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Bidirectional asymmetry in the neurovisceral communication for the cardiovascular control: New insights

. Borson-Chazot F, Jordan D, Fevre-Montange M, Kopp N, Tourniaire J, Rouzioux JM, Veisseire M, Mornex R. TRH and LH-RH distribution in discrete nuclei of the human hypothalamus: evidence for a left prominence of TRH. Brain Res 382, 433–436, 1986. Crumeyrolle-Arias M, Jaglin M, Bruneau A, Vancassel S, Cardona A, Dauge V, Naudon L, Rabot S. Absence of the gut microbiota enhances anxiety-like behavior and neuroendocrine response to acute stress in rats. Psychoneuroendocrinology 42, 207–217, 2014. Dicker D, Maya I, Vasilevsky V, Gofman M, Markowitz D, Beilin V

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GHB receptors - a new trend in psychopharmacology?

, Hechler V, Vayer P, Gobaille S, Cash CD, Schmitt M, et al. A specific gamma-hydroxybutyrate receptor ligand possesses both antagonistic and anticonvulsant properties. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 1990; 255(2): 657-663. 13. Smolders I, De Klippel N, Sarre S, Ebinger G, Michotte Y. Tonic GABA-ergic modulation of striatal dopamine release studied by in vivo microdialysis in the freely moving rat. Eur J Pharmacol. 1995; 284(1-2): 83-91. 14. Schmidt-Mutter C, Muller C, Zwiller J, Gobaille S, Maitre M. Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate and Cocaine Administration Increases mRNA

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Self-harm - an overview of the tools used to assess non-suicidal self-harming behaviors

., May A. M., Glenn C. R. The relationship between nonsuicidal self-injury and attempted suicide: converging evidence from four samples. Journal of abnormal psychology, 2013, 122.1: 231. 42. Muehlenkamp JJ, Swenson LP, Batejan KL et all Emotional and Behavioral Effects of Participating in an Online Study of Nonsuicidal Self-Injury: An Experimental Analysis Clinical Psychological Science 2015 43. Demirci E., Non suicidal self-injury, emotional eating and insomnia after child sexual abuse: Are those symptoms related to emotion regulation? J Forensic Leg Med

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