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Experimental Investigation of a Centrifugal Pump Hydraulic Performance in Hydraulic Transmission of Solids

various parameters on hydraulic head exert appear to be appropriate [ 27 ]. 2 Experimental set-up development 2.1 Designed platform test Test platform that is designed to work is closed type, which has been designed based on the standard JIS 8301B [ 26 ]. In this circuit, which is shown in Figure 2 , all tips are included in this standard are adhered to the pump suction nozzle of the tank, distance of barometers from suction and releasing openings, type of barometers, distance of barometers from suction and releasing openings of pump. Figure 2

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Turning operation of AISI 4340 steel in flooded, near-dry and dry conditions: a comparative study on tool-work interface temperature

lubricants and coolants, many researchers and practitioners are working towards developing alternate methods that would involve less usage of lubricants and still not compromise on the benefits obtained by lubricants and coolants. Near-dry machining (NDM) is a step in the direction of using lesser lubricants and coolants [ 13 ]. NDM aims at providing sustainable and green manufacturing in a modern machine shop [ 20 , 21 ]. NDM is one such development that has proven to be highly useful in leading to a greener manufacturing process [ 22 , 23 , 24 , 25 ]. From the

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Mode frequency analysis of antisymmetric angle-ply laminated composite stiffened hypar shell with cutout

used. The five degrees of freedom taken into consideration at each node include two in-plane and one transverse displacement and two rotations about the X - and Y -axes. The strain–displacement and constitutive relationships together with the systematic development of stiffness matrix for the shell element has been reported earlier [ 7 ] and the same is used in the present case as well. Figure 1 Surface of a skewed hypar shell with cutout Three-noded isoparametric beam elements ( Figure 2b ) are used to model the stiffeners, which are taken to run

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Modeling the inspection robot with magnetic pressure pad

1 Introduction In terms of mechatronics, the inspection robotics is dedicated to the design of devices that may replace humans in the area of searching for information in dangerous and hard to access territories and sites. Particularly important and widespread developments in this branch of mechatronics are applied in military operations; exploration of dangerous and inaccessible environments, such as outer space; and, frequently, the inspection of pipelines containing liquid or gaseous utilities. The stated systems make up an environment that requires

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Mathematical study of Rayleigh waves in piezoelectric microstretch thermoelastic medium

direct and converse piezo-electric effects. To ensure that the piezo-electric appliances are functional in extreme temperature conditions, the thermal effects are to be considered in mathematical model development. So, a result of these electrical-thermal-mechanical coupling thermoelastic theories of piezo-electric materials have been developed. First, a theory of piezo-electricity was developed by Mindlin [ 1 ]. Mindlin [ 2 ] proposed the basic governing relations for piezo-electric thermoelastic solid. Later Nowacki [ 3 ] deduced the physical laws and theorems for

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Elastodynamical disturbances due to laser irradiation in a microstretch thermoelastic medium with microtemperatures

thermoelasticity and in elasticity of dipolar bodies with voids. Laser technologies have a lot of utilities in medical science, industries, metallurgies, and nondestructive testing and evolution. High-rated thermal processes are interesting in the development of theories of thermoelasticity, due to thermal-mechanical coupling. The thermal shock creates very fast movements in the internal molecular particles, which causes an increase in very significant inertial forces and vibrations. The ultra-short lasers have pulse durations ranging from nanoseconds to femto seconds. In

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