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Employees’ Creativity Development within Innovative Processes of Enterprise

employee creativity. Strategic Finance . . Papulova, Z., and Papula, J., 2013. Kreativita a inovácie ako aktuálny imperatív stratégií podnikov. from Pratt, A. C., and Jeffcutt, P., 2009. Creativity, Innovation and the Cultural Economy : Routledge (Studies in Global Competition). Prokeinová, R., 2014. Štatistika v SAS-e, SAS v štatistike : ASPA. Samani, S. A., Rasid, S. Z. B. A., and bt Sofian, S., 2014. A Workplace to Support Creativity. Industrial

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Factors that Determine the Capital Structure: An Empirical Study on Low-cost Airlines

Analysis, 43 (01), 59-92. doi Arsov, S., and Naumoski, A., 2016. Determinants of capital structure: An empirical study of companies from selected post-transition economies. Journal of Economics and Business, 34 (1), 119-146. doi Bancel, F., and Mittoo, U. R., 2004. Cross-Country Determinants of Capital Structure Choice: A Survey of European Firms. Financial Management, 33 (4), 103-132. Bandyopadhyay, A., and Barua, N. M., 2016. Factors determining capital

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Volatility Nexus Between Stock Market and Macroeconomic Variables in Bangladesh: an Extended GARCH Approach

-6261.1990.tb02428.x Hasan, M. A., 2015. Testing weak-form market efficiency of Dhaka stock exchange. Global Disclosure of Economics and Business, 4(2), 79-90. Hossain, M. F., and Kamal, K. M. M., 2010. Does stock market development cause economic growth? A time series analysis for Bangladesh economy. Paper presented at the International Conference On Applied Economics. Khan, M., 2013. An analysis of market efficiency in the South Asian emerging stock markets: Bangladesh, India

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Comparing Simple Forecasting Methods and Complex Methods: A Frame of Forecasting Competition

., 1983. Summary statistics and forecasting performance. Agricultural Economics Research, 35 (3), 11-22. Mallick, H., and Agarwal, S., 2005. Financial Liberalisation and Economic Growth in India: A Long-Run Analysis. www.researchgate.netpublication/252308491_Financial_Liberalisation_and_Economic_Growth_in_India_A_Long-Run_Analysis . Nelson, C. R., 1972. The prediction performance of the FRB-MIT-PENN model of the US economy. The American Economic Review, 62 (5), 902-917. Newbold, P., and Granger, C. W. J., 1974. Experience with forecasting univariate

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Evaluating the Performance of Socially Responsible Investment Funds

Returns. California Management Review, 45 (4), 35-51. doi: European Commission, 2018. Sustainable finance. from Eurosif SRI, 2014. Eurosif SRI Report. from Fiestas, H. V., Sullivan, R., and Crossley, R., 2010. Better Returns in a better world. Responsible investment: overcoming the barriers and seeing the returns. Oxfam , 46. . doi: Friede, G

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Does Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Contribute to Poverty Reduction? Empirical Evidence from Central European and Western Balkan Countries

Development and Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries: The Influence of FDI Policy and Corruption. World Development, 38 (12), 1678-1691. . Saunders, M. N. K., Lewis, P., and Thornhill, A., 2003. Research methods for business students . Harlow: FT Prentice Hall. Squalli, J., and Wilson, K., 2011. A New Measure of Trade Openness. World Economy, 34 (10), 1745-1770. . Tsai, P.-L., and Huang, C.-H., 2007. Openness, Growth and Poverty: The Case of

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City Centres as Places for Strategic Cooperation through Active City Management – The Significance of Trade Entities

Regeneration and Renewal, 7(4), 367-373. Coca-Stefaniak, J. A., and Carroll, S., 2014. Managing town centres during the crises: from retailfocused management to the experience economy and beyond. In N. Wrigley and E. Brookes (Eds.), Evolving high streets: resilience and reinvention - perspectives from social science (pp. 29-31). Southampton: ESRC/ University of Southampton. Retrieved from Coca-Stefaniak, J. A., and Parker, C., 2010. Towards the international profesionnalisation of place

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Relevant Determinants of the Political Parties’ Environmental Preference

concerns and three facets of trade policy preferences. Review of International Political Economy, 19(5), 837-866. doi: Burstein, P., 2003. The Impact of Public Opinion on Public Policy: A Review and an Agenda. Political Research Quarterly, 56(1), 29-40. doi: Carter, N., 2007. The Politics of the Environment: Ideas, Activism, Policy (2nd ed.). New York, USA: Cambridge University Press. Copeland, B. R., and Taylor, M. S., 2003. Trade

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Efficient Use of Behavioral Tools to Reduce Electricity Demand of Domestic Consumers

-2601(08)60330-5 Cialdini, R. B., Reno, R. R., and Kallgren, C. A., 1990. A focus theory of normative conduct: Recycling the concept of norms to reduce littering in public places. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 58(6), 1015-1026. doi: Creyts, J., Derkach, A., Farese, P., Nyquist, S., and Ostrowski, K., 2009. Unlocking energy efficiency in the US economy. United Kingdom: McKinsey Global Energy and Materials. Darby, S., 2006. The Effectiveness of Feedback on Energy Consumption - A Review for Defra

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Rethinking Microfinance in a Dual Financial System: An Agent-based Simulation

, 2014. Global Islamic Microfinance Market 2014-2018. Tesfatsion, L., 2006. Agent-based computational economics: A constructive approach to economic theory. Handbook of computational economics, 2 , 831-880. Turrel, A., 2016. Agent-based models: understanding the economy from the bottom up. Quarterly bulletin Q4 : Bank of England.

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