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Environmental factors influencing the distribution of agricultural terraces: Case study of Horný Tisovník, Slovakia

v Bratislave. HORŇÁK, M., ROCHOVSKÁ, A. (2007): Selected Quality Life Aspects in Inner Peripheries of Slovakia. Geographia Cassoviensis, 1: 55-60. HREŠKO, J., KANASOVÁ, D., PETROVIČ, F. (2010): Landscape archetypes as the elements of Slovak historical landscape structure. Ekológia (Bratislava), 29(2): 158-173. HRONČEK, P. (2014): Environmental history of the landscape. A case study of Brusno. Banská Bystrica, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica. KURČÍKOVÁ, M. (2013

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The impact of precision of tree position measurements and different plot designs on the estimates of tree level production and diversity parameters

. Springer, 191 p. Wezyka, P., Traczb, W., Guzikc, M., 2005: Evaluation of landscape structure changes in Tatra mountains (Poland) based on the 4D GIS analysis. Environment, 138:224-232. Winter, S., Chirici, G., McRoberts, R. E., Hauk, E., Tomppo, E., 2008: Possibilities for harmonising national forest inventory data for use in forest biodiversity assessments. Forestry, 81:33-44.

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Moss mites (Acari, Oribatida) at the edges of bog lakes and pools in Brodnica Lakeland and Orawa–Nowy-Targ Basin (Poland)

). Part I . The distribution pattern. O ikos 16: 214-227. Borcard D., Geiger W., Matt hey W. 1995. O ribatid mite assemblages in a contact zone between a peat-bog and a meadow in the Swiss J ura (Acari, O ribatei): influence of landscape structure and historical processes. Pedobiologia 39: 318-330. Donaldson G. M. 1996. Oribatida (Acari) associated with three species of Sphagnum at Spruce Hole Bog, N ew H ampshire, U .S. C an. J . Z ool. 74: 1713-1720. Erickson J. M. 1988. F ossil oribatid mites as tools for Quaternary

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Kangerlussuaq: evolution and maturation of a cultural landscape in Greenland

identifying, assessing and managing cultural landscapes in the Australian Alps national parks, unpublished report for the Cultural Heritage Working Group, Australian Alps Liaison Committee. Nassauer, J., 1995: Culture and changing landscape structure. In: Landscape Ecology, Vol. 10, No. 4 pp. 229- -237. DOI: Naveh, Z., 1995: Interactions of landscapes and cultures. In: Landscape and Urban Planning, Vol. 32 pp. 43- -54. DOI:

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Land-Use Changes and Their Relationships to Selected Landscape Parameters in Three Cadastral Areas in Moravia (Czech Republic)

zmien štruktůry krajiny (na príklade časti Borskej nížiny a Malých Karpát) : Analysis and assessment of changes in landscape structure (case study of selected area of Borská nížina lowland and the Malé Karpaty Mountains). Geographia Slovaca 24. Bratislava, Geografický ústav Slovenské akadémie vied, 136 pp. CHEN, L., WANG, J., BOJIE, F., QIU, Y. (2001): Land-use change in a small catchment of northern Loess Plateau, China. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, Vol. 86, No. 2, p. 163-172. DEL BARRIO, G., ALVERA, B., PUIGDEFABREGAS, J

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Spatial distribution of regeneration patches in old growth oriental beech forests in northern Iran

-584. Mataji, A., Kafaki, S.B., Safaee, H., Kiadaliri, H. 2008. Spatial pattern of regeneration gaps in managed and unmanaged stands in natural beech (Fagus orientalis) forests. - Iranian Journal of Forest and Poplar Research, 16, 149-157. McGarigal, K., Marks, B.J. 1995. Fragstats: Spatial pattern analysis program for quantifying landscape structure. Reference manual. Forest Science Department. Oregon State University. Corvallis Oregon, 62 p. Morrow, R.J. 1985. Age structure and spatial pattern of old growth ponderosa pine in Pringle Falls

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Time boundaries and landscape change: collective farms 1947-1994

.03.003 Mander, Ü. & Palang, H. (1994). Changes of landscape structure in Estonia during the Soviet period. GeoJournal , 33(1), 45-54. Doi: 10.1007/BF00810135 Mander, Ü., Palang, H. & Tammiksaar, E. (1994). Landscape changes in Estonia during the 20 th century. Analysis of Landscape Dynamics - Driving Factors Related to Different Scales. Proceedings of the 4 th Seminar of EUROMAB Network on Land-Use Changes in Europe and Their Impact on Environment - Comparisons of Landscape Dynamics in European Rural Areas (pp. 73-97). Bad Lauchstädt

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Analyzing the management process in small and medium-sized enterprises in the Region of South Bohemia

-15 October 2010 (pp. 362- 370). Herlany: Technical University of Košice. Kislingerová, E. & Nový, I. a kol. (2005). Chování podniku v globalizujícím se prostředí. Praha: C.H. Beck. Kubeš, J. & Mičková, K. (2003). Development of horizontal landscape structure in the Pohořsko region (the Czech-Austrian frontier) between 1938-2000. Ekológia, 22(3), 269-283. Marsden, T. & Sonnino, R. (2008). Rural development and the regional state: Denying multifunctional agriculture in the UK. Journal of Rural Studies, 24(4), 422

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New data and a checklist of Dryinidae (Hymenoptera) from Poland, and their role in controlling leafhopper and planthopper crop pests (Hemiptera: Cicadomorpha, Fulgoromorpha)

–67. K arg J., B ałazy S. 2009. Effect of landscape structure on the occurrence of agrophagous pests and their antagonists. Progress in Plant Protection 49 (3): 1015–1034. (in Polish) K ędziora A., K arg J. 2010. Threats and protection of biodiversity. Nauka 4 : 107–114. (in Polish) K lejdysz T. 2013. Leafhoppers and planthoppers (Hemiptera: Cicadomorpha & Fulgoromorpha) as part of the harmful entomofauna on major crops in Poland. PhD thesis, Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute, Poznań. (in Polish) K lejdysz T. 2017

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Breeding avifauna of mature forest stands in the Borki Forest and its dynamics at the turn of the 21st century

References Avery M., Leslie R. 1990. Birds and Forestry. Poyser, London, 299 s. ISBN 0-85661-058-5. Brazaitis G., Kurlavičius P. 2003. Green Tree Retention and Bird Communities on Clearcuts in Lithuania. Baltic Forestry 9(2): 63–70. Brotons L., Mönkkönen M., Huhta E., Nikula A., Rajasärkkä A. 2003. Effects of landscape structure and forest reserve location on old-growth forest bird species in Northern Finland. Landscape Ecology 18(4): 377–393. Brown J.L. 1969. Territorial behavior and population regulation in birds. Wilson Bulletin

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