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Mihai Păunică, Alexandru Manole, Cătălina Motofei and Gabriela Lidia Tănase

References Dima, S. (2016). Globalisation, Trade Openness and Foreign Direct Investment in Romania. Studia Universitatis „Vasile Goldis” Arad-Economics Series, 26(4), 41-53. Dudu, L., & Moscu, R. G. (2016). The Practical Use Of The Linear Multiple Regression In The Complex Gdp Analysis. Knowledge Horizons-Economics, 8(2). Retrieved from Esposito, P. (2017). Trade creation, trade diversion and

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Klimis Vogiatzoglou

References ASEAN Secretariat (2014), ASEAN Community in Figures – Special Edition 2014: A Closer Look at Trade Performance and Dependency, and Investment , ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta, Indonesia. Athukorala, P. (2014), Global Production Sharing and Trade Patterns in East Asia, in: The Oxford Handbook of the Economics of the Pacific Rim (Eds. Inderjit N. Kaur and Nirvikar Singh), Chapter 13, pp. 333–361, Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. Bayraktar, N. (2015), Importance of Investment Climates for Inflows of Foreign Direct Investment in

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Agnieszka Drzymała

:// Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Official Journal of the European Union, Pasierbiak P. (2015), Osłabienie powiązań gospodarczych Japonii z Unią Europejską w latach 2007-2014,

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Theodore Metaxas

Initiation in Britain and Germany, Belhaven Press, London, NY BerkÖz, L. 2001. The Interregional Location of Foreign Investors in Turkey, European Planning Studies , 9 (8): 979-994. Blakely, J.E., 1994. Planning Local Economic Development: Theory and Practice, Sage publications, 2 nd edition Bitzenis, A. 2007. Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from Multinationals in the Post-crisis Era of Bulgaria in the late 1990s. Southeast European and Black Sea Studies , 7(1): 83

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Eliza Chilimoniuk-Przeździecka

References Alfaro, L., Chanda, A., Kalemli-Ozcan, S., Sayek, S. (2004). FDI and economic growth: the role of local financial markets, Journal of International Economics , pp. 89-112. Bevan, A., Estrin, S. (2004). The determinants of foreign direct investment into European transition economies, Journal of Comparative Economics , pp. 775-787. Business Services Sector in Poland. (2011). Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland, Warsaw. Eller, M

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Tomasz Dorożyński, Janusz Świerkocki and Wojciech Urbaniak

References Checklist for Foreign Direct Investment Incentive Policies (2003), OECD, Paris Churchill G.A. (2002), Badania marketingowe, podstawy metodologiczne, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warsaw Cieślik A. (2005), Geografia inwestycji zagranicznych. Przyczyny i skutki lokalizacji spółek z udziałem kapitału zagranicznego w Polsce, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, Warsaw, Chapter 4 Ferguson G.A., Takane Y. (2004), Analiza statystyczna w psychologii i pedagogice, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN

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Janina Witkowska

D.C. The EU and South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) FDI Incentives, Tax Support Foreign Direct Investment Statistics, ASEAN Secretariat Molle W. (1990), The Economics of European Integration (Theory, Practice, Policy) , Aldershot. Li J., Paisey A. (2005), International Transfer Pricing in

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Witold Wilinski

. (1976), The Future of the Multinational Enterprise . London: Palgrave Macmillan Buckley P. J., Cross A. R., Tan H., Xin L. and H. Voss. (2008), Historic and emergent trends in Chinese outward direct investment , “Management International Review” 48, no.6 Caves,R. E. (1971), International Corporations: the Industrial Economics of Foreign Investment , “Economica” 38 Cuervo-Cazurra A. and M.Genc (2008), Transforming disadvantages into advantages: developing-country MNEs in the least developed countries , “Journal of International

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Boris Baumgartner


Most of the countries of sub-Saharan Africa belong to the most underdeveloped and poorest countries in the world economy. This region consists of forty-nine countries but at world GDP, world export, world import and inflow of foreign direct investment share only by small percent. There are some positive facts in the recent history of sub- Saharan Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa has grown faster than the world economy in the past ten years. The predictions are also positive. There is an expectation of another growth till the 2020. If the sub-Saharan countries want to keep the growth in the future they have to invest to infrastructure, in educational system, in research and science to make their economies more competitive.

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Anna Tobolska

References Buszko, A. and Vashchenko, M., 2012: Bezpośrednie inwestycje zagraniczne na Ukrainie: rola czynników instytucjonalnych (Foreign direct investment in Ukraine: The role of institutional factors - in Polish). In: Ekonomista, 2012/4, pp. 515-528. Cieślik, A., 2005: Geografia inwestycji zagranicznych. Przyczyny i skutki lokalizacji spółek z udziałem kapitału zagranicznego w Polsce (Geography of foreign investment. Causes and effects of the location of companies with foreign capital participation in Poland - in