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Manoj Jaiswal, Pradeep Srivastava, Jayant Tripathi and Rafique Islam

convergence across the Nepal Himalaya. Nature 386(61-64): 61-64, DOI 10.1038/386061a0. Burbank DW, 2005. Cracking the Himalaya. Nature 434(7036): 963-964, DOI 10.1038/434963a. Chamyal LS and Juyal N, 2005. Climatic events in southern Thar Desert margin and Higher Central Himalaya during the Last Glacial Stage (LGS): Possible linkages. Himalayan Geology 26: 241-252. Fedo CM, Nesbitt HW and Young GM, 1995. Unraveling the effects of potassium metasomatism in sedimentary rocks and palaeosols

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Miloš Briestenský, Matt D. Rowberry, Josef Stemberk, Petar Stefanov, Jozef Vozár, Stanka Šebela, Ľubomír Petro, Pavel Bella, Pudovít Gaal and Cholponbek Ormukov

magmatism in Turkey and the surrounding area. Geol. Soc. London, Spec. Publ. 173, 325–352. Dobrev N.D. & Košťák B. 2000: Monitoring tectonic movements in the Simitli Graben, SW Bulgaria. Eng. Geol. 57, 179–192. Dragert G., Wang K. & James T.S. 2001: A silent slip event on the deeper Cascadia subduction interface. Science 292, 1525–1528. Gilli E. 2005: Review on the use of natural cave speleothems as palaeoseismic or neotectonics indicators. C.R. Geosci. 337, 1208–1215. Gomberg J. 2010: Slow-slip phenomena in Cascadia from 2007 and beyond: a

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Dušan Starek, Ján Soták, Jozef Jablonský and Róbert Marschalko

References Abreu V.S. & Haddad G.A. 1998: Glacioeustatic fluctuations: the mechanism linking stable isotope events and sequence stratigraphy from the Early Oligocene to Middle Miocene. In: de Graciansky P.-C., Hardenbol J., Jacquin T. & Vail P.R. (Eds.): Mesozoic and Cenozoic sequence stratigraphy of European basins. SEPM, Spec. Publ . 60, 245-259. Allen J.R.L. 1970: A quantitative model of climbing ripples and their cross-laminated deposits. Sedimentology 14, 5-26. Anastasakis G. 2007: The anatomy

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Jakub Nowak, Dinh Chau and Lucyna Rajchel

concentrations in thermal waters related to seismic events along faults in the Denizli Basin, Western Turkey. Radiat. Measurem. 42, 80-86. Gallup D. L. 2007: Treatment of geothermal waters for production of industrial, agricultural or drinking water. Geothermics , 473-483. Grabowski P., Długosz M., Szajerski P. & Bem H. 2010: A comparison of selected natural radionuclide concentrations in the thermal groundwater of Mszczonów and Cieplice with deep well water from Łódź city, Poland. Nukleonika 55, 2, 181

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Alina Chicoș, Alina Huzui-Stoiculescu and Georgiana Toth

Paper No. 4, Stockholm Environment Institute, Oxford Freedy J., Hobfoll S., Ribbe D. (1994), Life events, war and adjustment: Lessons for the middle east , Anxiety, Stress and Coping Review 7: 191-203 Georgescu E. S. et al. (2012), Istoria şi specificul riscului seismic în Bucureşti , Lucrările celei de-a VII-a ediţii a Conferinţei anuale a ASTR, București Giddens A. (1999), Risk and responsibility , Modern law review 62(1):1–10 Guvernul României , Hotărâre nr. 548/2008 privind aprobarea Strategiei naționale de comunicare si informare

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T. Huang, R. Pi, E. Bompard, F. Profumo, P. Cuccia, G. Fulli and M. Masera

retrospective," RMS2008. [23] J. Cosgrave, "Tsunami Evaluation Coalition: Initial Findings," ALANP2006. [24] L. S. Cluff, "Effects of the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake and Indian Ocean Tsunami in Aceh Province " Engineering for the Threat of Natural Disasters, vol. 37, 2007. [25] M. Hamada and T. Koike, Critical urban infrastructure handbook. Florida, U.S.: CRC Press, 2014. [26] I. Forecasting, "Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami Event Recap Report. Impact Forecasting," Aon Benfield2011. [27] World

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Ireneusz Malik, Małgorzata Wistuba, Piotr Migoń and Maria Fajer

phase as a secondary relaxation movement ( Macfarlane, 2009 ; Fernández-Merodo et al ., 2014 ; Massey et al ., 2013 ). Fig. 1 a) Trees tilted and fallen during a single, abrupt landslide event on Girova Mt in 2010 (Western Carpathians, Czech Republic), b) Trees tilted upslope by slow movement of the Suchawa landslide and showing the pattern of upslope eccentricity developed in a spruce tree (Picea abies Karst.) tilted upslope. Various methods have been tried to monitor slow movements of landslide bodies. These include satellite monitoring ( Peyret et al

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Krzysztof Skrzypkowski, Waldemar Korzeniowski, Krzysztof Zagórski, Ireneusz Dominik and Krzysztof Lalik

(3), 687-699. Retrieved October 1, 2018, from Instytut Mechaniki Górotworu PAN: 10.24425/123691 Chlebowski D. Burtan Z. Zorychta A. 2018 Evaluation of rockburst hazard under abandoned mine workings Archives of Mining Science 63 3 687 699 Retrieved October 1 2018 from Instytut Mechaniki Górotworu PAN 10.24425/123691 [4] Dębkowski, R., Madziarz, M., Sawicki, W. & Osadczuk, T. (2007). Measurements of load acting on expansive roof bolts affected by seismic events. Rudy i Metale

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M. Karaman

References Alagöz, C. A., 1944. Türkiye'de karst olaylari hakkinda bir araştirma [The research of karstic events in Turkey]. Türkiye Coğrafya Kurumu Yayini (Ankara) 1, 95 pp. Ardel, A., 1951. Göller bölgesinde morfolojik müşahadeler [Morphological observations of the lake distric area]. İstanbul Universitesi Coğrafya Enstitüsü Dergisi 2, 1-19. Alçiçek, M.C, Veen, T. H. J. & Özkul, M., 2005. Neotectonic development of the Çameli Basin, Southwestern Anatolia, Turkey. [In:] A. H. F

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Muhammad Umar, Peter Betts, Malik Muhammad Saud Khan, Muhammad Amjad Sabir, Muhammad Farooq, Asif Zeb, Umair Khan Jadoon and Shoaib Ali

flow bed configurations, and some implication for interpreting storm event stratigraphy. Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, 60, 211-219. Baig, M.S. 1991. Structure and geochronology of Pre-Himalayan and Himalayan Orogenic events in the northwest Himalaya, Pakistan, with special reference to Besham. Unpublished PhD Thesis, Oregon State University, 397 pp. Baraboshkin, E.Y. 2009. Condensed Sections: Terminology, Types, and Accumulation Conditions. Moscow University Geology Bulletin, 64, 153-160. Boggs, S. 2011. Principles