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Does Globalization Affect Regional Growth? Evidence for Nuts-2 Regions in EU-27

References Aschauer, D. A. (1989). Is Public Expenditure Productive? Journal of MonetaryEconomics, 23, 177-200. Badinger, H., Tondl, G. (2005). The Factors Behind European Regional Growth: Trade, Human Capital and Innovation. Jahrbuch für Regionalwissenschaft, 25, 67-89. Baldwin, R., Skudelny, F., Taglioni, D. (2005). Trade Effects of the Euro - Evidence from Sectoral Data. Working Paper Series 446, European Central Bank. Becker, S. O., Egger, P. H., Fenge, R., von Ehrlich, M. (2008

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Application of Window Malmquist Index for Examination of Efficiency Change of Czech Commercial Banks

Science, Education, and Practice. Zlín: Tomas Bata University. Rezitis, A. N. (2010). Agricultural productivity and convergence: Europe and the United States. Applied Economics, 42(8), 1029-1044. Rossi, S. P. S., Schwaiger, M., Winkler, G. (2005). Managerial behavior and cost/profit efficiency in the banking sectors of Central and Eastern European countries. Working paper No. 96. Wien: Oesterreichische Nationalbank. Repková, I. (2012). Measuring the efficiency in the Czech banking industry: Data Envelopment Analysis and

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Tax Policy Assessment in Slovenia – Case of Interest Tax Shield

). Corporate Tax Planning and Thin-Capitalization Rules: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment. Applied Economics, 42(5), 563-573. Owens, J. (1998). Taxation within a Context of Economic Globalization. Amsterdam: IBFD. Petak, Z. (2015). Evidence-Based Policy Making and the Implementation of Regulatory Impact Assessment in Croatia. Management& Business Administration. Central Europe, 23(2), 147-162. Računsko sodišče Republike Slovenije. (2007). Ali v Sloveniji preverjamo ucinke predlaganih predpisov na družbo (1). Ljubljana

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Analysis of the Evolution of SMEs in Western Romania Between 2011–2014, Using the Mathematical Modelling

Performances by Systematic Problem Analysis with TRIZ. In: EPFL Lausanne, TRIZ Future Conference 14, Global Innovation Convention. Lausanne, Switzerland 11. Ciucan-Rusu, L., & Szabo, Z. (2013) The Pyramid of Entrepreneurship in Romania: Towards New Approach. In: B. Ramadani and C. Schneider, eds., Entrepreneurship in the Balkans. Springer-Verlag. 12. Danacica, D.E. (2006) Cluster Analysis in the Study of Life Quality on the Central and Eastern European Countries, Zagreb International Review of Economics and Business, ZIREB, Vol.X,Nr.1, Croatia

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Trends Regarding the Evolution of the Romanian Pension System

– 84. 26. Schwarz, A., (2006), “Pension System Reforms.” Social Protection Discussion Paper, WorldBank. 27. Schwarz, A., Arias, O., (2014), THE INVERTING PYRAMID Pension Systems Facing Demographic Challenges in Europe and Central Asia, The World Bank. 28. 29. 30.

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Determinants of the Spatial Distribution of Foreign Employees on Different Skill Job Positions: The Case of the Czech Republic

. (2013a). How many non-EU foreigners are in fact employed in the Czech Republic? The case of Ukrainians, Vietnamese and Mongolian workers. Demografie, in print. Schovánková, S. (2013b). Governance of the international migration of highly-skilled professionals: an empirical analysis from the Czech Republic. Politics in Central Europe, 9(1), in print. Schovánková, S., Drbohlav, D. (2013). Spatial distribution of a foreigner labour force by regions of Czechia during the global economic crisis. Ekonomicky´ časopis, in print

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Transparency in Economic and Political Decision-Making: The Identification of Sunshine Rules for Transparent Lobbying

References AIE et al. (2015). The International Standards for Lobbying Regulation. Access Info Europe, Open Knowledge, Sunlight Foundation, Transparency International. Retrieved May 30, 2017, from AIE. (2015). Lobbying Transparency via the Right to Information. Access Info Europe. Retrieved May 30, 2017, from Begg, I. (2006). Economic Policy and institutional

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Study On Budget Revenue Collection, Shadow Economy and Tax Losses Caused By It

:// Accessed February 2014. 4. Dumiter, F., Todor, S. (2014). Modeling the relationship between foreign direct investments and economic growth - evidence from Central and Eastern European countries, Studia Universitatis „Vasile Goldis” Arad, Economics Series, Volume 24, Issue 2/2014, pp. 1-18. 5. Kirchler, E., Muehlbacher, S., Kastlunger, B., Wahl, I. (2007). Why Pay Taxes? A Review of Tax Compliance Decisions, Retrieved from Accessed January 2014. 6. Maciejovski

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bankovních sektoru a efektivnost bank v zemích Visegrádské skupiny. Karviná: Silesian University, School of Business Administration. Stavárek, D., Poloucek, S. (2004). Efficiency and Profitability in the Banking Sector.In Poloucek, S. (ed.), Reforming the Financial Sector in Central European Countries.Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan Publishers. Stavárek, D., Repková, I. (2012). Efficieny in the Czech banking industry: A nonparametric approach. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae et Silviculturae Mendeleianae Brunensis, 60, 357

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Effect of Corruption on Foreign Direct Investment Inflows in Nigeria

-Journal of Economics and Business, 10(2), pp. 13-28 28. Quazi, R.M., (2014), Corruption and foreign direct investment in East Asia and South Asia: an econometric study, International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues, 4(2), pp. 231-242. 29. Quazi, R., Vemuri, V., Soliman, M., (2014), Impact of corruption on foreign direct investment in Africa, International Business Research, 7(4), pp. 1-10 30. Raluca, E.L., (2015), Connections between FDI, corruption index and country risk assessments in Central and Eastern Europe, Procedia Economics and Finance

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