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Impact of supplier-specific investments in inter-organisational information systems on strategic electronic coordination: the moderation effect of buyer dependence

.2307/1252040 Heide, J. B., & Weiss, A. M. (1995). Vendor consideration and switching behavior for buyers in high-technology markets. Journal of Marketing , 59 (7), 33-43. doi: 10.2307/1252117 Hunt, S. D., Sparkman R. D., & Wilcox, J. B. (1982). The pretest in survey research: Issues and preliminary findings. Journal of Marketing Research , 19 (2), 269-273. doi: 10.2307/3151627 Ibbott, C. J., & O'Keefe, R. M. (2004). Trust, planning and benefits in a global interorganizational system. Information Systems Journal , 14 (2), 131-152. doi: 10.1111/j.1365

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Influence of personal variables on entrepreneurial intention: A comparative study between Poland and Spain

Description of the sample Gender Country Total Spain Poland Male 144 175 319 (44.24%) Female 195 207 402 (55.76%) Total 339 (47.02%) 382 (52.98%) N=721 2.2 Measures and the instrument In this work, the questionnaire was used to collect the information, as it is usual in this type of study. To ensure the validity of content in the design of the questionnaire, a group of two experts from Poland and Spain and eleven students (6 from Spain) analysed the literature to identify the variables to be observed (items) and

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Fourth industrial revolution: a way forward to attain better performance in the textile industry

normally distributed if the range of skewness and kurtosis lied within + 1.0 and + 3.00, respectively. All the values were under the acceptable range. Maximum and minimum values showed that the data had no outlier. Tab. 6 Missing values and data outlier N o . M issing M ean M edian M in M ax SD K urtosis S kewness CPS1 1 0 3.527 3 1 7 1.852 -0.652 0.371 CPS2 2 0 3.591 3 1 7 1.783 -0.465 0.385 CPS3 3 0 3.555 3 1 7 1.859 -0.725 0.287 CPS4 4 0 3.436 3 1 7 1

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Reduction of defects in the lapping process of the silicon wafer manufacturing: the Six Sigma application

Congress Proceedings, Anais 225 – 231 Bothe, D. (2001). Statistical reason for the 1.5s shift. Quality Engineering 14(3), 479-488. Bothe D. 2001 Statistical reason for the 1.5s shift Quality Engineering 14 3 479 – 488 Brewer, P., & Bagranoff, N. A. (2004). Near zero-defect accounting with six-sigma. Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance (Wiley) 15(2), 67-43. 10.1002/jcaf.10235 Brewer P. & Bagranoff N. A. 2004 Near zero-defect accounting with six-sigma Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance (Wiley) 15 2 67 – 43

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Gerontechnology — the assessment of one selected technology improving the quality of life of older adults

four age groups. Fig. 3 Technology assessment of personal care robots for older adults in terms of demand of in four age groups — selected answers The analysis of Fig. 3 revealed the smallest acceptance of the D1 statement occurring among respondents aged 41‒60 (the average score of 3.3), and the largest among the participants aged 26‒40 (the average assessment of the D1 statement amounting to 4.1). On the other hand, the D2 statement had the lowest acceptance among people over 60 (the average grade of 4.3), and the largest among the youngest

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Intelligent Performance Analysis with a Natural Language Interface

. [6] C. Olsson and T. Svantesson, “Harmonised maintenance and reliability indicators - compare apples to apples”, Maintworld, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 9-11, 2009. [7] C. Idhammar, “The first world class maintenance organization”, Maintworld, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 52-53, 2010. [8] A. Parida and U. Kumar, “Maintenance performance measurement - methods, tools and applications”, Maintworld, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 30-33, 2009. [9] N.A. Al-Shammasi and S.S. Al-Shakhoyry, “Improving maintenance performance in Saudi Aramco”, Maintworld

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Optimizing Outcome in the University-Industry Technology Transfer Projects

References [1] Agrawal. „University-to-Industry Knowledge Transfer: Literature Review and Unanswered Questions”, in International Journal of Management Reviews, vol. 3 (4), December 2001, pp. 285-302. [2] Agrawal. „Engaging the Inventor: Exploring Licensing Strategies for University Inventions and the Role of Latent Knowledge”, in Strategic Management Journal, vol. 27(1), January 2006, pp. 63-79. [3] N.S. Argyres and J.P. Liebeskind. „Privatizing the Intellectual Commons: Universities and the Commercialization

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Sustainable Business Development Through Leadership in SMEs

of corporate social responsibility. Journal of Business Ethics, 50(1), 33-44. Hillary, R. (2000). Small and medium-sized enterprises and the environment: business imperatives. Sheffield, Great Britain: Greenleaf Publishing. Hind, P., Smit, A., & Page, N. (2013). Enabling sustainability through an action research process of organisational development. Journal of Corporate Citizenship, 49, 137-161. Hoag, B., & Cooper, C. L. (2006). Managing value-based organizations: it's not what you think. Northampton, Great Britain

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The moderating role of risk management in project planning and project success: Evidence from construction businesses of Pakistan and the UK

.2% and approx. 5.5% of the total employed labour force ( PSDF, 2013 ). The economic growth in Pakistan is escalated by over 100,000 employees holding contractual and permanent jobs created by the construction industry ( Khan & Gul, 2017 ). Gradual growth in the construction businesses is achieved by massive investments in Pakistan from China–Pakistan Economic Corridor Project (CPEC) ( Gazder & Khan, 2018 ). As a result, Hawksbay, Karachi received approx. USD 60 billion in investments while another USD 43 billion went to Bin Qasim ( Gazder & Khan, 2018 ). Also, Naya

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Analysis of the opportunities to implement the BIZ-TRIZ mechanism

-TRIZ mechanism implementation N egative factors for achieving the objectives of the BIZ-TRIZ mechanism implementation I nternal factors (characteristics of the implementation producer ) (S) Strong points (W) Weak points • The strong reputation of the Maritime University of Szczecin (MUS) in the research areas of transport, mechatronics, machine construction and operation and production engineering; • Heuristic methods, including TRIZ, are unfamiliar to the employees of the Maritime University of Szczecin; • Experience of the Maritime University of

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