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Exploring Journalism and Computer Science Student Collaboration
A Norwegian case study

geography of journalism research Digital Journalism 4 7 816 826 Weber, W. & Rall, H. (2012). Data visualization in online journalism and its implications for the production process. Paper presented at the 16 th International Conference on Information Visualization 2012, July 11–13, at University of Montpellier. Weber W. & Rall H. 2012 Data visualization in online journalism and its implications for the production process Paper presented at the 16 th International Conference on Information Visualization 2012, July 11–13 at University of

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Implementation of a Linked Data-Based Genealogy Knowledge Service Platform for Digital Humanities

RDF data conversion, RDF data storage and querying, and data visualization has matured, which can meet the requirements of bibliographic control and authority control, data reuse and sharing, and knowledge organization and discovery in Web environment. There is a technical framework that supports knowledge reorganization and provides knowledge service – not just document retrieval and reading, thus fulfilling the requirements of DH ( Figure 1 ). The framework is based on other existing frameworks, models, standards, and tools and was built using the following

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A Video-Based Method to Quantify Stroke Synchronisation in Crew Boat Sprint Kayaking

both paddlers catch at the same time. Statistical Analysis Descriptive statistics and data visualisation were performed in Excel® 2016 (Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA, USA). To illustrate stroke synchronisation profiles, stroke-by-stroke offsets at each position were plotted in radar charts. An annotated example of a radar chart showing offsets at the catch is shown in Figure 1 . In the radar chart, data points within the shaded centre represent negative offset, where the back paddler was earlier to reach the stroke position. The white area represents

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Transformation of 3D geospatial data into CityGML – a case of Prague

, only a subpart (the rectangle 2.5 ⨯ 2 km covering the city centre including, for example, Prague Castle or Charles Bridge) was used. The intention was to describe the principles of data transformation, storage and visualization, which can be later applied on larger data sets. In particular, the following objects were available: buildings, bridges, digital terrain model. Figure 2 shows the downloaded input data visualized in Esri ArcScene desktop application. The used coordinate systems are S-JTSK/Krovak East North (EPSG:5514) and Baltic 1957 height

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Smart Data for Digital Humanities

mining/text mining , archives & repositories , literary studies , and data visualization . The 2017 count, which separated topics from disciplines, shows that those top topics are joined by interdisciplinary collaboration and corpora and corpus activities . The disciplines that have more than 100 submissions are: computer science , literary studies , library and information science , cultural studies , and historical studies . A notable finding is that submissions from film and media studies have greatly increased compared to previous years, as have other

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Forest modelling and visualisation – state of the art and perspectives

Model Development, 8:2035–2065. Oculus, 2017: Oculus Rift – Virtual Reality Headset for 3D Gaming | Oculus VR ® webpage–product description. Available at: 2017, [accessed March 8, 2017]. Oleson, K. W., Lawrence, D. M., Bonan, G. B., Drewniak, B., Huang, M., Levis, S. et al., 2013: Technical Description of version 4.5 of the Community Land Model (CLM), 434 p. Orland, B., (ed.), 1992: Data Visualization Techniques in Environmental Managament. Special Issue, Landscape Urban Planning, 21:237–319. Orland, B., 1997: Final Report

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Science Mapping: A Systematic Review of the Literature

impact indicators ( Waltman, 2016 ) 2016 0.9235 0.0019 0.3407 0.0842 0 How are they different? A quantitative domain comparison of information visualization and data visualization (2000–2014) ( Kim, Zhu, & Chen, 2016 ) 2016 0.8207 0.0017 0.0640 0.0447 2 A bibliometric analysis of 20 years of research on software product lines ( Heradio et al., 2016 ) 2015 1.7498 0.0073 0.0380 0.0786 0 Global ontology research progress: A bibliometric analysis ( Zhu et al., 2015 ) 2015 1.9873 0.0052 0.0397 0

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Structural Analysis of Medical-Terminology Hashtag versus Lay-Language Hashtag Tweet Collections: An Information Theoretical Method with Entropy Matrix

medical-terminology hashtag and lay-language hashtag was very low in all the samples. This indicates that most users tend to reduce the redundancy in hashtag usage by avoiding hashtags with similar or identical semantic meanings. 4.1 Data Analysis with Visualizations: Radar Graph and Scatterplot This study employs radar graph and scatterplot as data visualization aids to get an intuitive demonstration. These visualize the complexity in the structure of a tweet-sample and reveal the pattern of the characteristics of each individual tweet in the sample. To compare

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Fourth industrial revolution: a way forward to attain better performance in the textile industry

: market orientation and service firm performance – a research agenda. European Journal of Marketing 36(9/10), 980-989. 10.1108/03090560210437280 Gray B. J. & Hooley G. J. 2002 Guest editorial: market orientation and service firm performance – a research agenda European Journal of Marketing 36 9/10 980 – 989 Gürdür, D., El-Khoury, J., Seceleanu, T., & Lednicki, L. (2016). Making interoperability visible: Data visualization of cyber-physical systems development tool chains. Journal of Industrial Information Integration 4, 26-34. 10.1016/j

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ESR dating of fossil teeth: In which extent the thickness of adjacent tissues should be taken into account in the external beta dose rate evaluation?

facilitate data visualization, data were aligned to the right. Fig. 3 shows the mean path length of beta particles within the enamel layer (grey band). An asymmetric U-shape attenuation of the beta dose rate within the enamel layer may be observed, as the result of a higher U-238 concentration from the inner side (dentine). However, because ESR data are not spatially resolved (the whole volume of the enamel layer is powdered and measured by ESR), beta dose rate in the enamel have to be considered as a bulk value. Consequently, a pseudo-bulk estimate of the external

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