060: 446-9. Gopnik, A. and Meltzoff, A. N. (1997). Words, Thoughts, and Theories. Cambridge, Mass : MIT Press. Grossberg, S. and Levine, D. S. (1987). “Neural dynamics of attentionally modulated pavlovian

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Is Small Beautiful? The Debate on the Future of Small Individual Farms in Poland

Huylenbroeck, G., Vandermeulen, V., Mettepenningen, E. and Verspecht, A., 2007. ‘Multifunctionality of Agriculture: A.R eview of Definitions, Evidence and Instruments’, Living Reviews in Landscape Research. Vol. 1(3): 1-43. van Zyl, J., Parker, A.N. and Miller, B. R ., 2000 ‘The myth of large farm superiority: Lessons from agricultural transition in Poland’, The Journal of Policy Reform. Vol. 3(4): 353-372. WCED/World Commission on Environment and Development, 1987. ‘Our Common Future’. Available at: http

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