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A Proposal for Simplifying the Method of Evaluation of Uncertainties in Measurement Results

References [1] Joint Committee for Guides in Metrology. (1995). Evaluation of measurement data - Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement. JCGM 100:2008. International Standardization Organization. Geneva, Switzerland. [2] Bich, W., Cox, M. G., Harris, P. M. (2006). Evolutionof the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty inMeasurement . Metrologia, 43(4), 161-166. [3] Ellison, R. L.S., Rosslein, M. & Williams, A. (2000). Quantifying uncertainty in analytical measurement. EURACHEM

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Self-Organizing Map Classification of the Extremely Low-Frequency Magnetic Field Produced by Typical Tablet Computers

] Brodic´, D., Amelio, A. (2015). Classification of the extremely low frequency magnetic field radiation measurement from the laptop computers. Measurement Science Review, 15(4), 202-209. [9] Brodic´, D., Amelio, A. (2016). Detecting of the extremely low frequency magnetic field ranges for laptop in normal operating condition or under stress. Measurement, 91, 318-341. [10] Oja, M., Kaski, S., Kohonen, T. (2002). Bibliography of self-organizing map (som) papers: 1998-2001 addendum. Neural Computing Surveys, 3, 1-156. [11

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Resonance Micro-Weighing of Sub-Picogram Mass with the Use of Adaptive Interferometer

References [1] Wilkening, G., Koenders, L. (Eds.). (2005). Nanoscale Calibration Standards and Methods: Dimensional and Related Measurements in the Micro and Nanometer Range. John Wiley & Sons. [2] Carr, D.W., Evoy, S., Sekaric, L., Craighead, H.G., Parpia, J.M. (1999). Measurement of mechanical resonance and losses in nanometer scale silicon wires. Applied Physics Letters, 75 (7), 920-922. [3] Gupta, S.V. (2008). Nano-technology for detection of small mass difference. MAPAN - Journal Metrology Society of India

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Uncertainty Modeling and Evaluation of CMM Task Oriented Measurement Based on SVCMM

R eferences [1] International Organization for Standardization. (2003). Measurement management systems – Requirements for measurement processes and measuring equipment. ISO 10012:2003. [2] International Organization for Standardization. (2011). Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) -- Inspection by measurement of workpieces and measuring equipment -- Part 2: Guide for the estimation of uncertainty in GPS measurement, in calibration of measuring equipment and in product verification. ISO 14253-2:2011. [3] Zhang, G. (1999). Three

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Global Calibration Method of a Camera Using the Constraint of Line Features and 3D World Points

R eferences [1] Frollo, I., Krafčík, A., Andris, P., Přibil, J., Dermek, T. (2015). Circular samples as objects for magnetic resonance imaging-mathematical simulation, experimental results. Measurement Science Review , 15 (6), 313-318. [2] Zhang, Y.P., Zimin, L.G., Ji, J., Ikezawa, S., Ueda, T. (2012). Real scene capturing using spherical single-element lens camera and improved restoration algorithm for radially variant blur. Optics Express , 20 (25), 27569-27588. [3] Zhang, Q.S., Kamata, S. (2013). Improved color barycenter model and its

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High Precision Edge Detection Algorithm for Mechanical Parts

R eferences [1] Kumar, B.M, Ratnam, M.M. (2015). Machine vision method for non-contact measurement of surface roughness of a rotating workpiece. Sensor Review , 35 (1), 10-19. [2] Gadelmawla, E.S. (2011). Computer vision algorithms for measurement and inspection of spur gears. Measurement , 44 (9), 1669-1678. [3] Kosarevsky, S., Latypov, V. (2013). Detection of screw threads in computed tomography 3D density fields. Measurement Science Review , 17 (2), 93-99. [4] Robinson, M.J., Oakley, J.P., Cunningham, M.J. (1995). The accuracy of

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Range Detection of the Extremely Low-Frequency Magnetic Field Produced by Laptop’s AC Adapter

. Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika , 19 (6), 65-70. [16] Lutron Electronic Ent. Co., Ltd. Lutron EMF-828 specification . . [17] Aaronia AG. Aaronia Spectran NF-5035 . . [18] Futuremark Corporation. 3DMark Vantage . . [19] Brodić, D. (2015). Measurement of the extremely low frequency magnetic field in the laptop neighborhood. Revista Facultad de Ingeniería , 76, 39

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Interferometric Surface Relief Measurements with Subnano/Picometer Height Resolution

R eferences [1] Guilemany, J.M., Miguel, J.M., Armada, S., Vizcaino, S., Climent, F. (2001). Use of scanning white light interferometry in the characterization of wear mechanisms in thermal-sprayed coatings. Materials Characterization , 47 (3-4), 307-314. [2] De Groot, P., Biegen, J., Clark, J., Lega, X.C., Grigg, D. (2002). Optical interferometry for measurement of the geometric dimensions of industrial parts. Applied Optics , 41 (19), 3853-3860. [3] De Groot, P. (2011). Coherence scanning interferometry. In Optical Measurement of Surface

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Cabling Arrangement Influence on Repeatability of Immunity EMC Measurements

References Paul, C. R. (1994). Analysis of multiconductor transmission lines. New York, USA: Wiley Interscience. Paul, C. R. (1994). A SPICE model for multiconductor transmission lines excited by an incident electromagnetic field. IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility 36 (4), 342 - 354. Beggio, A., Bono, G., Zich, R. E. (1999). Analysis of the unwanted effects on the radiated emissions and susceptibility measurements due to the introduction of a wooden table. In IEEE

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New Vision Sensor to Measure Gas Pressure

R eferences [1] Torres, J.A., Velazquez, G. (2005). Commercial opportunities and research challenges in the high pressure processing of foods. Journal of Food Engineering , 67 (1-2), 95-112. [2] WIKA Instrument, LP. (2015). Is a pressure gauge important to everyday operations? . [3] Abruss, A., Guo, Y., Wang, T., Gu, F.S., Ball, A.D., Brown, D. (2015). Investigation of the effect of biodiesel blends on fuel injection pumps based on vibration and pressure measurements. Mechanisms and Machine Science , 23, 535

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