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Influence of Mineral Admixtures on the Mechanical Properties of Fresh and Hardened Concrete

1, pp. 29–33, Jan. 2004. [4] A. A. Drawish, “Development of high performance concrete using combination of mineral admixtures,” PhD thesis, University of Sheffield, 1995. [5] R. Swamy, M. K. M. V. Ratnam and U. Ranga Raju, “Effect of Mineral Admixture on Properties of Self Compacting Concrete,” International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology, vol. 1, issue 11, pp. 503–511, Apr. 2015. [6] M. Tokyay, “Natural Pozzlands,” Cement and Concrete Mineral Admixtures , 1st ed. London: CPR Press, Taylor and Francis Group, 2006, ch

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Use of Unconventional Aggregates in Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete

. Xirouchakis, V. Manolakou, “Properties of EAF Slag Produced in Greese: A Constructional Material for Sustainable Growth,” in Proceeding of 5th Internationa Conference Bituminous Mixtures and Pavements, Thessaloniki, Greece. pp. 287- 297, June 1-3, 2011. [8] M. Pasetto, N. Baldo, “Mix Design and Performance Characterization of Bituminous Mixtures with Electric Arc Furnace Steel Slags”, in Proceeding of 5th Internationa Conference Bituminous Mixtures and Pavements, Thessaloniki, Greece, pp. 748 - 757, June 1-3, 2011. [9] I. Haryanto, O

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The Effect of Using the Kline-Fogleman Modification Upon the Coefficient Characteristics of Aerodynamic Forces in the Airfoil

References [1] Anderson, J. D. JR, Fundamentals of aerodynamics, fifth editions in SI Units, Mc Graw-Hill, pp. 75-89, 2011. [2] COMSOL CFD module user guide, , 2015. [3] Cox, M. J., Avakian, V., Huynh, B. P., Performance of a Stepped Airfoil at Low Reynolds Numbers , In Proceedings of the 19th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia 2014. [4] Fertis, D. G., New airfoil-design concept with improved aerodynamic characteristics , Journal of Aerospace Engineering, Vol. 7(3), pp

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Estimation of Turboprop Engine Parameters for Various Fuels

References [1] Guha, A., An efficient generic method for calculating the properties of combustion products, Proceeding of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part A, Vol. 2015, Iss. 4, pp. 375-387, London 2001. [2] Daggett, D. L., Hendricks, R. C., Walther, R., Corporan, E., Alternate fuel for use in commercial aircraft, 2007 , NASA/TM-2008-214833, Seattle 2008. [3] Jakubowski, R., Evaluation of performance properties of two combustor turbofan engine , Eksploatacja i Niezawodnosc – Maintenance and Reliability, 17 (4), pp. 575-581, http

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Analysis of the Impact of Changes in Flight Speed and Altitude on Emission Indexes of Pollutants in Jet Engine Exhausts

References [1] EASA, EEA, EUROCONTROL, European Aviation Environmental Report 2016 , online: , 2016. [2] Filippone, A., Advanced Aircraft Flight Performance , Cambridge University Press., 2015. [3] Pawlak, M., Majka, A., Kuźniar, M., Pawluczy, J., Analysis of wind impact on emission of selected exhaust compounds in jet engines of a business jet aircraft in cruise phase , Combustion Engines, 173(2), pp. 55-60, 2018. [4] Pawlak, M

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Combustion of RME – Diesel and NExBTL – Diesel Blends with Hydrogen in the Compression Ignition Engine

blending with rapeseed oil and RME on engine performance and exhaust emissions , Journal of KONES Internal Combustion Engines, Vol. 12, 1-2., 2005 [10] Lebedevas, S., Makareviciene, V., Sendzikiene, E., Žaglinskis, J., Oxidation stability of biofuel containing Camelina sativa oil methyl esters and its impact on energy and environmental indicators of diesel engine , Energy Conversion and Management, Vol. 65, pp. 33-40, 2013. [11] Labeckas, G., Slavinskas, S., Mažeika, M., The effect of ethanol–diesel–biodiesel blends on combustion, performance and emissions

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A Study of Reduction for Combustion Products of a Gasoline Engine – Especially Effects of Multi Component Fuel Properties

characteristics and performance of supercharged micro-pilot natural gas engine , Proceedings of FISITA 2006 World Automotive Congress, Paper No. F2006p230, pp. 1-10, 2006. [8] Ozaki, J., Iida, N., Effect of Degree of Unmixedness on HCCI Combustion Based on Experiment and Numerical Analysis , SAE Paper 2006-32-0046, 2006. [9] Sugiyama, H., Kawakami, T., Influence of blend fuels on combustion characteristics for small diesel engine , Small Engine Technology Conference SAE of Japan and SAE International, 20076523/2007-32-0023, 2007. [10] Kawakami, T

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Optimization of Pin Fin Heat Sink by Application of CFD Simulations and Doe Methodology with Neural Network Approximation

References Aihara T., Maruyama S. and Kobayakawa S. (1990): Free convective/radiative heat transfer from pin-fin arrays with a vertical base plate (general representation of heat transfer performance). - International Journal Heat Mass Transfer, vol.33, No.6, pp.1223-1232. ANSYS. Inc. (2009): ANSYS FLUENT 12.0 Theory Guide. ANSYS. Inc. (2009a): ANSYS FLUENT 12.0 User’s Guide. Bahadur R.and Bar-Cohen A. (2005): Thermal design and optimization of natural convection polymer pin fin heat

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Investigation of Knock Suppression Characteristics in a Boosted Methane – Gasoline Blended Fuelled SI Engine

References [1] King, G. E., Thirty years of gas shale fracturing: What have we learned? , in SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Society of Petroleum Engineers, 2010. [2] EIA, Natural gas annal , U.E.I. Administration, 2017. [3] Srivastava, D. K., Agarwal, A. K., Comparative experimental evaluation of performance, combustion and emissions of laser ignition with conventional spark plug in a compressed natural gas fuelled single cylinder engine , Fuel, Vol. 123, pp. 113-122, 2014. [4] Wayne, W. S., Clark, N. N., Atkinson, C. M

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Ground Effect Influence on the Aerodynamic Characteristics of Ultralight High-Wing Aircraft – Wind Tunnel Tests

craft in lateral stability , AEROTECH VI – Innovation in Aerospace Engineering and Technology, IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering, Vol. 152, 2016. [7] Ando, S., Critical Review of Design Philosophies for Recent Transport WIG Effect Vehicles , Transaction of Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences., vol. 33, pp. 28-40, 1990. [8] Chawla, M. D., Edwards, L. C., Franke, M. E., Wind-Tunnel Investigation of Wing-In-Ground Effect , Journal of Aircraft, Vol. 27 No. 4, pp. 289-293, 1990. [9] de Divitiis, N., Performance and

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