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On the Choice of Fiscal Adjustment to Financial Crises: Expansionary vs. Contractionary Policies

Research Service, Report for Congress, January 11, 2013. Haltom, R., Lubik, T. A. (2013). Is Fiscal Austerity Good for the Economy? Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Economic Brief, September 4, 2013. Retrieved at: Herndon, T., Ash, M., Pollin, R. (2013). Does High Public Debt Consistently Stifle Economic Growth? A Critique of Reinhart and Rogoff. Amherst: Political Economy Research Institute, Working Paper Series, No 322, p.1-25. Horton, W., El

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Sovereign default and the structure of private external debt

1 Introduction ‘Private and public debts cannot be looked at only in isolation’ ( Jordà et al ., 2013 , p. 1); nevertheless, most studies treat sovereign and private external liabilities as distinct phenomena, possibly only loosely linked. In this paper, we want to shed light on the selected aspects of the public and private sector interdependencies in the international financial market. More specifically, we look at the relationship between the level and structure of private external debt and the probability of sovereign default. The theoretical

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Public health management: life expectancy and air pollution

M. G. (2017). The Need for Public Debt Management in The Context of Sustainable Development within the European Union. European Integration–New Challenges, 217. Meghisan, G. M. (2015). Cultural influences on pre-pay mobile telecommunications services users. Management & Marketing Journal , vol. XIII (1), 1-7. Miron, D., Dima, A. M., & Vasilache, S. (2009). Indexes of regional economic growth in post-accession România. Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting , 11 (3), 138-152. Stancu, I., & Meghisan, G. M. (2012). Marketing study regarding

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A New Model with Regime Switching Errors: Forecasting Gdp in Times of Great Recession

References Ball, L., Cecchetti S.G. (1988). Imperfect Information and Staggered Price Setting. American Economic Review, 78(5), pp. 999-1018. Ball, L., N.G. Mankiw, Romer, D. (1988). New Keynesian Economics and the Output-Inflation Trade-off. Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 1, pp. 1-65. Baro, R.J. (1979). On the Determination of Public Debt. Journal of Political Economy 87, 940-971. Bernardinia, E., Cubaddab, G. (2015). Macroeconomic forecasting and structural analysis through regularized

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The Debt Overhang Hypothesis: Evidence from Pakistan

. Econometrica , Vol. 55(2) , pp. 251-276. Emma Xiaoqin Fan. (2007). Pakistan Public Debt, PRE Working Paper, series no-1. Government of Pakistan. (2007-2008). Pakistan Economic Survey , Economic Advisor Wing, Finance Division, Islamabad. Government of Pakistan. (2006-2007). Pakistan Economic Survey , Economic Advisor Wing, Finance Division, Islamabad. Johansen, Soren (1991). Estimation and Hypothesis Testing of Cointegration Vectors in Gaussian Vector Autoregressive Models, Econometrica , vol.59, 1551–1580 . Johansen, S. (1995). Likelihood

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Can a Sovereign State Declare Bankruptcy?

. Turkey . The Permanent Court of Arbitration case: Russian Claim for Interest on Indemnities (1912 11 11). Smith, Adam. "Of the Revenue of the Sovereign or Commonwealth (Book Five). Chapter III of Public Debts." (1776) // Soederberg, Susanne. "The Transnational Debt Architecture and Emerging Markets: The Politics of Discipline and Punish." Third World Quarterly 26(6) (2005) //

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Drivers of Greek and Turkish Defense Spending

:// . Human Development Report, (2010), The Real Wealth of Nations: Pathways to Human Development, 20th Anniversary Edition, UNDP. SIPRI website, available at: , accessed: March 10, 2016. Kollias, Ch. (1996), The Greek – Turkish Conflict and Greek Military Expenditure 1960–92, Journal of Peace Research , Vol. 33, No. 2, pp. 217–228. Looney, R. E., Frederiksen, P. C. (1986), Defense expenditures, external public debt and growth in developing countries, Journal of Peace Research , Vol. 23, No. 4, pp. 329–337. Minor, J. (2003

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Federalism in Germany, Italy, and the European Union: History, Characteristics, and Perspectives

, Edinburgh Europa Paper Series, 2010. Lanzilotta L., Evolution and transformation of the Italian federalism, speech at the European Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science, March 12, 2007. Oates W.E., Fiscal federalism, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, New York, 1972. Statistisches Bundesamt (Federal Statistical Office), Development of volume and structure of public debt in Germany. Available at: https

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Is Real Depreciation or More Government Deficit Expansionary? The Case of Slovenia

aggregate demand. Journal of Monetary Economics 9(1): 1-20. Findlay, D. W. 1990. Budget deficits, expected inflation and short-term real interest rates: Evidence for the US. International Economic Journal 4(3): 41-53. Globan, T. and Matošec, M. 2016. Public debt-to-GDP ratio in new EU member states: Cut the numerator or increase the denominator?. Journal for Economic Forecasting (3): 57-72. Gyódi, K. 2016. Determinants of government bond yields and contagion during the crises in the CEE countries. Hamilton, J. D. 1996. This is what happened to the

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The Significance of Country-Specific and Common Risk Factors for CEE Government Bond Spreads Changes

-37. Attinasi, M.G., Checherita, C., Nickel, C. (2010). What explains the surge in euro area sovereign spreads during the Financial Crisis 2007-2009? Public Finance and Management 10, 595-645. Baldacci, E., Gupta, S., Mati, A. (2008). Is it (Still) Mostly Fiscal? Determinants of Sovereign Spreads in Emerging Markets , IMF Working Paper no 08/259, November. Baldacci, E., Kumar, M.S. (2010). Fiscal Deficits, Public Debt, and Sovereign Bond Yields. IMF Working Paper 10/184. Baltagi, B.H. (2013). Econometric Analysis of Panel Data

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