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Measuring Instruments Used at the Research and Accuracy of Defining the Efficiency of Drive Systems

References [1] Paszota, Z., Model of losses and energy efficiency of the hydraulic system with proportional control of the hydraulic cylinder supplied with a constant capacity pump in a variable pressure system , Chapter in monograph: „Research, construction, manufacture and operation of hydraulic systems”, pp. 145-162, Komag, Gliwice 2005. [2] Paszota, Z., On power stream in motor or drive system , Polish Maritime Research, Vol. 4, pp. 93-98, Gdansk 2016. [3] Paszota, Z., Energy losses in hydrostatic drive. Drive investigation method

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Efficiency estimation for permanent magnets of synchronous wind generators

). Direct-drive contactless wind generator with concentrated winding. Latv. J. Phys. Tech. Sci., 49 (4), 14-20. 10. Bronstein I., & Semendaev K. (1948). Handbook of mathematics for engineers and university students. M.-L.: OGIZ, p. 556 (in Russian). 11. Serebryakov, A., Levin, N., & Sokolov, A. (2012). Efficiency improvement of directdriven synchronous generators with excitation from strontium-ferrite permanent magnets. Latv. J. Phys. Tech. Sci., 49 (4), p. 3-13.

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Energy efficiency solutions for driers used in the glass manufacturing and processing industry

References Vuoristo, P. and Mäntylä, T. (2007). Basics of Glass Processes and Coated Glass. Workshop: Glass Performance Days , Tampere. Romanian Parliament, Law no. 121/2014 concerning energy efficiency. Mäntylä, T. (2007). Types of Coatings for Glass and their Properties. Workshop: Glass Performance Days, Tampere, Finland. Mäntylä, T. (2007). Chemical Deposition Methods, Workshop - Glass Performance Days , Tampere, Finland. Kobayashi, H., Wu, K. T., Switzer, L. H., Martinez, S., & Gludici, R. (2006). CO~ 2 reduction from glass melting

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The Efficiency of the Macroeconomic Policies


In the present work, the authors aim to determine the efficiency of the macroeconomic policies by determining the effects of the application of the instruments (revenue change) and finding out the instrument having the highest efficiency.

In today’s macroeconomic theory and practice, the efficiency level of the macroeconomic policy instrument is measured using multipliers. The different nature of the measurement units used when calculating the multipliers makes it impossible to compare the multipliers in order to establish the more efficient instrument, and for this reason it becomes necessary to use elasticity as an efficiency indicator.

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Determination of Production Efficiency of Crop Mixtures: the Relevance of the Agronomic Efficiency Method

REFERENCES Balasubramania V., Sekayange L. (1990): Area harvests equivalency ratio for measuring efficiency in multi-season intercropping. Agronomy Journal 82: 519-522. Bennett E., Carpenter S.R., Gordon L.J., Ramankutty N., Balvanera P., Campbell B., Cramer W., Foley J., Folke C., Karlberg L., Liu J., Lotze-Campen H., Peterson G.D., Polasky S., Rockstrom J., Scholes R.J. and Spierenburg M. (2014): Towards a more resilient agriculture. Solutions for a Sustainable and Desirable Future vol. 5 (5): 65-75. Dear K.B.G., Mead R. (1983): The use of

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Application of DEA for Evaluating the Efficiency of Economic Policy as Exemplified by EU Agriculture

References Ackrill R. (2000), The Common Agricultural Policy, Sheffield Academic Press, Sheffield. Afriat S.N. (1972), Efficiency estimation of production functions, “International Economic Review” no. 13, p. 568-598. Aigner D.J., Chu S.F. (1968), On estimating the industry production function, “American Economic Review” no. 58, p. 826-839. Błażejczyk-Majka L. (2016): Polskie gospodarstwa mleczne w rankingu efektywności technicznej gospodarstw unijnych z wykorzystaniem modelu SE-CCR [Polish Dairy

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Increasing of Energy Efficiency of Spindles with Fluid Bearings

), Energy Consumption Characterization and Reduction Strategies for Milling Machine Tool Use, Sustainability in Manufacturing. Energy Efficiency in Machine Tools , 263-267. 5. EC - 7th Framework Programme. Challenge 6: ICT for Mobility, Environmental Sustainability and Energy Efficiency. Deliverable D3.3: “Design for energy efficiency” (2013), Estomad Project . 6. Fedorynenko D., Boyko S., Sapon S. (2015), The search of the spatial functions of pressure in adjustable hydrostatic radial bearing, Acta Mechanica et Automatica , 9(1), 23-26. 7

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Energy efficiency model for small/medium geothermal heat pump systems

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The energy performance contract - key towards energy efficiency in Europe?

References Asociația Română pentru Promovarea Eficienței Energetice (ARPEE) (2013), Eficiența Energetică în România. Cartea Albă , Editura AGIR. BfEE (Presenter, Jonas Geissler) (2015), Energy Performance Contracting in Germany. The role of facilitators for the market , available at (last accessed 3 March 2017). Bleyl, J.W. (2011), Conservation first! The new integrated energy-contracting model to combine energy efficiency and renewable supply in large buildings

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Non-Renewable Energy and Macroeconomic Efficiency of Seven Major Oil Producing Economies in Africa

REFERENCES Boyd G. A. and Pang J. X. (2000). Estimating the Linkage between Energy Efficiency and Productivity, Energy Policy 28, 289-296 Charnes A., Cooper, W.W. and Rhodes, E. (1978) Measuring the efficiency of decision making units, European Journal of Operational Research; Vol. 2, 429-444 Chien T. And Hu J. L. (2007) Renewable Energy and Macroeconomic Efficiency of OECD and Non-OECD Economies, Energy Policy; Vol. 35, issue 7, pp 3606-3615 Christina B, and George H. (2009) The Use of the DEA Method for Simultaneous Analysis of the

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