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Determinants of Trade Credit in European Construction Firms: A Preliminary Study

of trade credit use: empirical evidence from business start-ups, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, Vol. 33, Issue 1&2, p. 305-328. Kohler, M., Britton, E., Yates, T. (2000). Trade credit and the monetary transmission mechanism, Bank of England, London. Ono, M. (2001). Determinants of trade credit in the Japanese manufacturing sector, Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, Vol. 15, p. 160-177. Petersen, M.A., Rajan, R.G. (2007). Trade Credit: Theories and Evidence, Review of Financial Studies

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Price Rigidity in Norway in the Nineteenth Century

References Bils, M., & Klenow, P. (2004). Some evidence on the importance of sticky prices. Journal of Political Economy, 112(5), 947-985. doi: 10.1086/422559 Dhyne, E., Álvarez, L. J., Le Bihan, H., Veronese, G., Dias, D., Hoffmann, J., et al. (2006). “Price Changes in the Euro Area and the United States: Some Facts From Individual Consumer Price Data.” The Journal of Economic Perspectives, 20(2), 171-192. Retrieved from Eitrheim, Ø., Klovland, J. T., & Qvigstad, J. F. (Eds

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Forecasting Firm Performance: Evidence from Romanian Furniture Firms

Economic Computation and Economic Cybernetics Studies and Research, 44(3), pp. 123 - 139. Boca, G.D. (2012). SWOT analysis to improve quality management production, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 62, pp. 319 - 324. Budică, I., Puiu, S., Budică, B. & Ocheţan, D. (2013). Analysis of Exports of Logs and Lumber of Romania between 1989 - 2010, Economy Transdisciplinarity Cognition, 16(1), pp. 101-104. Bureau van Dijk Electriniques (2015). Amadeus database. Burja, V. & Mărginean, R. (2014). The study

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The Relationship Between Public Expenditure and Economic Growth in Kosovo: Findings from a Johansen Co-Integrated Test and a Granger Causality Test

Growth:Evidence from Nigeria. Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development, 142-150. Aschauer, A. (1990). Is Governmet Spending in Stimulative ? Contemporary Policy Issues, 30-45. Aschauer, D. A. (1989). Is public expenditure productive? Journal of monetary economics, 177-200. Barro, R. (1979). On the determination of the public debt. Oxfort Economic papers, 940-971. Barro, R. (1990). Government Spending in a Simple Model of Endogenous Growth. Journal of Political Economy 98, 103

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Impact of the Corporate Governance Reform on the Management Effectiveness of State-Owned Enterprises in Lithuania in 2012–2014

valdymo efektyvumas - įmonių socialinės atsakomybės perspektyva”, Whither our economies : 3rd international scientific conference, October 24-25, 2013, Vilnius : conference proceedings. Vilnius : Mykolo Romerio universitetas, 2013. p. 85-93, ISSN: 2029-8501 Lawson, C., “The theory of state-owned enterprises in market economies”, Journal of Economic Surveys, 8: 283-309, 1994 LE group consolidated interim report, 1st. January, 2013 - 30th, September, 2013 McLaughlin, K, Ferlie, E., Osborne, S., “New Public Management

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The Significance of Country-Specific and Common Risk Factors for CEE Government Bond Spreads Changes

. 5th ed. Chichester, UK: Wiley. Barrios, S., Iversen, P., Lewandowska, M., Setzer, R. (2009). Determinants of intra-euro area government bond spreads during the financial crisis. European Economic Paper. 388. Battistini, N., Pagano, N, Simonelli, S. (2013). Systemic risk and home bias in the euro area. European Economy - Economic Papers 494. Beber, A., Brandt, M. W., Kavajecz, K. A. (2009). Flight-to-quality or áight-to-liquidity? Evidence from the Euro-area bond market. Review of Financial Studies, vol. 22(3), pp

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Tax Behaviour: Assessment of Tax Compliance in European Union Countries

. (2013). Trust and power as determinants of tax compliance: Testing the assumptions of the slippery slope framework in Austria, Hungary, Romania and Russia. Journal of Economic Psychology, 34, 169-180. Lago-Peñas, I., & Lago-Peñas, S. (2010). The determinants of tax morale in comparative perspective: Evidence from European countries. European Journal of Political Economy, 26(4), 441-453. Lisi, G. (2012). Testing the slippery slope framework. Economics Bulletin, 32(2), 1369-1377. Lisi, G. (2014). The interaction between

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Explaining the Changes of Agriculture Land Prices in Lithuania

.F., Granger (Eds.), C. W. J. Long-run Economic Relationships: Readings in Cointegration. Oxford: Oxford University Press. National Paying Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania. (2018). [Data file]. Retrieved from: Official statistics portal. (2018). Economy and finance (macroeconomic) data. [Data file]. Retrieved from: Overview of land value conditions. (2003). Land and water development division, Land and plant nutrition management service, Food and

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Analysis of Inflation Management Model Factors as Regards Supply and Demand

., Нордхаус, В. Д. (2007). Экономика. Economics-Kиев, С. Петербург, Москва, Вильямс. Самуэльсон, П. (1992). Экономика II. Москва: НПО «АЛГОН», ВНИИСИ, p. 328-343. Sargent ,T. J., Wallace, N. (1975). “Rational” Expectations. The Optimal Monetary Instrument and the Optimal Money Supply Rule. Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 83, Issue 2, p. 241-254. Snieška, V. ir kt. (2005, 2006). Makroekonomika. Kaunas: KTU. Šalčius, P. (1991). Raštai. Teorinė ekonomika ir ekonominės minties teorija. Vilnius: Mintis

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Reaching the Objectives of Sustainable Development on the Basis of the Creative Industries – A South and Eastern European Analysis

References Andersen, V. K., and Lorenzen, M., 2005. The Geography of the Danish Creative Class: A Mapping and Analysis Retrieved from Boschma, R. A., and Fritsch, M., 2007. Creative Class and Regional Growth-Empirical Evidence from Eight European Countries. Jena Economic Research Paper. doi: Bouquillion, P., and Le Corf, J. B., 2012. Concepts of creative industries and creative economies: what are the

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