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Competitive Anxiety and Coping Strategies in Young Martial Arts and Track and Field Athletes

, 18, 144-157. Krane, V., & Williams, J. N. (1987). Performance and somatic anxiety, and confidence changes prior to competition. Journal of Sport Behavior , 10, 47-56. Krane, V., & Williams, J. N. (1994). Cognitive anxiety, somatic anxiety and confidence in track and field athletes: the impact of gender, competitive level and characteristics. International Journal of Sport Psychology , 25, 203-217. Martens, R., Vealey, R. S., & Burton, D. (1990). Competitive anxiety in sport. Champaign

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Profile, Correlation and Structure of Speed in Youth Elite Soccer Players

References Alemdaroglu U. The relationship between muscle strength, anaerobic performance, agility, sprint ability and vertical jump performance in professional basketball players. J Hum Kinet, 2012; 31: 149-158 Alves JM, Rebelo AN, Abrantes C, Sampaio J. Short-term effects of complex and contrast training in soccer players' vertical jump, sprint, and agility abilities. J Strength Cond Res, 2010; 24: 936-941 Andrzejewski M, Chmura J, Pluta B, Strzelczyk R, Kasprzak A. Analysis of Sprinting Activities of

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Aleatorism and Sporting Performance

. Meier, K.V. (1995). Triad Trickery: Playing with Sport and Games. In W.J. Morgan & K.V. Meier (Eds.), Philosophic Inquiry in Sport. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. Raszewski, Z. (1976). Partytura teatralna /Theatrical score/. In Wprowadzenie do nauki o teatrze/ Introduction to the Study of Theatre/, t. I. Wrocław: Ossolineum. Raszewski, Z. (1991). Teatr w świecie widowisk: Dziewięćdziesiqt jeden listów o naturze teatru /Theatre in the World of Stage Performances: Ninety-One Letters About the Nature of Theatre/. Warszawa: PWN

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Post‐Activation Potentiation: Is there an Optimal Training Volume and Intensity to Induce Improvements in Vertical Jump Ability in Highly‐Trained Subjects?

, 2009 ). Acute increases in performance can be substantially affected by the balance between PAP mechanisms and fatigue ( Chatzopoulos et al., 2007 ; Jones and Lees, 2003 ; Scott and Docherty, 2004 ; Young et al., 1998 ). These “opposing effects” have usually produced inconsistent findings and unclear training guidelines ( Lowery et al., 2012 ; Mola et al., 2014 ; Sale, 2002 ). Moreover, it appears that this balance may be altered by several factors, such as training experience, length of the rest period prior to subsequent exercise, and volume and intensity of

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Effect of Three Technical Arms Swings on The Elevation of the Center of Mass During a Standing Back Somersault

: ISB ; 2010 Domire ZJ, Challis JH An induced energy analysis to determine the mechanism for performance enhancement as a result of arm swing during jumping. Sports Biomechanics, 2010; 9(1): 38-46. Duboy J, Junka A, Lacouture P. Human mechanics: Sports and movements analysis in two dimensions. Paris, Revue EP.S Edition, 69-74; 1994 Faul F, Erdfelder E. GPOWER: A Priori, Post-Hoc, and Compromise Power Analyses for MS-DOS (Computer Program). Bonn, FRG: Bonn University, Department of Psychology; 2004 Hara M

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Evolution of perceived cohesion and efficacy over the season and their relation to success expectations in soccer teams

groups. In J. L. Duda (Ed.), Advances in sport and exercise psychology measurement . Morgantown, WV: Fitness Information Technology, 1998, 213-226 Carron AV, Colman MM, Wheeler J, Stevens D. Cohesion and performance in sport: A meta-analysis. J Sport Exercise Psy , 2002b; 24: 168-188 Carron AV, Hausenblas HA, Eys MA. Group dynamics in sport (3rd Ed.), Morgantown, WV: Fitness Information Technology; 2005 Carron AV, Widmeyer WN, Brawley LR. The development of an instrument to assess cohesion in sport teams: The Group

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Fitness Profiles of Elite Portuguese Rugby Union Players

References Adendorff L, Pienaar AE, Malan DDJ, Hare E. Physical and motor abilities, rugby skills and anthropometric characteristics: A follow-up investigation of successful and less successful rugby players. J Hum Movement Stud, 2004; 46(6): 441-457 Alemdaroglu U. The Relationship Between Muscle Strength, Anaerobic Performance, Agility, Sprint Ability and Vertical Jump Performance in Professional Basketball Players. J Hum Kinet, 2012; 31: 149-158 Argus CK, Gill ND, Keogh JWL. Characterization of the Differences in Strength and Power between Different

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Player Load and Metabolic Power Dynamics as Load Quantifiers in Soccer

important aspects for fitness coaches to consider ( Eirale et al., 2013 ). Correct planning and monitoring of training demands is crucial to optimize performance of top‐level players (Gómez‐Díaz et al., 2013). The internal training load is the physical response to stress factors. Heart rate telemetry, oxygen consumption, rating of perceived exertion (RPE) or blood lactate are commonly used methods for assessing internal loads ( Borresen and Lambert, 2009 ). The external training load is the objective measurement of the work performed by the players, and is classified in

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Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF): Its Mechanisms and Effects on Range of Motion and Muscular Function

References Bonnar BP, Deivert RG, Gould TE. The relationship between isometric contraction durations during hold-relax stretching and improvement of hamstring flexibility. J Sport Med Phys Fit, 2004; 44(3):288-226. Bradley PS, Olsen PD, Portas MD. The effect of static, ballistic, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching on vertical jump performance. J Strength Cond Res / Natl Str Cond Assoc J, 2007; 21(1):223-226 Caplan N, Rogers R., Parr MK, Hayes PR. The effect of

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High Speed Running and Sprinting Profiles of Elite Soccer Players

Introduction Studies continue to investigate the physical and technical performances of elite soccer players during official games across congested periods ( Bradley et al., 2009 ; Rampinini et al., 2007 ; Rey et al., 2010 ) in accordance with positional roles ( Bradley et al., 2009 ; Di Salvo et al., 2007 ; Rampinini et al., 2007 ) or depending on the match conditions. In particular, Rampinini et al. (2007) observed that the work rate of professional soccer players was significantly influenced by the activity profile of their opponents. According

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