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Anna Gavanas

References Aguirre, G 2013, ’Om känslor på jobbet. Intimitet, känslor och hushållstjänster i Barcelona.’ In Gavanas. A. & Calleman C. (eds) Rena hem på smutsiga villkor? Hushållstjänster, migration och globalisering, Makadam, Göteborg and Stockholm. Anderson, B 2000, Doing the dirty work? The global politics of domestic labor, Zed Books, London and New York. Bauman, Z (2012) Liquid modernity, polity, cambridge and malden MA. Blaakilde AL & Nilsson G 2013, Nordic seniors on the move, Lund, Lunds

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Enrico Cavina, Rinaldo Bucchi and Przemysław Busse

autumn migration in 1974 . Not. Orn. 19, 1-4: 15-36. Busse P. 1981. Finding of local passage direction as the result of an analysis of retraps and short distance direct-recoveries . Not. Orn. 22: 3-4. Busse P. 1996. Modelling of the seasonal dynamics of bird migration . Ring 18, 1-2: 97-119. Busse P. and Halastra G. 1981. The autumn migration of birds on the Polish Baltic sea coast . Acta orn. 18, 3: 167-290. Busse P. and Maksalon L. 1978. Some aspects of Song Thrush migration at Polish Baltic coast . Not. Orn. 19, 1-4: 1-14. Cavina E

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Lucian Ioan Tarnu

References 1. Massey, Doug S. et al. “Theories of International Migration: A Review and Appraisal”, Population and Development Review, vol. 19, no. 3, (1993): 431-466. 2. Data are provided by the National Institute of Statistics. 3. Ibidem. Aelenei Victor, The Law of State Border, volume I, Bucharest: Pro Universitaria Publishing House, 2006. Albu Alexandru D., International Migration of Work Force, Bucharest: Science and Encyclopedic Publishing House, 1976

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Monika Jandová and Tomáš Paleta

References BOERI, T., SCARPETTA, S. (1996). Regional Mismatch and the Transition to a Market Economy. Labour Economics 3, pp. 233-254. BORJAS, G. J. (2010). Labor Economics. Boston: McGraw Hill. CROZET, M. (2004). Do migrants follow market potentials? An estimation of a new economic geography model. Journal of Economic Geography. 4, pp. 439-458. Database of the Czech Statistical Office. Available from Internet: DENNETT, A., STILLWELL, J. (2008). Internal migration in Great Britain

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Oliviero Casacchia, Cecilia Reynaud, Salvatore Strozza and Enrico Tucci

REFERENCES ADEY, P. (2009), Migration , New York: Routledge. ALBA, R. and NEE, V. (1997), ‘Rethinking assimilation theory for a new era of immigration’, International Migration Review , 31 (4), pp. 826‒874. ANDERSSON, R. (2012), ‘Understanding Ethnic Minorities’ Settlement and Geographical Migration Patterns in Sweden Using Longitudinal Data’, [in:] FINNEY N. and CATNEY G. (eds.), Minority Internal Migration in Europe , pp. 263‒291, Surrey: Ashgate Publishing, International Population Studies Series. BELANGER, A. and ROGERS, A. (2009

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Birte Nienaber and Wioletta Frys

References Backhaus, B., Ninke, L. & Over, A. (2002). Brain Drain - Brain Gain. Eine Untersuchung über internationale Berufskarrieren. Retrieved from: Bade, K. J., Emmer, P. C., Lucassen, L. & Oltmer, J. (2008, Eds.). Enzyklopädie Migration in Europa: Vom 17. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart. 2 nd ed. Paderborn: Ferdinand Schöningh Verlag. Bertelsmann-Stiftung (Ed

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Fábio Oliveira, Abílio Oliveira and Bráulio Alturas

. Gomes, P. F. L. (2011). Migração de aplicações legadas para bases de dados NoSQL. Universidade do Minho. Manyika, J., Chui, M., Brown, B., Bughin, J., Dobbs, R., Roxburgh, C., & Byers, A. H. (2011). Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity. Retrieved January 9, 2016, from MongoDB. (2015). RDBMS to MongoDB Migration Guide. A MongoDB White Paper, 16. Moniruzzaman, A. B. M

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Eu enlargement and au pairing in the United Kingdom

The experiences and migratory strategies of Slovak au pairs

Zuzana Sekeráková Búriková

Introduction Drawing upon ethnographic fieldwork on the experience of Slovak au pairs living and working in London in 2004 and 2005, I examine the effects of EU enlargement on au pair migration and experiences. Numerous researchers have emphasised the intersection of gender, class, immigration status and ethnicity as central to the asymmetric power relations in paid domestic work (e.g. Andall 2003 ; Anderson 2000 ; Bott 2005 ; Durin 2015 ; Henshall Momsen 1999 ; Lundström 2012 ; Lutz 2011 ; Näre 2011 , 2013a ; Olakivi 2013 ; Parreñas 2001

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Ngo Trung Thanh, Philippe Lebailly and Nguyen Thi Dien

Reference Amcoff, J., & Niedomysl, T. (2015). Is the Tied Returnee Male or Female? The Trailing Spouse Thesis Reconsidered. Population, Space and Place, 21 (8), 872-881. doi: Bélanger, D., & Linh, T. G. (2011). The impact of transnational migration on gender and marriage in sending communities of Vietnam. Current Sociology, 59 (1), 59-77. Bezu, S., & Holden, S. (2014). Are rural youth in Ethiopia abandoning agriculture? World Development, 64 , 259-272. Binh, N. T. T. (2016). The Dynamics of Return

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Michael Frenkel

References [1] Altonji J.G., Card D., The effects of immigration on the labor market outcomes of less-skilled natives, In: Abowd J.M., Freeman R.B. (Eds.), Immigration, trade and the labor market, University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 201-234, 1991. [2] Bhagwati J.N., International migration of the highly skilled: economics, ethics and taxes, Third World Quarterly, 1, 17-30, 1979. [3] Bodvarsson Ö.B., Van den Berg H., The economics of immigration - theory and policy, Springer- Verlag New York, New York, 2013