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Relation Between Change Management and Crisis Management: Survey Evidence

, Strategien, Instrumente, (S. 3–18). Wiesbaden: Verlag Dr. Th. Gabler, 2006. [8] Jarrett, M., The seven myths of change management , Business Strategy Review, 14 (4), 2003, pp. 22–29 [9] Mitroff, I., Anagnos, G., Managing Crises Before They Happen: What Every Execute and Manager Needs to Know about Crisis Management , N.Y.: AMACOM, American Management Association, 2001, p. 5 [10] Pearson, C., & J. Clair, Reframing crisis management , Academy of Management Review, (23)1, pp. 59–76, 1998. [11] Sarkar, S., O. Osiyevskyy, Organizational change and

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Economic and Legal Features of Digital Markets

). Google & Facebook vs. Art. 102 TFEU. In: “Days of EU Law” Effects of EU law on national legislation. Funta, R., Nebeský, Š., Juriš, F. (2014a). Právo európskej únie , Brno: Tribun EU. Funta, R. (2014b). Some remarks on the Google ECJ ruling (C-131/12), In: Krytyka Prawa-Akademia Leona Kožmiňskiego , Tom. 6. Funta, R. (2014c). Theory and practice of competition economics market definition, In: Acta Oeconomica Universitatis Selye , No. 1. Funta, R. (2014d). Business strategy and competitive advantage , In: International Research Conference

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Concentration of the Audit Market: Evidence from Serbia

-91. Komora ovlašćenih revizora. (2012). Registar preduzeća za reviziju. preuzeto 19.08.2012. sa sajta: Le Vourc`h, J., Morand, P. (ECSP Europe). (2011). Study on the Effects of the Implementation of the Acquis on Statutory Audits of Annual and Consolidated Accounts Including the Consequences on the Audit Market. Paris: European Commission. Li, C., Song, F., Wong, S. (2005). Audit Firm Size Effects in China`s Emerging Audit Market - working paper. Hong Kong: Institute of Economics and Business Strategy

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How to Gain Success in SME? A Case Study of a region in the Czech Republic.

References Antón, José Miguel R., Pomeda, Jesús R., "Una Aplicación del análisis VRIO en el sector turístico Español: El caso de un hotel de Madrid" [14.11.2006] Baumol, William "Searching for the invisible man". The Economist Magazine, March 11, 2006, pp 67 Barney, Jay B. (1986), "Strategic Factor Markets: Expectations, Luck and Business Strategy", Management Science , Vol. 32, n° 10, 1231

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Investor behavior based on personality and company life cycle

, pp. 777-790. [16] Sabol, A., M. Sander, & D. Fuckan. (2013). The Concept of Industry Life Cyle and Development of Business Strategies , pp. 635-642.

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Innovation Space Of The Business Models

with complexity. Harvard Business Review, 89 (9), 68-76. Slávik, Š., 2011. Komparatívna analýza podnikateľských modelov. (Comparative analysis of business models). Ekonomika a manažment, 8 (3), 23-43. Slávik, Š., 2012. Typológia podnikateľských modelov. Ekonomika a manažment, 9 (3), 18-37. Teece, D. J., 2010. Business Models, Business Strategy and Innovation. Long Range Planning, 43 (2-3), 172-194. Watson, D., 2005. Business Models . Petersfield: Hariman House. Yunus, M., Moingeon, B., and Lehmann-Ortega, L., 2010. Building Social

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Application of Artificial Intelligence in Investment Banks

References 1. Attaran, M. (2004). Exploring the relationship between information technology and business process reengineering %J Inf. Manage. 41(5), 585-596. doi: 10.1016/s0378-7206(03)00098-3 2. Brynjolfsson, E., & Hitt, L. M. (2000). Beyond Computation: Information Technology, Organizational Transformation and Business Performance. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 14(4), 23-48. 3. Chester, A. N. (1994). Aligning Technology with Business Strategy. Research- Technology Management, 37(1), 25-32. doi: 10

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Personal Online Identity-Branding or Impression Management

order. New York, USA: Charles Scribner’s sons. Dalla-Camina, M. (2016). What do you want to be known for?, available at: . Geidner, N. W., Flook, C. A., & Bell, M. W. (2007). Masculinity and online social networks. Male self-identity on Easter Communication Association 98th Annual Meeting , Providence, RI. Harris, L., & Rae, A. (2011). Building a social brand through social networking. Journal of Business Strategy, Vol. 32, Issue 5, 14-21. Kaplan, A. M., & Haenlein, M. (2010). Users of the world unite

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Impact of Leadership Style to Financial Performance of Enterprises

promicanje inovacija i istraživanja u ekonomiji, Zagreb, pp. 339-346. 9. Niven, P. (2007). Balanced Scorecard: Korak po korak, Masmedia, Zagreb. 10. Northouse, P. G. (2012). Leadership: Theory and practice, Sage, Thousand Oaks. 11. Parast, M. M., Golmohammadi, D., Mcfadden, K. L., Miller, J. W. (2015), “Linking business strategy to service failures and financial performance: Empirical evidence from the US domestic airline industry”, Journal of Operations Management, Vol. 38, pp. 14-24. 12. Parmenter, D. (2010). Key performance indicators (KPI

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International Dimension of Knowledge Management in Supplier of Quality Outsourcing – Case Study

REFERENCES Armstrong, M., 2007. Zarządzanie zasobami ludzkimi . Oficyna Wolters Kluwer Business, Krakow. Bukovitz, W.R., Williams, R.L., 1999. The Knowledge Management Fieldbook . Financial Times – Prentice Hall, Pearsons Education Ltd., London, 2. Cavusgil, T., Knight, G., Riesenberger, J., 2008. International Business: Strategy, Management and the New Realities . Pearson Prentice Hall, Upper saddle River, New York. Galy, E., Sauceda, M.J., 2014. Post-implementation practices of erp systems and their relationship to financial

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